How high the success rate of the shop

21 century is the boss of the century, the independent shop, his own boss became a dream for many people. However, you can open what shop? How does the shop open? It is not an idea to be able to get between, which has great knowledge.

1, why do you want to shop

the emotional entrepreneurs. Many are emotional, often managed by some of the success of the store to attract, the store’s warm atmosphere and orderly rhythm, often encourage their emotions, too optimistic about the shop.

the rational entrepreneurs. It can be divided into two categories: one is the water to the canal forming, such people with professional skills, training, start from the basis, through the operating phase of the company, strong; two is to stop, look and listen, they are not eager to invest, to sell the hearts still doubt, would like to know through various channels, to find the best way.

2, shop success rate is high

3, open what kind of shop

kuhao if you have refined tastes of items, second-hand boutiques, craft shops and small coffee shops, allowing you to show xiongcai.

if you extremely sensitive, loving family, love complex, nurseries, kindergartens will be your favorite.

in addition, must think individual character and interest, clearly do hold the number of funds, you want to learn more about the creation of the store, whether because of form different attributes, the need for special abilities, such as: business development ability, expression ability, and to be put into the fitness industry to do one by one assessment, such as work time, working time length and working way. Experts suggested that the species has not yet decided to sell, should be more involved in joining the industry that will be organized, listen to the voices of different types of industry, and personally listen to sell and recommend

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