The implementation of the new advertising law to maximize the protection of consumer rights

advertising is very common in our daily life, at the same time, there are many businesses in order to strongly recommend their products to consumers, to pay attention to some of the ads above, some goods suspected of false propaganda.

revised advertising law will be formally implemented in September 1st, which clearly stipulates, "not by minors under the age of ten as the spokesperson". The State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department of advertising supervision and management director Zhang Guohua said that the law makes this provision is to consider the children belong to without full civil capacity, endorsements are contrary to the principle of truthfulness of advertising, is not conducive to the growth of physical and mental health.

the "advertisement law" revision, the new star endorsement increased legal liability provisions. Star endorsement is to collect fees, and some endorsements are still very high, not only money, only the benefits and not assume responsibility." The business sector, the new "advertising law" provides that as long as the star endorsement of false advertising, the same joint and several liability.

under the age of 10 young stars do not speak