What kind of expenses may be needed to open a ramen Restaurant

as a project investor who is the most concerned about the issue of the franchisee, presumably every investor in mind is clear, that is money. How much is the key point of the project funds. The selected items to consider, especially into the early problems, it is to be very careful in reckoning, well prepared, but not without a plan, let out a lot of money, today Xiaobian to introduce a detailed cost a Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum needs.

1. rent. The first is to choose the shop opening, first find a good location to open his own shop, think of yourself to open shop interview large area, generally a Hand-Pulled Noodle Hall of 50 square meters of the house can be, and then find a good store, about the rent to the landlord.

2. kitchen utensils. Tableware selection from the point of view of saving money, do not have to buy the best, but it can not be the most, the middle grade can be, in short, is to give the guests a clean and sanitary, high-end atmosphere feeling good.

3. staff salaries and utilities. Just started to open restaurants, staff’s equipment is not small, the chef, service personnel must step in, their wages also do well with the plan, there are utilities, when coupled with a start shop also need the cost of management, these add up to pull noodle the cost of investment.

hope the above introduction can give to pull noodle entrepreneurs bring some help, if you have to join the problem what other needs to ask for our help, please leave a message on our website below.

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