Operating personalized jewelry so do make money

now, investment jewelry shop is a lot of small entrepreneurs have favored choice. Indeed, the pursuit of personalized 2014, rich exotic folk jewelry popular market. Shrewd businessmen have long been aimed at the folk custom of this big business opportunities, the operation of personalized jewelry has become a lot of people choose to shop.

An overview of


two, the investment budget (with the market prices or volatility)

: initial investment of about 20000 yuan

three, benefit analysis

1. from Qinghai or Zangnan to buy copper bracelet, silver bracelet, silver plated back half gem inlaid jewelry, priced at 12 to 40 yuan, the mainland sales, do not do any changes can double the price; if you are the one who read more jewelry, packaging design books, will purchase the raw material reorganization, profit can be as high as 200%, because the sale is designed.

2. the spring and autumn season is three accessories shop sales season, such as seize the opportunity, a 10 square metre shop, the second half is expected to recover the full investment.

business advice

1. sites should be selected in the university area, especially near the arts and normal colleges, teachers and students often have the profound humanistic complex, is the main consumer of folk custom jewelry. It can also be used as a tourist business in the vicinity of the art museum or museum, or in the vicinity of the folklore tourism area.


2. Festival, holiday sales promotion strategy can be used to buy a gift, a gift shop owner handmade corded and mobile phone sets, and the out of print "commemorative silver spoon" like small items; but also with the local media are linked, to provide free model photography accessories (free advertising); also can be linked and the women’s club, free Professor jewelry design methods, teach DIY, cultivate a large number of potential consumers interested in folk custom accessories.