Bundesliga begins Kiel thrashes Flensburg

← Previous Story Kielce, Metalurg, Savehof and Partizan qualify to Champions League! Next Story → Atletico Madrid wins Super Cup and set a new record – 12.000 fans TSV Hannover-BurgdorfFüchse Berlin2831 SC MagdeburgFrisch Auf Göppingen2522 MT MelsungenTV 05/07 Hüttenberg2821 TV GroßwallstadtRhein-Neckar Löwen07.09.20:15 Hrs HSV HamburgTuS N-Lübbecke2822 THW KielSG Flensburg-Handewitt3521 HSG WetzlarEintracht Hildesheim3028 The Toyota Bundesliga had begun this weekend, and if the day is known by the morning, then we’re likely to see another title-chase between THW Kiel, HSV Hamburg, and perhaps Fuchse Berlin and Rhein-Neckar Lowen. THW Kiel “trashed” Flensburg at home, with huge 35:21 victory, while HSV Hamburg beat Lubbecke at home with 28:22. Fuchse got their first away this weekend by beating Hannover-Burgdorf with 31:28, and on the 7th Rhein-Neckar Lowen are to play after playing the Wild Card tournament.Complete Results: TBV LemgoBergischer HC07.09.20:15 Hrs HBW Balingen-WeilstettenVfL Gummersbach3628 read more

Bera Bera has taken precedence in Spain

← Previous Story PGNiG Super League started: Wisla strong for Kwidzyn! (VIDEO) Next Story → F.C Barcelona Intersport win Catalonia Cup! Bera BeraBera Bera handballItxakoSpain handball After long period, some another team has taken precedence in Spain from Itxako. Bera Bera showed the difference in the “class” over the biggest rival, Itxako 42:18 in the Super Cup Final clash.Bera Bera 42 – Itxako 18Bera Bera 42 (18+24): Zoqbi, Altuna (6), Rubio (1), Cuña, Núñez (4), Elorza (2) y Ziarsolo (5, 2p) –titular- Pinedo (2), Menédez (8), Dunay (3, 1p), Castro (6), Ederra (4), Arizaga (1) y Yamiley (p.s.)Asfi Itxako Navarra 18 (9+9): Maestro, Badea (2), Alina (2, 1p), Selene Sifuenes (4), Barrios (3), Arrechea, Saray Urdiain, Vera do Carno (1), Lidia Jiménez (6, 3p) y Tania Serrano (p.s.PHOTO: www.berabera.com/ read more

HAMMER Mikkel Hansen DINGDONG against Mirko Alilović

The best world’s shooter, guy who has hammer in his arm, Mikkel Hansen showed, once again, how is difficult for goalkeepers to stand in front of him. PSG Handball beat MVM Veszprem 29:27 in derby match of the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 6, Danish star netted 11 goals for the new success of “Galacticos” and remained at the TOP goalscorers list.Take a look… ← Previous Story FULL PACKAGE IN PLOCK: SG Flensburg divide Group A on two parts Next Story → VIDEO: How Magdeburg save point in 40 seconds… hansenMikkel Hansen read more

EHF CL Flensburg demolish Kiel

5. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …11416280:286(-6)9 ← Previous Story TOP HANDBALL IN ROMANIAN CAPITAL: Five stars extend in CSM Bucharest! Next Story → Easy job for Barca in Montpellier 2. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…11902340:307(33)18 6. Orlen Wisla Plock11326301:317(-16)8 4. THW Kiel11515311:308(3)11 SG FlensburgTHW Kiel 3. MVM Veszprém11812319:286(33)17 7. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko11218293:315(-22)5 8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu111010298:372(-74)2 1. SG Flensburg-Handewitt11902339:290(49)18 PHOTO: Benjamin Nolte, SG Flensburg SG Flensburg demolished Kiel 37:27 (17:14) in EHF Champions League derby match on Sunday. Ljubomir Vranješ has a lot of reasons to be satisfied with his team performance, but also two come-backs of Jim Gottfridson and Jacob Heinl, who made the night in “Flens arena” perfect…Moreover, Flensburg are currently on TOP position in Preliminary Group, which leads directly to the quarter-finals ahead of such teams like Veszprem and Paris Saint Germain.SG Flensburg-Handewitt – THW Kiel  37:27 (17:14)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (22/1 saves) – Karlsson, Eggert (5/3), Glandorf (2), Mogensen (4), Svan (6/1), Wanne (2), Djordjic (1), Jakobsson (3), Heinl (1), Toft Hansen (1), Gottfridsson (2), Lauge (9), Kozina (1)THW Kiel: Landin (6/2 saves), Katsigiannis (9 saves) – Duvnjak (8), Ferreira (2), Mamelund, Sprenger, Ekberg (2), Anic (2), Canellas (4), Dahmke, Jaanimaa (3), Williams (1), Klein (2), Brozovic (1), Vujin (2/1)STANDINGS: read more

VIDEO How Weber breaks Heinevetters spine

← Previous Story ASOBAL: FC Barcelona Lassa put La Rioja 10 goals behind Next Story → Filip Ivic to miss next five weeks in Kielce robert weberSilvio Heinevetter SC Magdeburg made fantastic achievement by beating Fuchse Berlin 30:29 in the last match of DHB Cup quarter-final which gave two times EHF CL winners chance to fight for the trophy at Final4 in Hamburg.The hero of the night was team’s captain Robert Weber. Experienced Austrian right wing netted 14 goals for his team, but one of them was special.Take a look how lefthander broke Silvio Heinevetter’s spine…c read more

Romney hits the road while Obama closes ranks ahead of second debate

first_imgWHITE HOUSE challenger Mitt Romney took his campaign into the weekend with a spring in his step, as US President Barack Obama went behind closed doors to prepare for a crucial debate.The first head-to-head debates of the race have shaken up the campaign arithmetic, and given Romney and vice-presidential running mate Paul Ryan momentum as they roll into the last weeks before November 6.Until Obama’s lacklustre first debate last week, the Democrat looked to be on course for victory, with a narrow lead over the Republican in national polls and a lock on the key swing states that will decide the result.But Romney triumphed in the head-to-head, and Ryan made no major errors in his face-to-face against Vice President Joe Biden, leaving the Republicans slightly ahead nationally and making inroads in battleground districts.An average of polls conducted by the respected website RealClearPolitics gave Romney a one point lead nationwide, and showed him winning in swing states Florida, North Carolina and Colorado – also targets for Obama.But Obama retains narrow leads in Ohio, Virginia and Iowa, and most pundits, bookmakers and online prediction markets still expect the incumbent to win a second term with a majority of votes in the electoral college.Biden’s aggressive debating turn enthused Obama’s Democratic supporters, but pundits expressed doubt that it would convert many waverers, and the younger and less experienced Ryan was seen as having held his own in the key test. Raising the stakesNow all eyes are turning back to the top of the ticket. A good debate performance from Obama on Tuesday could smother memories of his disastrous first outing — or Romney could set the seal on his newfound narrow lead.This new reality was underlined by the rivals’ choice of Friday schedules. Romney remained on the trail with flying visits to swing states Virginia and Ohio, but Obama was hunkered down practicing his lines for Tuesday.The tedious work was not interrupted by reports that a shot was fired Friday at a campaign office for President Obama in the state of Colorado, shattering a window but injuring no one.A photo posted online showed a window broken at the front of the office. Police said they were searching for a “possible vehicle of interest.”Meanwhile, having shown his boss how to debate, Biden tried to crank up the energy of his performance in a trip to Wisconsin, Ryan’s home state, and a battleground Obama badly needs in his column on November 6.He lashed out at Romney over the content of secretly filmed tape in which the Republican nominee branded 47 per cent of Americans as “victims” who were dependent on the government and paid little in tax.“Folks, it’s about time Governor Romney take some responsibility to help the American people, the middle class,” Biden told 2,000 people in La Crosse.Romney was campaigning alongside Ryan, hoping some of the glory from his running mate’s debate performance would rub off as they staged a rally in Ohio, the most vital of the swing states, without which it would be hard for any Republican to win.- © AFP, 2012last_img read more

Column I petitioned to stop politicians promising the moon and stars

first_imgI EXERCISE MY democratic right a few months back. I submitted a petition to the Houses of the Oireachtas. It didn’t take too long. There was a scan through some explanatory notes, a couple of check boxes and a form to fill in with three sections. It was easier than many government forms and I felt strongly enough about the whole thing to spend a little time getting the wording just right.If you didn’t know about this petition thing, you can find out about it here.My petition was a simple enough proposition, something that most folk wouldn’t have too much of a problem with if it came to pass. I proposed that a new law be entered on the statute books making it an offence to commit perjury to gain elected office.Politicians promising the moon and the starsYes, it was that simple. Now I know that perjury is an offence already, but I wanted to make sure that the next time your friendly, neighbourhood TD came knocking at your door and promised you the moon, the stars and some bright shiny tax reliefs, they’d have to make damn sure that they could deliver all three without any mis-speaking, mental reservation or Programme for Government fudge. I wanted our aspiring political classes to have a bit of cop-on and not be guaranteeing new hospitals, GAA pitches and town-bypasses in the hopes of getting your first preference.I wasn’t singling out any particular party. I wasn’t asking them to do much more that speak plainly and without guile. All I wanted was this, that any candidate for elected office should be honest and straight with us and that the fibs and falsehoods that have dominated elections for too many years could finally be arrested or the fibber would be… arrested that is.You’re probably thinking that I was far too idealistic, that I had no sense of the way things are done and maybe you’re right. Maybe I didn’t think the whole thing through, for how could a political aspirant know what was coming down the track if the incumbent government were to secretive or incompetent to show us all the big picture.Maybe you’re thinking I was naïve and that the culture of elections and of the political class would simply ignore this simple proposition and carry on as normal. In my defence I would have to say that I’ve seen a great many elections and a great many broken promises. Sometimes childlike naivety isn’t such a bad thing, as it allows us to look with fresh eyes.There are also probably a few who are thinking that this was a cynical attempt to slur the good name of politicians who do so much for us, both at local and national level. That maybe so, but have a look at the local papers and see how many councillors are quoted, with mentions of street lights to be fixed and potholes to be filled, only for their words to be forgotten in a week’s time as we trip over loose pavements in the dark.The responseAnd what of my petition? What happened to this proposition to sneak a dose of old-fashioned honesty back into the politics of this State?Well, a couple of months or so after I submitted it, I got an email from someone on the staff of the Joint sub-Committee on Public Petitions. There was a request to change the title of the petition to the ‘Introduction of legislation to criminalise non-delivery of commitments made during election/referendum campaigns.’ Furthermore they wanted to alter the wording of the petition… to replace the words ‘commit, support or by omission fail to refute an act of perjury’ with ‘make a public promise or commitment which they do not deliver on for reasons that could reasonably have been foreseen at the time’.Ah yes, the smell of fudge is already pervasive, even before it gets to the Joint sub-Committee on Public Petitions. I acceded to the request, playing for time and hoping that perhaps the politicians on the said sub-Committee (their capitalization, not mine) might see the benefit of such legislation as it pertained to their prospective electoral opponents.Sadly and not surprisingly my petition failed. I received a very polite letter from the sub-Committee, which you can see below, and I feel it is only fair to quote from the letter, to illuminate the Committee’s views on my petition.‘The Committee also considered that it is a matter of judgment for each individual when casting their vote to determine the credibility of their candidate at election time. While it may be a disappointment to an individual to feel their candidate had reneged on an election promise the Committee considered that it would not be appropriate to make this a criminal offence.’In addition the Committee were of the view that there was adequate legislation already enacted to monitor politician’s behavior and the Standards in Public Office Commission has been established to ‘underpin compliance.’So there you have it. Half a pound of finest butter fudge for us all to share. The politicians police themselves and it’s up to us to spot the ones who are barefaced liars come election time.It does beg the question though… What if our local TD, councillor or MEP tells a porky to get themselves elected and we fall for it. Who do we complain to when the fabrication is finally exposed? Do we have to wait until the next election and hope that we’ve remembered the broken promises from the last ballot-box fiction? Or do we naively stand and speak out, petition the Oireachtas and mark a few political cards?As for me, I’m thinking about Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption. You know the bit where he writes to the Prison Board and gets no response… yes, that bit.Read: “There has been no change in policy in relation to medical cards” – James ReillyRead: OECD approves of Irish tax rate, but change is coming says Noonanlast_img read more

French hostages released after three years return to France

first_imgFOUR FRENCHMEN HELD hostage by al-Qaida militants for three years in the African Sahel have been released and flown home to France.President Francois Hollande and their families were waiting on the tarmac at the military airport outside Paris to greet the men in an emotional homecoming.KidnappedImages on French television showed the plane landing this morning. The men — Pierre Legrand, Thierry Dol, Marc Feret and Daniel Larribe — spent their first night of freedom in the Niger capital of Niamey.At the time of their capture, the four were working in Arlit, Niger, where the French nuclear giant Areva operates a uranium mine.President Francois Hollande announced the release Tuesday and credited Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou, who later appeared on television with the hostages. The men, who worked for the Areva nuclear company when taken, had long beards and some wore turbans and brown robes. They did not speak.Thierry Dol, center, one of four Frenchmen held hostage by al-Qaida militants for three years in the African Sahel. (AP Photo)ReleaseOfficials gave few details on the release, but the French defense minister said there was no assault and that France did not pay a ransom. “There was an initiative taken by the network” of the Niger president “which allowed the liberation without a clash,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told France’s TF 1 television.The four freed Frenchmen were captured in September 2010 by the North African wing of al-Qaida and spirited from their dormitories in the town of Arlit, Niger, where Areva, a Frenchstate-run nuclear company, operates a uranium mine.Officials had long suspected the hostages were being held in northern Mali, a harsh desert area where there is no tree cover and the blazing midday heat can soar to 40 degrees Celsius.The question of whether ransom was paid to procure their release immediately rose to the fore.Hollande had made clear his government would not pay ransoms to free the captives. That sparked an outcry from families of captives in West Africa, where hostage-taking has been a lucrative business for radicals. Fear was redoubled when in January France invaded Mali as part of an anti-terror offensive.File photo shows hostage’s families, friends and activists demonstrating, in Aix en Provence, southern France, to mark 1,000 days since four French hostages were kidnapped in Niger. (AP Photo)RansomPascal Lupart, who, as the head of an association representing friends and families of the hostages, is in touch with those investigating the case, said he was told Areva paid a ransom for the captives. He did not know the amount, however, and an Areva press officer, Julien Duperray, refused to comment on the claim.Former French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet also downplayed the notion — held by many who have observed the case — that Areva would pay a ransom in lieu of a direct payment by the government. “One cannot imagine that a state company would do the contrary” and pay to free the men, Longuet said on BFM-TV.Global intelligence company Stratfor estimates that al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, has carried out at least 18 kidnappings since 2003, raising an estimated $89 million in ransom payments.Read: 40 years ago, this is how ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was born>Read: ‘They were brutally executed’ – Hostages describe Algeria siege ordeal>last_img read more

First payments to Madgalene Laundry survivors will be made in 4 to

first_imgTHE JUSTICE MINISTER Alan Shatter has confirmed that the first payments to survivors of the Magdalene Laundries will be made in the next four to six weeks.Speaking in the Dáil this evening, Shatter said that over 600 applications have been made for lump-sum payments from the redress scheme established by his Department in the wake of the McAleese report.Of these, Shatter said that over 200 applications have been processed to an advanced stage and the final details of the scheme were agreed at Cabinet this morning.He said he expects his Department to be in a position to make its first offers of payments to survivors of the laundries in the next four to six weeks.He also said that the provision of other benefits, including weekly payments from the Department of Social Protection and medical services from the Department of Health, will be dependent on the introduction of administrative and legislative measures and said work has already begun on this.Shatter said these payments will be backdated to 1 August 2013.He also said that woman who receive payments should ascertain independent legal advice before signing a waiver not to take proceedings against the State.He said up to €500 will be made available to these women towards the cost of obtaining this legal advice.Read: ‘Shatter needs to make a public statement on redress delay for Magdalene women’Shatter: I can’t go in a tank and force Magdalene orders to pay compensationlast_img read more

Hundreds of Bosnian war criminals to be released and retried

first_imgHUNDREDS OF CONVICTED Bosnian war criminals are set to be released and retried under a more lenient criminal code in a bid to rectify a legal error.The move has outraged survivors who say they fear being traumatised all over again.Twelve war criminals have already walked free since mid-October, six of whom were found guilty of genocide for their role in the massacre of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica, the worst atrocity on European soil since World War II.“It’s scandalous,” said Hatidza Mehmedovic, who heads the Srebrenica Mothers Association and whose husband and two sons were among those killed by Bosnian Serb forces in the eastern town at the end of Bosnia’s 1992-95 war.“Shame on those judges who reward genocide and who continue to punish the victims. We are disgusted and we are also scared since they already started to release the worst butchers,” she said.Quashed verdictsThe legal upset comes after the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in July ruled in favour of Goran Damjanovic — a former Bosnian Serb soldier sentenced to 11 years for war crimes — who argued he had been tried under the wrong criminal code.Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, head of the Bosnian Serb army Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic, the president of the Serbian Krajina Republic in Croatia talk in January 1993 (AP Photo/Srdjan Illic) Damjanovic said he should have been judged under the 1976 penal code that was in force when the crimes were committed, instead of being subjected to a stricter 2003 law that punishes war crimes with jail terms ranging from 10 to 45 years.Under the previous criminal code, sentences ranged from five to 15 years, or capital punishment. Since Bosnia no longer applies the death penalty, 15 years would be the maximum punishment.As a result of the ECHR ruling — which also covered the appeal of another war crimes convict — Bosnia’s war crimes chamber is now obligated to hold retrials applying the less stringent previous criminal code, probably using a shortened legal procedure. Ten other verdicts have already been quashed.The Sarajevo-based war crimes chamber of the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina began operating in 2005 to assist the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague by dealing with lower-level cases on a national basis.Dates for retrialsThe local court has so far closed 110 cases, handing down several hundred guilty verdicts — under what has now been deemed the wrong criminal code.Survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre hold photographs of male relatives who were killed. (AP Photo/Amel Emric) Bosnia’s top constitutional court has given the war crimes tribunal three months to set a date for the retrials of those already released. Prosecutors and the accused may also use this time to reach a deal on fast-tracking new sentences.Citing a flight risk, state prosecutors have requested that those released be kept in detention while they await their new verdicts.But for the dozen already freed, war crimes chamber judge Dragomir Vukoje said there were currently no restrictions on their freedom.‘A very bad message’“Since there is no longer a valid verdict against them, there is no legal basis for their detention. They are free… there are no obstacles to them having (identification) documents,” Vukoje told AFP.Dozens of appeals for retrials are already pending, according to Dusko Tomic, a lawyer who specialises in war crimes cases.With the scope of the fresh trials still unclear, Tomic predicted an uphill legal battle ahead if “we start all over again”.“It will be difficult now to call all those witnesses and victims again,” he told AFP.The Mothers of Srebrenica said victims had lost faith in the legal process and accused the court in a statement of sending out a “very bad message to future generations”.“The genocide verdicts were my only satisfaction,” said Zejneba Cengic, whose husband and two brothers were murdered. “Is there anything human in those judges who decide to annul their verdicts?”- © AFP, 2013Read: Sarajevo marks 20 years since war started > Column: Straight talk on Bosnia has been sadly lacking during Ireland’s EU presidency >last_img read more

Portlaoise midwives wrote to Cowen and Harney over fears that a mother

first_imgThe HSE and the hospital accept that there were serious shortcomings in these cases. There were unacceptable delays in completing reports, communicating with families, and in acting on recommendations. The HSE and the hospital apologises unequivocally to the families for these failings.On RTÉ’s Morning Ireland this morning, Professor Richard Green, Director of the National Epidemiology Centre said “some of these deaths could possibly have been avoided” if the recommendations were put into place”. A LETTER WAS written to the Finance Minister and Health Minister in 2006, expressing concerns over staffing levels at Midlands Regional Hospital.RTÉ report that 32 midwives at the hospital wrote to the then Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen and Minister for Health, Mary Harney back in 2006.The staff said they had “a real fear” that a mother or baby would die in their care before the issues were addressed.Last night’s Prime Time programme showed how four babies died at the hospital over a six-year period.The letter was written before the deaths of all the babies that were featured in the investigation.The HSE has apologised to the families affected, saying: He also noted that;A number of babies die each year around the time of birth or just immediately afterwards but it’s important to recognise that in this country that’s about one in 2,500, which is actually better than the results in the UK which is one in 1,400 or Scotland which is one in 2,000.Green said it was very upsetting that parents weren’t informed by the HSE that investigations were conducted into their babies deaths.He said “Patients should always be told if we believe there was something that we did wrong.”He also said Portlaoise hospital’s perinatal mortality rate is in line with maternity services nationwide.Also on the show health spokesperson for Fianna Fáil Billy Kelleher noted that a tragic death occurred in 2007, a report carried out and recommendations published but nothing happened from there.He said he could not understand why recommendations weren’t put in place after the tragic death and he called for a further investigation saying:The HSE has apologised but I think there has to be a further investigation as to why these recommendations weren’t followed through.You can watch the full programme here.Missed the Prime Time investigation last night? Here’s what you need to know>last_img read more

Holy roller Popes Harley to be sold at auction

first_imgMOVE OVER POPEMOBILE, make way for the “Popebike”: a Harley-Davidson that briefly belonged to Pope Francis and is being auctioned off in Paris tomorrow has already garnered significant advance interest from around the world.A day ahead of the much-anticipated sale, Bonhams auction house said it had received some 30 purchase orders worth much more than the €12,000 to €15,000 valuation of the 1,585cc Dyna Super Glide signed by the pontiff himself.“Unsurprisingly, there is real interest. The sale of the pope’s motorbike promises to be hotly contested. The result will no doubt live up to its first owner. The papal signature, a first on a vehicle, makes this sale unique,” Bonhams France said.Harley-Davidson gave the bike to the pope in June to mark the 110th anniversary of the US motorbike maker.The pope donated the Harley in November to the Roman Catholic charity Caritas Roma and the funds from the sale will go towards the restoration of its hostel and soup kitchen based at Rome’s Termini railway station.Pope Francis, 77, is not thought to have ridden the Harley, a brand well known for its use by motorbike gangs including the “Hells Angels”.The famously humble pontiff is more of a fan of buses. He opted to ride one the day after his election last year instead of taking a limousine, and regularly used them in his homeland Argentina instead of taxis.The bike is already on show at the Grand Palais in Paris — where the auction takes place tomorrow — among hundreds of other iconic vehicles such as Rolls-Royces and Cadillacs.- © AFP, 2014Read: Vial thieves ‘threw away’ John Paul II’s bloodRead: Peace doves released by the Pope are immediately attacked by a seagull and crowlast_img read more

20000 hashtags Twitter handles linked to terrorism in 2012 says group

first_imgThe proliferation of terrorism tutorials, and the abuse of social media and online forums by extremists, portend that future ‘lone wolf’ attacks here and abroad are inevitable.Cooper said that Facebook has been far more active in “scrubbing” pages which appear to incite hate and violence, and has been open to feedback from his group, But he said Twitter has refused to even discuss the matter.“We have been unsuccessful in even getting an answer from Twitter” about its efforts, Cooper said. “The bad guys know how to use Facebook and Twitter” to recruit and promote violence, he added.The organisation gave Facebook a rating of A-minus for taking “tremendous steps to identify and eliminate digital prejudice and hate on their site.”It gave YouTube a grade of C-minus, saying the Google-owned video site allows many tutorials used by attackers to remain online. Twitter was given a grade of F.“You can post anything you want without being screened or removed,” the centre said about the micro-blogging centre.DisputesA Twitter spokesman said in a statement sent to AFP that the company does not “mediate content or intervene in disputes between users.”However, targeted abuse or harassment may constitute a violation of the Twitter rules and terms of service.The messaging platform’s terms of service state that Twitter is not responsible for content posted, but that users “may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.”The centre, which was founded in 1977 by Nazi hunter and Holocaust survivor Wiesenthal, published the data in its 15th annual report on digital hate and terrorism.- © AFP, 2013Read: LivingSocial website hack targeted thousands of Irish users> If we want to make it tougher for the terrorists to recruit, we need (actions by) Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube. A NAZI-HUNTING group has urged Twitter and other social media to step up efforts to remove online “hate speech,” citing a surge in incitement to attacks like the recent Boston bombings.The Simon Wiesenthal Centre said Twitter has spawned nearly 20,000 hashtags and handles this year that are linked to terrorism and extremism, up 30 percent in the past year.The centre’s associate dean Abraham Cooper said at a Capitol Hill briefing:last_img read more

Fiveyearold boy dies after falling into lake in Dublin

first_imgA FIVE-YEAR-old boy has died after falling into a lake in Dublin today.The tragic incident came to light after the boy was discovered in the lake at Belgree Lawns in Tyrrelstown at 9.30am.Resuscitation attempts were made and the boy was brought to Temple St Children’s Hospital.He was pronounced dead at 11.20am at the hospital.Gardaí are not treating the incident as suspicious and will be assisting the coroner.last_img

Woman killed after being hit by lorry at Heuston Station

first_imgA WOMAN HAS died after a tragic incident at Heuston Station this afternoon.The pedestrian was killed when she was hit by an articulated lorry.It happened at Heuston Station, Dublin 8 at about 4.20pm this afternoon.She was pronounced dead at the scene and her body has been removed to the City Morgue.Gardai in Kilmainham are now investigating the fatal collision.The road into Heuston Station near Victoria Quay was closed to facilitate an examination by Garda Forensic Collision Investigators but has since reopened.Gardai wish to appeal for witnesses to this collision to contact Kilmainham Garda Station on 01 6669700, The Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station. Source: GillTraynorRead: Luas services resume but delays expected after major accident at Heuston Station>last_img read more

I was taken by the fact that hes such an outsider Adrian

first_imgIN THE UPCOMING documentary, Rough Rider, about Irish journalist and whistleblower Paul Kimmage set to be screened on RTÉ One on 28 July, there are two Paul Kimmages that emerge.On the one hand, there is the cerebral, uncompromising and unapologetically blunt individual eager to expose the cynics and doping apologists who have heavily contributed to the sport’s inextricable links with corruption for so long.Conversely, we also see the softer side of Kimmage. The family man who still feels “like a little kid” when watching the Tour de France.Kimmage loves and loathes the world of pro cycling in equal measure — a point that is very much hammered home in the new work directed by Irish filmmaker Adrian McCarthy. “I knew a little bit about Paul and I was very interested to know about his journey to date as such an outsider, a whistleblower,” McCarthy tells TheScore.ie. “As somebody who had cycled himself as a pro, he knew what he was talking about.“It was interesting to see how he treated cycling very differently to a lot of the other sports he wrote about because he was very passionate about it. Just from meeting him and doing a bit of homework, I was taken by the fact that he was such an outsider.”The first part of the documentary takes a look at Kimmage’s background — how he fell in love with cycling and cultivated a bittersweet career in the sport, before establishing a reputation as a controversial journalist intent on exposing all its ills.Following this concise snapshot of his rise to fame (or perhaps infamy), the film then takes us to last year’s Tour de France, following Kimmage as he observes proceedings through a journalist’s gaze and asks difficult questions about the state of cycling following USADA’s game-changing revelations. Source: ©INPHO(Paul Kimmage pictured in 1986 after a mountain stage in the Tour de France)One of the most challenging aspects of this somewhat improvisational style of filmmaking, McCarthy says, is of course that both Kimmage and his crew had little idea what obstacles lay ahead of them.“We didn’t know that there was going to be legal issues with him and the UCI. We didn’t know that was going to happen. And a good chunk of those things happened before we had any funding in place at all.“[The producer] Tony Whelan and I were out in Paul’s house. I was doing the filming myself. That was, by coincidence, the week that the UCI had taken action against him. We had no idea that would be happening, so as things evolved, we just had to go with it, we had to keep going.”Moreover, the issue of funding the film was similarly precarious.“Initially, we got some development funding from the Irish Film Board, which was great. It wasn’t a lot of money, but it allowed us to start filming some bits and pieces, and we also got funding from RTÉ. But one of the problems with this job is that we have never had enough funding to make this documentary. Therefore, through it, we’ve always had to pull in a lot of favours from people and ask the crew to either work for nothing, or close to nothing, or half their rates.“It’s a labour of love and a lot of people haven’t got paid a penny to do this. In a way, it’s a ridiculous thing to do, but that’s just the way that it fell.”However, while cash was not exactly free-flowing, McCarthy and his colleagues compensated for these issues through a sheer passion for and belief in the project.“All documentaries are different, but with this one, there was a lot of pressure. You go the extra mile when you’re a director and producer because it’s your baby. Sometimes you can’t expect the rest of the crew to do the same thing, because it’s not their baby, even though they will take some ownership over it. So that became quite difficult, but the majority of people bought into it.” Source: Wildfire Films/VimeoAnd notwithstanding the film being primarily about Kimmage and his fight against the liars and the dopers that have tarnished the image of professional cycling over the years, it is by no means a glowing tribute to him.Although McCarthy says Kimmage was happy with the finished product because “he feels it captures him,” the 52-year-old journalist had no say in the creative direction of the film.Furthermore, while Kimmage’s wife, father and brother all feature at various points in the documentary, unanimously issuing their support for the work he’s undertaken in the process, people who he’s on less friendlier terms with also give their side of the story, including former Irish pro cyclist and Tour de France winner Stephen Roche. The pair famously fell out after a controversial Late Late Show interview, in which Kimmage was reluctant to answer questions about the venerated cyclist, who he had grown up alongside and at one point effectively idolised.Yet despite his strained relationship with Kimmage, Roche was more than happy to contribute to the documentary.“When I did track him down, I explained what I was doing, and we spoke about the fact that their friendship isn’t great, they don’t really talk. Perhaps it would have been easier for him to say ‘thanks but no thanks,’ but he agreed to do it and we filmed him one of the days at the Tour. I admire and respect him for doing that, because he didn’t have to as he knew what the documentary is about.“Because of the subject matter and the sport we’re talking about, it’s fair to say some people ducked and dived [to avoid taking about it], but Stephen didn’t.” Source: Cyclefilm – Cycling Media Production/YouTubeYet one person who isn’t as prominent as some people might expect is Lance Armstrong — the disgraced American cyclist who was exposed partially thanks to journalism undertaken by Kimmage among others.“At the start, we thought that perhaps the Lance story would be a bigger part of it,” McCarthy explains. “The Lance part of the story is important, but the more we got into trying to tell it, the more we realised that it’s a much bigger story than just Lance. He’s the name though, and the amount of people who say ‘oh you’re making the Lance Armstrong documentary’… But when I’m in the cutting room with my editor Mick Mahon, I make those decisions and that’s the way it worked out.”Yet while Armstrong was the most famous person to invoke Kimmage’s wrath, he was by no means the first or the last. As McCarthy concisely puts it, there’s a “bit of that marmite thing to him”.“Sometimes Paul is black and white in his view, but cycling is full of grey. He’s the first one to admit it, he can’t help himself, it just means too much to him.”This list of enemies includes other journalists, some of whom, as McCarthy bluntly puts it, “don’t like him,” owing to his willingness to criticise them publicly and their supposed failure to live up to the high standards he expects of both himself and others.In addition, even McCarthy and his film crew at times bore the brunt of Kimmage’s frustration.“We had our moments, which is not unusual, just because of the pressure we were all under. I was doubling up as a director and a sound man. We had Tony Whelan, who was the producer and also the driver, and did other stuff. And Ronan Fox who doubled up as cameraman and driver. Every night when you finish work, you’ve got hours more work to do because you’re copying across all the footage, getting it ready for tomorrow. And at six o’clock in the morning, you’re on the road again driving for another two hours.“But one of the reasons I find Paul very interesting is that he shoots from the hip. That’s not going to suit a lot of people, a lot of the time. One thing you get from the story is that friendships have been lost between former colleagues.“He speaks his mind and that’s what makes it interesting. He calls it as he sees it. One of the things, more and more so in today’s world, is that people hold back… He’s very passionate.“Paul was an interesting character to spend time with because he has all those edges to him.” Source: Brian Patrick/YouTubeYet there are instances in the film where, behind this ostensibly intimidating persona, there is a determined humanist obsessed with retaining the purity of cycling and ensuring there are no more tragedies.There is thus one particularly pertinent moment, where Kimmage visits Mont Ventoux — the site of the death of British cyclist Tom Simpson during the 1967 Tour de France.“He’s talking about the Simpson memorial and all those young guys who have died from what was rumoured to be EPO. I thought it was a very powerful moment because it gave an insight into what was going on — the bigger picture. A lot of the younger guys had lost their lives to the sport.“A lot has happened in the sport and most people knew it had been going on for years. Nobody shouted stop. If enough people who were respected in the world of cycling were brave enough to stand up and acknowledge what was happening… If enough people had done that, maybe it wouldn’t have happened. But like so many areas in life, the majority do nothing. The majority keep their heads down.”You can watch ‘Rough Rider’ in full on RTÉ One on 28 JulyConor McGregor is going to write a book about his life ‘in and out of the Octagon’>How MMA fighter Ronda Rousey gets down to her fighting weight>last_img read more

Capcom wants to know which PSOne games you want on PSN

first_imgWe all have fond memories of games we played on the first PlayStation, eventually known as the PSOne. If you were asked to produce a list, at least one Capcom game would likely appear, right?Capcom Japan has realized there is a lot of love out there for its PSOne titles. Rather than try and guess which games it should prioritize for re-release, the publisher has instead decided to ask the audience. So, which PSOne games would you like to see appearing in updated from on PSN?AdChoices广告Your answers should be directed to the Capcom_retro Twitter account using the hash tag #cpga2011 in your tweet. But remember, this is Capcom Japan asking the question so you need to supply the Japanese name of the games you love. A good example of this is Mega Man which in Japan is known as Rockman.Anyone wanting a reminder of which games Capcom released on PlayStation would do well to visit Wikipedia which has a full list.Read more at GamesRadarlast_img read more

Man wronglyaccused of child porn learns to passwordprotect WiFi the hard way

first_imgIt started as something that many of us have probably done at one point in our lives. We get a new wireless router, have some trouble setting up the password, and decide we’ll deal with password-protecting our WiFi another day. Days go by, and you figure what’s the worse that could happen if you leave your WiFi unsecured? One Buffalo, N.Y.-based man learned the importance of password-protecting his wireless signal the hard way when a team of law enforcements stormed his house.The sound of his door being broken down awoken the man at 6:20 a.m. on March 7. Seven armed officers greeted the homeowner, whose name has not been released. He was forced to lie down on the floor while the officers pointed guns at him while calling him a pedophile and a pornographer. According to the Associated Press, the officers had the initials of I.C.E. on their jackets, which the man didn’t know stood for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and we don’t blame him.The agents searched the man’s desktop for about two hours that morning looking for evidence, and eventually confiscated the computer, as well as his and his wife’s iPads and iPhones. It took three days for investigators to realize the man, who had told the officers at the time of the intrusion that they had the wrong guy, was actually telling the truth and was indeed not the kiddie-porn downloader. A week later, investigators arrested a 25-year-old neighbor and charged him with distribution of child pornography. However, he did not get in trouble for piggybacking off the man’s WiFi signal.So how did they find this child-porn-downloading router in the first place? Back in February, an investigator with the Department of Homeland Security, signed into a peer-to-peer file sharing network and connected with someone named “Doldrum.” The agent looked at his shared files and saw images and videos of children doing sex acts. The agent was able to identify the IP address of the router and then got the service provider to identify the subscriber, which they thought was the man they had targeted.When they figured out they had indeed accused the wrong guy, investigators went back to the peer-to-peer site and looked at logs to see the other IP addresses the user “Doldrum” had connected from. They were then able to target the right perpetrator.Law enforcement officials say that people should take this as a cautionary tale and make sure to password-protect their wireless router. The man later got an apology from U.S Attorney William Hochul, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent in Charge Lev Kubiak. He’s apparently not pressing charges.We can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your wireless router. This isn’t the first or the last time someone will be wrongly accused for pirating music, movies, or downloading child pornography because someone else is doing these things on their WiFi signal.Read more at AOL News via APlast_img read more

Google wants to make web pages load faster for a price

first_imgYou can try out the service by visiting the Compare page which lets you type in the URL of any website and get some feedback. Expect to wait a while though, as demand has meant you will get a time slot 10-15 minutes in the future at time of writing.Google can offer this service due to the scale of its existing network and data centers located around the world. Page speed is affected by bandwidth, geographic location, the web broser being used, and the content on your pages. Google can optimize the page, filter it to multple locations to serve each page faster for that area of the world, as well as offer a lot more bandwidth than you typically get with a hosting plan.Although at the moment Google is offering Page Speed Service completely free for some websites, it will become a paid service in the near future. The only thing left to announce is how much Google wants each month for optimizing your pages.Read more at The official Google Code blog Website owners around the world realize how essential a fast loading website is for people visiting and sticking around for any length of time. If your pages load slowly people get bored of waiting and leave. There are many optimizations that can be done in the CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and the Flash objects used on each page to speed up loading, but they all take time and knowledge to implement.Google has decided to offer a shortcut to speedier page loads by introducing a new serviuce called Page Speed Service.By using Page Speed Service any website can automatically speed up its page loads according to Google. All they have to do is sign up to use the service and point the site DNS to Google’s servers. Google then goes to work optimizing the pages on your site before serving them directly from Google servers.Although your pages are being redirected, visitors should notice no difference other than a faster page load. As to how fast, Google is touting between a 25% and 60% speed up with examples to back up the claim.last_img read more

HTC Raider 4G returns from Holiday with 15GHz dualcore chip

first_imgNot too far back a prototype of the HTC Holiday appeared on Craigslist. Shortly after, a very similar phone was handled and tested on AT&T‘s nascent LTE network. Now the phone has gotten official on the Korean HTC website as the HTC Raider 4G.The specs are slightly improved over what had been previously reported. Instead of a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the Raider 4G has been bumped to 1.5GHz. It’s also got 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, 8 megapixel wide-angle rear facing camera with dual LED flash and 1.3 megapixel front camera, and LTE support with uploads up to 50Mbps and downloads pushing twice that rate. The usual array of sensors is onboard, too: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and GPS.While its screen isn’t quite as large as the unit on the HTC Titan or Runnymede, the Raider 4G’s 4.5″ qHD IPS display is still plenty roomy. Power is supplied by a 1620mAh battery, and the superphone isn’t going to challenge NEC’s Medias N-04c for slimmest Android honors. The behemoth Raider 4G tips the scales at almost 164 grams and measures 11.3mm thick — compared to 105 grams and 7.7mm for the Medias.And though you will find plenty of power, speed, and screen space on the Raider 4G, you won’t find Beats Audio tech — which would have been a very nice addition on a device that’s clearly aimed at choosy power users who demand kick-butt hardware.At least the phone hasn’t been re-named Waikiki as it was once rumored, though that could still happen if it gets re-badged for its impending launch on AT&T.More at Android Community and HTC Korealast_img read more