What is the most popular selling stall

the use of extra time, put a stall, selling small commodities, which is now a lot of people earn extra money, then you know what products sell better? Now a lot of people do not have much capital, want the money put stall, then present a street vendor selling what is the hottest? Stall can choose products but a variety of new products, especially a lot, very hot, this is to introduce you to


put on the stall to sell what the most fire portable conveyor

products are made up of motor, chassis, bracket and fixed pulley. What are the most popular products in the market, which is mainly suitable for the handling of all kinds of elevators, such as low – rise buildings and underground buildings.

put the stall to sell what the most fire vent fruit

vent fruit tomatoes, eggs, strawberries, oranges and other shapes of products. This product is made of a special memory rubber, non-toxic harmless. What products have the most market? What is the best product to sell to the smooth surface of a fall, immediately broken into a beach, slowly slide down, and restore the original state. For young people, children with emotional vent. With the market prospects of the product, play dirty just need to wash your hands so simple, it can be a new look, continue to vent.

put the stall to sell what the most fire? Selling fashion women

to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common. A profit in the times. That is to see if you choose how clothes, and will not sell.

put the stall to sell what the most fire ink cleaning

more than 270 thousand printing houses in our country. The traditional way to clean a color printer is to use gasoline, kerosene, etc.. The national monthly cleaning machine uses more than 100 thousand tons of gasoline. Because gasoline contains heavy metals and lead and other harmful substances, it is easy to cause the ink stick skin aging, cleaning efficiency is low, pollution to the environment. The product can solve the above problems, is to replace gasoline, kerosene cleaning printing ink ideal product.

put the stall to sell what the most fire can be environmentally friendly flowerpot

currently on the market are the main types of wooden pots, mud pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots. Although the wooden flowerpot is light, but there is no color, mud pots and porcelain pots good ventilation, beautiful flowers, but too heavy, the price is higher, the plastic flowerpot air permeability is not good, easy to pollute the environment. This product overcomes the above shortcomings. At present, mainly exported to the European Union, the United States and other countries, the domestic market mainly in Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu and other places to sell.

put the stall to sell what the fire?