Red wine stores need to deal with what documents

red wine store more and more attention by businesses, if you want to do investment business needs to figure out what kind of documents need to do this kind of store. There are a lot of novice is not very clear that it quickly learn it, you can not miss a good opportunity to learn.

more than a year ago, Jiang Haotian and his friends decided to open a company selling wine. They began to apply in November 2012, originally thought before and after the new year’s day will be able to start selling, just in time to catch two red wine consumption season. But in the end it was early February 2013 after finishing all formalities.

Jiang Haotian said, to register a limited liability company, first in the trade and Industry Bureau for enterprise name pre-approval notice, this step is completed on the same day. The first step is progressing smoothly, so that he thought the registration is not complicated. But soon, the tedious things one after another.

capital verification spent a month." Apply for a business license, the need for capital verification report. Jiang Haotian first to receive CPA stamped bank confirmations, followed by all investors took notice, letter of inquiry, identity cards and other documents to the bank to open a temporary account verification and the initial transfer of funds to the bank, then confirm and seal the letter of inquiry to the accounting firm to handle the capital verification report. Every link has a cycle, we can only wait patiently." This step takes about a month. Recently heard that this link is being reformed, Jiang Haotian think it is necessary.

get the capital verification report, the opening of the approval of only less than half the distance. He also went to the industrial and commercial departments to apply for a business license, and then to the Technical Supervision Bureau bid for the organization code certificate, and then with a business license, code card to specify the seal, financial seal, legal chapter. Subsequently, he would like to take the business license and other information to the bank to open a basic account, and with these materials as well as the housing lease contract to the tax department for tax registration. At the same time, he also went to the public security departments to handle the relevant procedures for personal and corporate security audit.

is down, Jiang Haotian a total of 5 office card, notice, bank confirmation, verification report, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, including pre approval of enterprise name; ran 6 institutions, including Industrial and Commercial Bureau, accounting firms, banks, the Public Security Bureau, Technical Supervision Bureau, tax department. Does not seem much, but the industry and commerce, accounting firms, banks, taxes are going to travel repeatedly to run, up to five or six times.

wine stores need to handle documents about what is mentioned above, if you want to learn the experience of the parties can set up shop, if there are other do not know. You can contact us, Xiaobian for you entrepreneurial guidance.