What is the name of the shop

set up shop, regardless of what kind of product is running, first of all, naturally need to be able to attract a store name, so that it can make the cause of the better business. However, how to give the shop name is plagued by countless people. In fact, as long as the master of the relevant methods, shop name can also be very simple. So, the name of the shop method?

1, the name must be consistent with the management of goods. The name of the store, usually can reflect the operator’s operating characteristics, or reflect the main store of good quality, so that consumers are easy to identify the scope of the shop, and the desire to buy. For example, Tongrentang deyitang, as the time-honored Chinese medicine shop is known to every family, church as a traditional Chinese medicine shop has become a common identification mark, so people only see what other signs or Tong Hall signs, that is selling Chinese medicine. And as the power Delin name, which reflects the operator is good at cooking vegetable dish.

2, the name must be novel, can quickly grasp the consumer conform to no conventional pattern, visual. The shop name must be novel, can cause the interest of consumers, to attract them to the store and as a fresh mouth, Dasanyuan, Goubuli like a store name and the consumer interest and curiosity.

3, the name should be concise as well, easy and easy to read. Name not too complex, otherwise it will cause negative effects. For example, some stores with difficult word for the name of love, so that customers can not only understand, but also can not read the note, to avoid this situation, the general is not this kind of difficult to know the name of the shop door. Like, half million passengers benefit, such as this name, is simple to understand, easy to spread.

4, the name should give a person with aesthetic and artistic accomplishment. A good name, cultural heritage, so that consumers feel comfortable. As the name Lou Wailou Restaurant, like Tao Taoju.

shop name, the main methods are the following:

(1) was associated with the operation of the nature of the method, such as bright glasses stores, pharmacies, refreshing tea should be Kangle.

(2) associated with folk legends or historical celebrity name, such as Su Dongpo restaurant, Qian Long, imperial clothing, beauty and so on this e ene.

(3) associated with the spirit of service business name, such as night shops, 100 help service and credit department stores, grocery MaoYuan etc..

5, meaning good. Such as Chinese Changhong AG, the Changhong name, is After rain the sky looks blue. magnificent spectacle of Italy, the sun is the most red, Changhong update. Similarly, in the production of color TV, a well-known Konka company, whose name is Kangle life, the meaning of a variety of goods. Shenzhen 39 Pharmaceutical Group Company, the name of the 39, can not win a few more meaning in ancient Chinese China, Yu >

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