UN childrens agency rushes emergency supplies to frozen region in Peru

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is rushing emergency medicine, blankets and baby bodysuits to children in Puno, Peru, where thousands of young lives are in danger because of freezing temperatures. “Our efforts are focused on stopping a dangerous situation from becoming a fully-fledged emergency,” UNICEF country representative Andres Franco said in news release today. “We’re doing what we can, but Mother Nature is unpredictable. It’s a case of keeping our eye on the thermometer and being ready to move if more help is needed.” Mr. Franco and the Peruvian Minister for Health, Alvaro Vidal, travelled with the relief effort to Puno, where temperatures have dropped below – 8º centigrade and numbers continue to fall, to deliver much needed antibiotics for the treatment of respiratory diseases and pneumonia. Another region, Cuzco, is also at risk and UNICEF officials will visit the area next week. read more