Feidong rural reconstruction after the residents living environment better

in our daily lives can be seen there are some elderly people, because of the older and therefore limited economic conditions, although some of the dilapidated houses for rectification, but in fact powerless. As a result of his wife’s disability and illness, the family is very poor, Feidong County, Fang Yelin and his family live in the house of his wife lived in Adobe houses, crumbling Adobe houses become they can not remove a heart disease". To their delight, this "heart disease" was finally solved this year.

Fang Lin was listed as the village of rural reconstruction project, after the implementation of the object, the government took out 22 thousand yuan, coupled with the cost of child support, the new cottage built up between the three.

The whole cabinet

white walls, smooth floor, new…… Live in a clean and comfortable new home, Fang Yelin couple excited and grateful: rural reconstruction, help us a lot ah."

according to the main person in charge of the memorial Township, this year, the town plans to transform 100 Rural dilapidated houses, most of them have been transformed into the good, the rest of the year to ensure the occupancy. Up to now, Feidong has been fully completed this year, 1000 sets of rural reconstruction tasks. Over the past few years, the county completed a total of 12400 rural reconstruction.

according to reports, since 2007 to carry out the construction of livelihood projects, ten years Feidong County cumulative implementation of livelihood projects 78 levels of financial, a total investment of 9 billion 230 million yuan, of which the county government invested 2 billion 350 million yuan, covering clothing, food, shelter, various aspects, help people achieve a sense of security, housing, employment, we have learned to teach, let the life of urban and rural residents at ease, better.

although the rapid economic development, but there are still some people in the community need our help, the rural reconstruction project for the majority of the poor people is undoubtedly a good news. People’s livelihood is the well-being of the people, people’s livelihood is stable economic." Feidong relevant responsible person said, vigorously implement livelihood projects, promote economic development, change the countryside, improve the residents’ happiness index, for the benefit of the people has become a "popular project" "good works". In the future, in the implementation of the people’s livelihood project will pay more attention to fine, humane, depicting a more beautiful and harmonious picture.

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