Investor seeks closed concession on maritime domain as a precondition for renovation of Haludovo hotel complex

first_imgHotel complex Haludovo in Malinska from once the best symbol of our tourism to a mockery that has stood and fallen for decades. But, finally, some things are moving from the dead point, ie there has been talk about the activation of this attractive property and the former symbol of the island of Krk.Namely, the Mayor of Malinska-Dubašnica, Robert Anton Kraljić, held a meeting with Mr. Ara A. Abramyan, President of the Supervisory Board of Haludovo, and the meeting presented the intentions of investors to implement the renovation of the hotel complex Haludovo in the amount of 250 to 300 million euros .Great news, but there’s one catch. The investor has one specific precondition regarding the investment of the Haludovo hotel, and it is a request for by approving a closed concession on a maritime domain from Hotel Maestral to Fisherman’s Village. I emphasize closed concessions, which would mean the loss of the coastal promenade, ie the coastal area, our most valuable resource.As Kraljić points out in his statement, the intention of the owner of Halud is to obtain a closed concession with the explanation that this enables a high level of security and top quality offer for hotel guests. “As the mayor of Malinska – Dubašnica, aware of all possible consequences of these long-term decisions, I call on all locals to consider a closed concession, which it brings us positively, and what we lose if such a regime of space use is accepted. On the one hand, the investor firmly assures us that this is the only and biggest obstacle to his upcoming investment, and on the other hand we must be aware that we will lose the coastal promenade that stretches from Hotel Maestral to Ribarsko selo and numerous beaches, which deepens the problem of congestion. narrow coastal area, and the local community loses contact with a significant part of the unique area of ​​our Municipality. Promises for the realization of the Haludovo project were made in previous years, but unfortunately the investments were not realized, which gives rise to a real fear of repeating the same practice. The position of the Municipality is known, we are not in favor of a completely closed concession, and we are willing to discuss a partially closed concession like the one in Čikat Bay on Mali Lošinj. ” Kraljević points out and invites everyone to get actively involved in the public debate on this topic, which is a “cancer wound” of the entire municipality and tourism in general.Public hearing soon. Get involved! As announced, a public hearing should be organized soon, in the period from November 02nd to 15th. 2018, which will be attended by Mr. Arom A. Abramyan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Haludov, who will personally present the project of the “new Haludov” to the wider community, and point out all the reasons and justification for seeking a closed concession. The exact date and place of the exhibition will be announced to the public at a later date.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Source: F-Stop Productionlast_img read more

Martin County Student Invents Bracelet to Track Hand Washing

first_imgA Martin County sixth-grade student has invented an item that can track whether or not people wash their hands, specifically after using the bathroom.Varun Singh, who attends Anderson Middle School, says he was searching for ways to make people wash their hands even before the COVID-19 pandemic.“It was by chance COVID-19 came up and that made this project super important,” he adds.He entered into the Martin County School District’s science fair with a bracelet that tracks hand washing habits.“My mom was very helpful in helping me come up with that,” Singh explains.The student’s mother works in the medical field. He learned from her that not washing one’s hands can pose serious risks.“It struck an idea in my head that if we somehow came up with a way to track our hand washing then maybe this would fix the problem,” Singh states.The bracelet he designed uses RFID technology or Radio Frequency Identification. “It’s often used in credit cards when you use an ATM, or maybe a pass when you scan it on the bus,” according to Singh.Help prevent the spread of #COVID19. Avoid close contact with people who are sick, wash hands often for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing by putting space between yourself and others.— CDC (@CDCgov) March 29, 2020 He places a scanner near a toilet’s flush handle and another one near a bathroom’s soap dispenser.The bracelet automatically scans when someone flushes, and then it scans again when someone washes their hands and records the information into a database. If they do not wash their hands after flushing, that information is also documented in a database.“With COVID-19 being the biggest pandemic the world has seen in decades, it was really important that we had to design a way for us to track our hand washing because that’s one of the main reasons that this pandemic is spreading across the world,” Singh says.He hopes his invention makes a difference in public health.last_img read more