Learn to open a flower shop let me relaxed release

now, women want to be independent, therefore, the entrepreneurial team of female friends more and more. Very much, female entrepreneurial projects clothing stores, boutiques, Taobao shop, etc., but due to family reasons best fit this several principles:

1, free time, can take care of family and children, 2, 3, with less investment, low risk, 4, 5, system development potential help, hope can bring the struggle in the business friends on the road some help.

8 hours in the past, women can do anything extra money to make money?  , after work, they are the boss, for their own work, and their staff to seek common development. Now more and more women in the workplace has been unable to meet the nine to five, stylized lifestyle clubbing, shopping, watching TV, chatting, they are eager to change, reject mode.

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