Yin Yuzhe duck venture led by the village people get rich

with the development of the times, the diversification of channels of employment, many people choose their own businesses, some successful entrepreneurs do not forget to return home to lead the village people to become rich together, the spirit is worth praising, today to speak is such a college student, his entrepreneurial duck successful, and led the village people together the development of.

Yin Yuzhe is well aware that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility of the truth. In the creation of enterprises to achieve higher economic benefits at the same time, he did not forget his hometown, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, and strive to return to society. On the poor students to study hard, Yin Yuzhe successfully helped hundreds of local times of poor students entering university, the appeal of good social repercussions and enterprises.

independent entrepreneurship highlights strength

Yin Yuzhe graduated from the Laiyang Agricultural College, after graduation he was assigned to work in Boxing county first oil cotton factory, due to the excellent performance, 2001 was transferred to the Huakang Food Co. Ltd., he is rooted in the grassroots working is 10 years. In 2007, at the Yin Yuzhe, the idea of entrepreneurship is increasingly expanding. Before 2007, because the business relationship Yin Yuzhe often return to his hometown in Wudi County, also conducted a market survey, found that the breeding of Cherry Valley Duck in the north of the Yellow River is relatively empty, in the county of Wudi is missing, but Wudi’s poultry industry developed, aquaculture environment. In 2007 March, Yin Yuzhe regardless of parents and family opposition, resolutely abandoned the superior work, with a line of four students to raise 300 thousand yuan, the establishment of the Wudi County Zhicheng duck industry Co. Ltd., began the long road of entrepreneurship.

a great difficulty from the crops in the University in the city, with a steady job and good income students even back in the village duck business, the company suffer hard today, that did not quit, the village people think Yin Yuzhe is nothing, for his pioneering we are not optimistic.

The ancient

"into the event, not only must have perseverance unflinching will ability above common people". Entrepreneurship is easier said than done. The biggest problem is the business without financial support, Yin Yuzhe also withstood this test, because of the company at the beginning of the establishment of limited funds, no funds to hire people, he also to the worker’s identity in the duck farm work, and ordinary workers dressed in overalls, clean up the duck manure, feed ducks, picking up eggs…… What does the worker do what he does. There is no place to live, he lives in less than 10 square meters of office, the office of the back of the door there is always a folding bed, to the evening to fold out the bed, the office has become a dormitory.

because of money, in the breeding shed can only take the side edge of the construction method of breeding, the construction of the first 4 low standard duck shed. In June, the company purchased the first batch of 4700 Yamiao, followed by the capital borrowed from my friends, every recommendation

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