Zhang Xuhao sell lunch box sell big fortune

said lunch box, a lot of people are not unfamiliar, perhaps sitting in front of the computer you will eat a day, but you want to rely on this to do poineering work? Here are some people rely on selling lunch, but sold a billion dollars of wealth, do not believe? So let Xiaobian introduce you!

"eat?" Is a common greeting acquaintances meet, Zhang Xuhao lead hungry what the company has it as a business opportunity, the box successfully moved to sell online. April 2008, Zhang Xuhao or Shanghai Jiaotong University graduate students in reading. One night, he and his classmates Kang back to the hostel has more than ten in the evening, I feel hungry. They called a few restaurants, but they didn’t order them. "Why can’t you take this away at night? Why don’t we sell it?."

2008 September, hungry, the team began to develop a network of ordering platform. In order to be more professional, Zhang Xuhao first through the campus BBS attracted software college students admitted. With about half a year, they developed the first ordering network platform. In the register, they did not use "www." and ".Com" and "ele.me" ("hungry" Pinyin). The website can be personalized ordering function, such as customer input address, the platform will be automatic calculation of geographic information and outside surrounding the hotel to send, and give hotel list and optional menu.

under heavy pressure, Zhang Xuhao had to cancel the hotline and sent outside the shop, let the customer and store orders and orders on the Internet automatically. In order to build the site, Zhang Xuhao continued to participate

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