Restaurant management skills

more and more food items into the entrepreneurial market, the food and beverage industry has always been a wealth gathering industry, but also the gathering area of business opportunities. Want to eat in the food industry nuggets, master some business skills are necessary.

"pull" contains propaganda, people target commercial circle and intercept customer club etc.. Pull through the promotion of the customer will pull into the restaurant franchise. I would like to have a number of ways to promote the target population within the business community: promotional information delivery, community advocacy, specific groups of people, to the old with new. These methods can also play a role in the marketing of food and beverage products.

flow into the food and beverage stores, how to retain customers is the key. Customer retention methods are: customer experience, promotional activities, sales success rate, membership cards, etc.. Consumers buy the product, because consumers have bought impulse. Therefore, the key to retain customers is to study the customer through the purchase of each psychological desire, and one by one to propose solutions.


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