Love after the storm Shanghai Shanghai dragon condemnation words attribute introspection

Shu Hong said here too literally, understanding and recognition of the given text to explain. This also leads to this article is to explore the topic, which is about the number of workers, the definition of Shanghai dragon attribute and has formed an industry group. To clarify such a content, believe that for the future positioning of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners will produce positive effect. In view of the basic concept of Shanghai dragon popularity in website optimization, so this topic can also be applied to the webmaster group. then need to enter the daily work of the Shanghai dragon ER, operate in accordance with the practice of the industry, it should be carried out to take over the target site. summer typhoon and rainstorm. As a domestic search engine unrivaled leader, love Shanghai in this hot season, nature has not been idle idle. In the past 672 months of continuous campaign site cleaning. Wind and place, leaving a small webmaster and Shanghai ER are a dragon moan voice, and many who live sites, huge gap between one night in Shanghai had fallen into love, a considerable part of which may be have never been heard of since. After the storm, the network life still continues, around "how to survive" this proposition, it is necessary to rational self reflection. first as a Shanghai dragon ER, into a company and the enterprise, will experience inquiry and examination technology related. By setting the initial interview, accept the specific job sites, in accordance with the usual occupation habits, believe is associated with the Shanghai dragon query software a basic search to the target site. At the same time, also looking at the target site of the source file, to judge the important site in the setting of the Shanghai dragon. I also do a careful review of the whole structure of the site, to Shanghai dragon industry universal standard to define the target site, whether the architecture of search engine friendly enough. At this level, there is no doubt that they think Hong Shanghai dragon reflects the side of his workers of technology. about the related attributes, the explanation is this: the inherent nature that matters. It is necessary and basic material, can not be separated from the characteristics, is a matter of the performance of things. Some qualitative things often show a variety of attributes. Is the difference between the essential and non essential attributes. This is about the noun in the humanities interpretation, at the same time in the computer hardware world also has its specific meaning, where space is limited, and more quotes do not do, in computer terminology it is also a typical. has a rich network of life and work experience of the webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER are concerned, there is such a term, it is almost always in inadvertently every day, past the network of people’s line of sight. As long as you select a page and a folder, click the right mouse button will function in […]

Love is whether Shanghai will disrupt your update rule

original and pseudo original article is very good, never told you webmaster to save map and to collect the mass copy other web content, otherwise the consequences you know. If each article on a web site can make readers, can go home owners or network owners of the feeble, so we can say, the development potential of the site must be very good. High quality article is the webmaster have to write, this is not just a basic website and included weight, improve the user experience is also an essential part of. The most important, high quality articles written to text words, that I don’t need to tell you know! Of course, our webmaster friends may not so sometimes to write the article, then pseudo original (end rewriting, middle order) is another major magic weapon. There is a need to pay attention to the update of the degree, updated regularly, remember the first rule is that the spider can eat, but never enough to eat. 1. to update 2. love Shanghai update includes included snapshot, date, keyword ranking, a lot of Shanghai dragon will focus on these, including the author. Experienced the love of Shanghai and Shanghai aunt groundless talk of love, I can only say 2 words: calm. To do things enough, we first snapshot and included no matter, I can’t remember! Is the original blog lovers Shanghai Longfeng snapshots for 2 weeks without moving, no matter how I update the article or spider or. I think, is to change the title number plus server that several days due to instability, simply matter (before and regularly update the article, one day a week, 1 1-2 soft article), natural snapshot is back, "calm" is too important for me, Shanghai dragon. The webmaster friends don’t be fall in love with the sea disturbing sight even affect the mood, occasionally scold is excusable, but do not change the website update. "the chain for emperor", which has highlighted the value chain, and the chain of high quality is the priority among priorities. The chain can not only bring our website spider’s favor, just a lot of time to attract the user’s attention, the user to our website. Like other famous webmaster forum Promotion Forum on site many BBS webmaster friends ranking in Shanghai when Shanghai included sex love metamorphosis, often ranking fluctuations, Shanghai ranked how overbearing love…… For this reason I can only smile, because I sometimes will decline in ranking cursed love Shanghai, called after or to maintain, how are? Say love Shanghai update is calculated through the computer, inevitably there are some loopholes; love Shanghai and is a commercial search engine, inevitably some overbearing. My blog launched nearly 3 months, ranking can be; when the company has done a lot of business ranking, especially some competition difficult words, the current ranking; the worst is hard to do stand a few months, ranking to give you a real mountain. The chain extension of

The 5 kind of scam Wangzhuan let you stop parsing fooledNew Adsense what kind of Web site to make th

, online part-time typist: This is one of the oldest Wangzhuan scam, a few years ago is very rampant now some, liar is still in use, and some stately advertising at sh419, said the 10000 words is 100 yuan, and paid 50% of the salary of this project, you need not think, 10000 words 1000 yuan what it means, means that the 1000 word 100 yuan, you will know this just is definitely a hoax. Some of these crooks allows you to enter the mobile phone verification code calls you to cheat you, have to pay a deposit of 100 yuan, you pay the deposit and let you pay the deposit is several hundred yuan, later or should you sign a contract to pay, until you find cheated so far. Like the same newspaper personals scam. believes that many people are interested in the topic of the title. In the Internet world, I know a lot of netizens who want to get rich quickly and want to make a lot of money quickly. A lot of people ask me, "you do this worry free wealth nets, can you make money?" here, I want to emphasize a point: there is no money making industry, only those who do not make money. Earn no money and do what the industry has nothing to do with three, sell sell tutorial tutorial: money is a lie between Wangzhuan project and real projects, the author has sold a tutorial, 10 yuan a set is also very valuable, but some people under the guise of the name of the tutorial is to sell a lie, how good, into the hundreds, that is very exaggerated, I see hundreds of days into the day into a few dollars, these crooks mostly let you first pay after delivery, so you get a tutorial see no value gandengyan. There are very few in the Taobao deal, Taobao trading arguably should be very safe, but he asks you to confirm the evaluation will give you the password, is that you find the tutorial without value, Taobao will not be for the rights of your waiter. Because you confirm the evaluation. according to statistics, the last 3 months, the domestic CN domain name dropped by about 3000000 compared to the same period. That is to say, now do grassroots webmaster less and less. Many webmaster friends have changed careers. On the one hand, the grassroots webmaster situation is getting more and more difficult. On the other hand, is also described, the website industry competition is relatively small? Just like last year the price of meat, a starting price is high, then the flu, pork prices. Later, the rise in meat prices, then, to the end of the year, pork is saturated, do not sell out. In the middle, some people have caught the law of market change and made a lot of money. Some people only know to follow the trend, and the result is that they are not recognized by the […]

Why is the website holiday syndrome

chain suspended or disorderly increase of said user experience without a good user experience? Imagine if at the time of their leisure holiday to see their often focus on the website, want to check something, but found that the site can not be opened, the Spring Festival was a good mood, probably will be affected immediately, next time you certainly will not come again. This is so, the webmaster It’s only human., in the choice of site space must be careful, do not because of a few. update frequency disorder or suspend update Why do the all know that the chain is the main factor influencing the website ranking, but because of the Spring Festival holiday, many of the site’s external links construction work is suspended or what day is to do a few, there is no law, site outside the chain up and down, the chain is not normal. The site will be very difficult to guarantee the rankings, even the most basic site of normal development are a little difficult, after all, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, is always in the update, your site outside the chain is not normal, but there is no guarantee that other sites like you, therefore, to maintain the normal website ranking the site is very difficult. There are no major problems will be. a year during the Spring Festival holiday and which stationmaster also want to keep the web to computer every day? We are friends in the go pro, and his family lived a happy Spring Festival, the webmaster is no exception, the webmaster also is a person, is certainly going to rest to the holidays, because of this, in the website during the holiday, people may not update the content, or even updated, but the frequency is also very disorder, lost the normal update the original frequency, perhaps when holidays at home, the search engine is to give you face, did not immediately show dissatisfaction, but when you are immersed in a festive atmosphere, may search the engine will have on your web site, made a small punishment, just as a webmaster of you, just the holidays, and not pay attention to the site changes, leading to the festival return to work, only to find the site appeared serious The problem, you still do not know what is in disorderly fashion when it happened. The long holiday back, owners also have to work, many owners have yet to recover from the holiday, I found the site due to no maintenance during the holiday also got "holiday syndrome" website, a variety of problems, some not updated snapshot, some is not included, and directly love is the sea K, in short, the Spring Festival return A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai,.Admin5贵族宝贝/) will encounter various problems webmasters to consult their website every day, each site is different, therefore, during the Spring Festival, the problems are not the same, therefore, A5 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng group here, have to […]

Love Shanghai mobile search optimization guide 2

love of Shanghai is the world’s largest mobile search Chinese mobile search engine, in response to a search request every day billions of times, leading Internet traffic is as high as one billion level. This document aims to provide authoritative, for the mobile station clear mobile search optimization standard, help site reasonable, sustained improvement of mobile traffic, to develop a long-term and stable, so as to promote the sound development of the mobile internet. good terminal as well as technology, we strongly recommend the use of HTML5 as a mobile station, and according to different terminal models for automatic adaptation. language websiteAccording to the development of ] [ The ] domain preparation search engine as the site of the ordinary visitors, crawl, on the site of the site / page value judgment and ranking, is starting from the user experience. Therefore, in principle, any website on the user experience is improved, improvement of search engine. But because of the limitation of the current overall network environment and technical reasons, the implementation of the specific means of user experience is the need to consider the search engine friendly, to meet under the premise that the user experience will make the search engine more easy to understand treatment. Then, the mobile search engine for website construction, mainly divided into three parts: how to make better how to love Shanghai mobile search website in the content, how to get better in the mobile search rankings, let users from a number of search results to quickly find and click on your website. In simple terms, is the collection, sorting, display. Below we were introduced from these three aspects: [ [ and PC spider, with a Bai> called Haitong included choose the regular space service providers, and avoid a lot of garbage sites share common IP, ensure the site access speed and stability. Other here no longer, the default PC based website. In 2014 the industry engineer examination Zhenti and highlights due to various conditions, the release of the guide is still much room for improvement. The future, love Shanghai mobile search will continue to collect feedback to the webmaster, and constantly improve the guidelines, to better serve the mobile web service. oriented mobile search website and PC website, the domain name is the first impression of the user of a web site. A good mobile domain, not only easy to remember, easy to enter, but also convenient for users to recommend it to others. The domain name should be brief and easy to understand, the shorter the domain memory cost is lower, more easy to understand the domain name can let users more intuitive understanding of the site theme. The mobile station name suggested by m.a贵族宝贝/3g.a贵族宝贝/wap.a贵族宝贝, to avoid the use of too complex or technical form, such as adcbxxx.a贵族宝贝/html5.a贵族宝贝 etc.. ] server ] machine readable [

Traffic is down 7 places to check

1: 4: In fact, horseWhen since the site has not been linked to horse, I think it was not a problem outside the chain? Check the chain after the show found a station snapshot stuck in August 6th, the website or updated daily, keyword ranking did not decline, the link is not removed, only removed a collection from a few hundred into the chain dozens of. In recent days I have in a dozen places registered blog add connection in some forum released a dozen signed reply, is not where the problem? Remove some was not included with the chain of the article. 3: quality inspectionWhy is 2: the chain I had a station how to do IP up or not, in my space is about to expire when trying to give up, a friend said to give up too bad, the station moved to his server. Want to feel is the transfer of space, or a week several times during the update, didn’t pay much attention to this station, until more than a month after that included an increase of hundreds of times, IP also rose to thousands of felt before where is the problem? After examination, the original space IP the station is K and a lot of garbage station site. after more than four points of check my station has been restored, everything is a reason, I may be. first started, I thought the same as the last of the situation, because I have a website is linked to the horse to death, when the station flows down the first time I checked the website all easy to be linked to the horse, the result shows that the website is safe, no horse. Recommend checking the website linked to horse sites here: 贵族宝贝union.rising贵族宝贝.cn/index/index.aspx server until the steady flow will suddenly fall down? In addition to the continuation of the previous update time, the number of updates, if you pay attention to the quality of the new article? My QQT6 space station every day is more than a dozen pseudo original plus one or two of the original article article this update, query the update method for a while ago the discovery of some content from the layout to the content is not too high, the readability of the visitors is greatly reduced, so in these places were immediately. When writing quality do not know whether we pay attention to the quality of template page, deformation, CSS and other issues, some of the details of the improvement, more friendly to search for. site traffic has dropped for two weeks, from the stable 4 thousand IP now down to more than 1 thousand. The two weeks I’ve been trying to reflect on the reasons for the site returned to normal levels, until today to see all the keywords have been restored to normal traffic is gradually restored to feel some comfort, the QQT6 space station flow decreased and the restored to you share, I hope to help you.

How to choose the way of life in Shanghai dragon in occupation

is shown to act and Yuan (non polar) environment of Shanghai dragon. The author of "rely on diligence" "relying on resources and technology" and "rely on content" of the three types of people reviewed, and also found the intersection of them. But this picture did not show up, is to "ecological Shanghai dragon" for the higher level of the environment, or that time did not show the relationship between them. In fact, the original authors are also more inclined to rely on the content effect "a class of Shanghai dragon er. Despise reproduced without attribution, so book network is a professional website of Shanghai dragon, WordPress Shanghai Longfeng, trying to find a rapid increase in the amount collected, quickly improve the ranking, optimize the display effect in the search engine, to improve site traffic, and ultimately the best method of product benefits. does this metaphor appropriate describe the different way of life in Shanghai Longfeng occupation. The so-called life, and life is different, life can be very relaxed, and survival is facing fierce competition and rapid changes in the environment, so the survival to describe the behavior of occupation may be more appropriate. if you must on the ecological Shanghai Longfeng a comb, I will come up with the above picture. From the time point of view, Shanghai dragon is a rising process, showing the law of development of Pyramid, which in the future is an elite industry, until it abstracts a subject. But before this, the main function of Shanghai dragon or in the production practice for social service. From the environment (human factors), the entire development process also showed the development process of Pyramid, it is to describe the content more rich connotation and depth, grasp its people are required to have higher knowledge and ability. Finally, for "what is Shanghai dragon?" this problem, it must be in constant evolution, from a "means" to "a resource" to "an idea", finally, when it rose as a discipline, it must have its own metaphysical part but, we can not be included in Shanghai Longfeng philosophy, so it is a kind of social culture. "hard" "resources and technology" is indispensable, but with the change of time, they are no longer is the core competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng occupation in the core competitiveness to the content. I think if the search engine also uphold this view or attitude, so soon the description of the "ecological era" is coming soon.         read the webmaster home today to an article in the "change of Shanghai Longfeng environment under the webmaster bianzetong not change blocking" opening said is very interesting: Shanghai dragon Impergium created a hard-working person, Shanghai Dragon Industrial Age proves that the resources technology, Shanghai dragon the ecological era awakened people do content effect.

The new increase of ten tips of the chain

there is a famous saying: "content is king in Shanghai dragon industry, the chain for emperor", I believe that we all know the power of the chain, a lot of weight high website basically is outside the chain of tens of thousands of, although we can not have so many personal webmaster resources to get the chain so much, but we have every little bit of effort can do quite well, so today the author based on past experience to sum up when the chain increases a little skill, I hope this paper can bring some inspiration and motivation for the webmaster friends. 2. to Bo Yang station, this method is applicable to all the webmaster friends, set up five or six websites to publish information related to the content on your site, you can add anchor text, or directly with the web site, there are many blog weights in the search engine is very high, recommend a, for everyone blog, recently the seconds, you can try. 3. if you are familiar with a program or a language, you can design a template for the design of WordPress program such as WordPress, many bloggers have a lot of the chain, it is because the people are using WordPress to write blog, few people pay attention to their own guide link number, or your own website the Shanghai dragon, so a beautiful design templates, free of charge to the needs of the people, perhaps will bring you unexpected harvest. 6. I believe that soon, your site will have some collection, then, to the directory submission site, which can be love Shanghai "or" web directory submission "submit" to submit your site, site directory General requirements are relatively low, included more than 2 can be included, so you can you > 5. registered some collection sites, such as the Shanghai love collection, collection, collection and so on Yahoo QQ, and then use these sites to collect your articles, or write some high quality articles, to the need of the friend, remember to use jiathis or other social bookmarking tools, let the users like to share your article. ? 1. new site at the beginning of the situation is often included less, the chain is small, not a lot of vast resources to attract spiders, this time, you can let the webmaster friends give you a Links, so you can write a thank the webmaster webmaster or propaganda website article your blog; if no one is willing to give you a free link, then let the friend with the blog to do a Links in Sina, love Shanghai, NetEase and other large blog, a matter of minutes, soon fix. 4. registered some of your local forum, usually three or so, the three forum must be signed, after the anchor text, add your website keywords in the signature, openly to browse local information, post, reply, this is a decompression, but also can increase the chain of the way as Alexander webmaster, we Why not?

HTTPS how to optimize the site, why love Shanghai will pay attention to the HTTPS site

in the chain, Xiao Bian think should be based on HTTPS, now people for the understanding of the two points are not complete, many users do not care about your site is HTTPS site, but in the future, the popularity of the site will let users begin to pay attention to, if we can advance the layout of the chain, the site should be good. (3) HTTPS site in the end not to redirect the domain name? HTTPS is redirected to http HTTPS is the last site for the optimization. for HTTPS why would be love Shanghai’s favor, Xiao Bian think the reason is only one: safety. But the HTTPS has just launched, many people have taken to the security aspect, multiple encryption methods, make the website more is not easy to attack or hijacking. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform said: "many handshakes and complex encryption mechanism of HTTS effectively increased the security of the website, the encryption and authentication mechanism can reduce the risk of the website was hijacked and fake!" thus, how important it is for the security of the website. I love Shanghai HTTPS will be not at all surprising the attention. (1) HTTPS site chain in exchange, in the end is to write HTTP or write HTTPS (2) HTTPS site in the chain, in the end should write or write HTTPS http     website optimization?; HTTPS site optimization, we seem to have no such experience, the first small first puts forward several problems: (4) HTTPS site in the end how much effect on the When it comes to the ? ? in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love can always find a lot of interesting love the new trend of Shanghai, from last year, in addition to love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, Baidu also launched two changes, one is the HTTPS site construction, renovation plan is a MIP. The small series has not been studied thoroughly, but for the former, Xiao Bian think or say. small eleven short answer: first we chain in exchange, is sure to HTTPS in exchange for friends of the chain, this site does not seem much, but the exchange chain is simply on the other side of the site and a anchor text, HTTP and HTTPS are the only difference between them is a letter. domain name redirection problem is a key problem, the answer is definitely need to redirect, because first of all is to visit the site of the original fans, people are accustomed to the HTTP site, if not the site is likely to cause the redirection, open the case, this is the user does not want to see; and from the perspective of optimization redirect, can also be a good docking and transfer the weight of the website, will not cause weight dispersion. ?

In the sale of the site to prevent Shanghai to love weight sell strategy

love Shanghai weight in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle but in fact love Shanghai for having heard it many times, the weight is only a concept of some webmaster tools, fiction, and analysis of the principle is the main website there are keywords ranking statistics, and then calculate the approximate flow according to the key position, and then in the light of these traffic prediction to evaluate the weight site. However, these are only expected to flow, and it is a relatively vague concept, there is no way to accurately calculate, it gives the possibility of cheating. believes that the website optimization friends all know a word that is for having heard it many times, love Shanghai weight. As for the website, love Shanghai more weight, so the site’s ranking will be higher, the corresponding flow will be higher, love Shanghai included time intervals will be more, it’s a very good website. So if this website to sell, want to lower prices to buy, it is more difficult, so many owners have to love Shanghai weight profiteering. then you have to see the site collected. Shanghai love index can brush, but the site collected is not likely to brush, and brush once content, this website will soon be love Shanghai shield, may not be able to get their check. Collected so check the website basically can be a true weight of intuitive judgment of a web site. ? actually want to make a good fake love Shanghai weight, the difficulty is not large, only through the website keywords ranked first for hard brush, so it can cause great false website traffic, of course, this actually site traffic has not changed, but for many third party platform, but these will be able to keywords statistics into love Shanghai weight, so as to achieve the weight lifting love Shanghai. For such a high puffiness love Shanghai weight website, how can we prevent to avoid the risk of this website to buy a is the first to love Shanghai official test for cheating method at present, no matter how clever to escape love Shanghai supervision is difficult, so the use of this important tool to love Shanghai index analysis website keywords index can get brush keywords phenomenon. For example, we usually see some keyword index changes little, but recently there have been some relatively rare keywords even love Shanghai index is quite high, so you want to buy this website is relatively rare keywords website just, it must be careful. then look at the trans site. For the high. Although of course for individuals, understand the weights are just for the love of Shanghai in the future to better optimize your website, so there is no need to engage in what the false weight, but if I want to improve the weight of this love Shanghai, then call on the Internet, ready to sell the site, then love Shanghai more weight, then sell the price is higher, so you can get a good income.

Detailed website optimization 3 Tips

Hello, I am plump mall editor, I remember Bill Gates said: "twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can". With the words of classic appeal, whether novice or veteran, will head into the Internet, how to become a qualified webmaster, how to avoid the search engine punishment does not fall into the sandbox, arrrr share some experience in website optimization. three: inside and outside the chain of reasonable two: original content Keywords: 1, website of reasonable air link structure, can improve search engine website weight, help to improve the efficiency of the search engine on the web crawling index, are included to the website. There are several methods in the chain optimization. 1, the link text description. The article is inserted into the keyword point, but the content must be associated with the website. 2, a navigation with two navigation. A navigation is not more than 8, two level navigation does not exceed 3, otherwise the user will search spider with resentment. 3, site map. The site map submitted to the search engine on the home page, the most appropriate, because there is a direct benefit to the website weight. 2, the chain is the site of the blood, plus Google more and more attention to the quality of the chain, so for the site with the weight of the table is a good news, so that to some of the weight of relatively high PR website is more appropriate, links in high traffic sites than in the access link > optimization now with the first train collector spread, many friends have many sites, causing the site there are many repetitive content and without spam filtering, although the acquisition by mouth short time can reach N information, also can achieve a lot of search engines included, but the punishment is very strict, light off the sandbox, or by K, a search engine like the love to eat grass, as long as every day fresh information update, search engines will have a crush on you on time every day to collect, our station in general a week to write 2-3 original articles every day, issued a total of 10 articles about information. 2, some friends want to quickly upgrade the stack keywords ranking or use a lot of rush into danger, popular keywords, in fact, this approach will reduce the search engine on your favor. 1, the words can be said to be the site of the famous brand, after the establishment of the station did not choose keywords to the correct correlation, then the site after the on-line optimization does not flow, generally used to love keyword optimization with Shanghai Google index query, the best use of some keywords search volume and competitiveness of small, the first 4 keywords based optimization 2, relevant keywords, a core keywords, a long tail keywords. TITLE, description, keywords must have a single page keywords, keywords in the 2%-8% between the most appropriate. In the paper, with the friends of the chain, need forum […]

Shanghai dragon best practice to enhance the comparative case rankings for your website to explain

> 3. inbound links: links from other web sites, links to your site to increase your reputation reliable sources, thus pushing up your website in search engine results. · more page views 4. internal links: link to your landing page is a good practice of search engine optimization. This helps to maximize the good correlation between internal Web page and ranking. To ensure the correct ranking keyword anchor text.   · better conversion and new clues (such as communication register) · the increase in business and the rate of return on investment (ROI). picture website, portal website, enterprise website and blog, ranking high in the search engine is a must. The organic search results of related web pages appear in search engine results page keywords for search words. The results of non-biased rather than generation based on paid advertising. When your website ranking high in the major search engines such as Google, love Shanghai, 360, YAHOO and Bing site URL, displayed in the search results page title and description. Get a solid position of the search engine means that your website is an authoritative and popular online source. want to improve your ranking? Follow the 8 Shanghai dragon best practice: when you are in search engine rankings, the potential to increase: · increased traffic 7. Web Usability: design your website, it is user friendly and easy to navigate to prevent tourists leave. "You should organize such words show the highest conversion rate. Copy of link building: the promotion and recognition of your website, and other well-known website link exchanges to improve your position. Submit your content directory. 1. compelling: Google rewards often update the content, unique, fresh and original. The search engine needs to know your Web page. 5.: social media to actively join the social media market your site is an effective way to promote your links to content. Social media is a good way for enterprises to spread their company. To master the online marketing trends in popular 2. different 6. key words: make sure your potential customers enter the keyword matching search query. If you want a specific keyword ranking, and then create a special landing page. The landing page to reduce the bounce rate, because visitors will be directed to the individual ", to meet the specific search criteria. · more customers and readers or followers of   !

Case analysis the use of Canonical tags and problems

(1) due to the space display problem of paging display, if each page in the Title are identical or just use "the fourth page" to distinguish, in order to avoid the problem, can be on the first page outside the page using the Canonical tag. Of course, if you have the ability, recommend the article page using the previously mentioned forms: lengthy articles in small circles for the title page, each page has its main keywords optimization, page optimization core keywords, so there is no need to use Canonical. common need to use the Canonical tag case as follows. The love Shanghai introduction of Canonical: (2) because the website functional settings, have different URL on the same page, and because the problem of setting function, that can not be directly used to solve the problem 301. For example, in front of the URL mentioned in the optimization of attention matters, thousands of network products for the main station link added to track user behavior parameters of content. (3) with a content list >   if you have noticed that some search keywords in the search of love Shanghai, often appear on the website list or the article page first page appears in the search results, the first page is Not the least trace was found.. As shown, search for "Shanghai love street shooting big man small ornament metrosexual man", the second page is treated as the main page in the rankings. I believe this will be the common search user dissatisfaction, often need to click on the search results, and then click on the page in the first page to browse. Shanghai officials also love there are doubts, coupled with a large number of owners reflect and demands of long-term love, Shanghai finally in early 2013 began to support Canonical tags, to solve this problem through the webmaster and search engine cooperation way. of a group of identical or highly similar ", through the use of the Canonical tag can tell the search engines what page to regulate", to regulate the URL and avoid the search results appear more content with the same or similar pages, help included problem solving duplicate content, avoid repeated display and the weight of the same web page content the weight, improve the standard of the web page, the web page ranking optimization rules. specification is a set of content pages are identical or highly similar preferred version of web page. The use of Canonical Tags: in nonstandard parts of web pages create link elements, form. Add this link and attribute can tell love Shanghai: "all the web pages in the same content or highly similar, the web page for the most standard most valuable pages, recommend the web page in the search results in front of the position." That is to say in the search for relevant keywords, specification will be as the main page in the page ranking, and reduce the situation.

Shanghai dragon should have what you want to do

in Shanghai Longfeng this way, if you have been watching what Daniel, always in the heart to why they can do it, we can’t do it! – tell you, in the back. innovation, the quality of both the Shanghai dragon or competition in other markets, in today’s age is very important, as we all know, there are a small number of people for innovation Yibudengtian, I hope everyone in the micro to do things don’t copy the predecessors when Shanghai dragon, free time you can change the way a little, in the way to think of it, maybe you will succeed, it may take a little time for you, but always believe that everything has a good micro harmful 2, learn to be confident and adhere to 1, learn to pay when you take the first step, I hope you can always keep the miniature of a Shanghai dragon the confidence and determination in this way, can make you confident most incisive potential, when you learn to be confident, when you have it, micro believe wherever you are on this road or Shanghai dragon in normal life in, you can show the best personality charm. To sink into a river, days and months multiplying, especially with the hair of the chain say this thing, if you don’t persevere, I believe your Shanghai dragon road is not very long, the fight is to Shanghai dragon. last time for everyone to contribute micro analysis of "what is black and white dragon Shanghai, Shanghai dragon" micro today and you talk, do Shanghai Longfeng should have what conditions? What kind of quality? The micro again here to tell you, everyone’s mind is very important, you shot here, there and play a gun, that made the Shanghai dragon, feel boring, do anything, of course, can only say that the miniature is best suited to their own. "A move toward their goals is always people who gave him the whole world to love the way" mini sentence. ! Shanghai Longfeng people must learn to pay, no matter what the situation, and then began to learn to pay off the money, the sky will not give you It is without rhyme or reason. (of course not in the lottery, that is, the accumulation of past) you don’t want to think of every day with a cigarette, Langtui can make money. We begin to grasp his mind, to accumulate steadily.   optimization of Shanghai dragon peak!4, learning execution, when what do you think of something to help you, hurry up! The opportunity is for people to action, micro to tell you, do Shanghai dragon, both the original and the chain, idea needs a good execution, execution time, micro also hope that we don’t of two minds it is a waste of time. It is best to have your own team, that most will do   3, innovation and execution of

As the Shanghai dragon rookie, you should know how much Shanghai dragon skills

The so-called execution is: my blog has said many times, if you want to be a Shanghai dragon must have good execution, not possible due. as a dragon in Shanghai industry, for some Shanghai Longfeng terms I should still be as you understand? Say many beginners do not know even the anchor text on the blind to learn, so you learn Shanghai dragon road will feel a lot of pressure, I believe that you learn well but Shanghai dragon your school is just superficial, I am not here to say. HTML is an indispensable part of Shanghai dragon, keywords layout, strategy adjustment cannot do without HTML, many changes, adjust the site when making it to the HTML, want to learn Shanghai dragon, first learn to HTML. I believe that many schools in Shanghai Longfeng friends will encounter this problem, not your code is not bad in Shanghai dragon? Actually I had heard the word is, if not you learn Shanghai dragon HTML code technology may not be so good, or is deep enough or you slow understand some of Shanghai dragon code label will be very slow (H1 tags) a lot of training will learn Shanghai dragon you don’t understand the code, I want to say "" Shanghai Dragon don’t know HTML, you do not need to learn". mentality is: when your website ranking is up or down the right to maintain a good attitude, do Shanghai dragon very boring this is short-term effect is not necessarily not too disappointed, there is practical, if you do not how Shanghai Longfeng short-term effect don’t try to use the technique of cheating do many people say I can’t use a? Here I want to say if you lied to a search engine, then you will be second times three times, right? As a novice Shanghai dragon if you pre do, then the future as can be imagined. really want to know? 2, Shanghai Longfeng term 1, HTML code 3, state of mind with execution of The so-called I said the following three points: today, why write this topic? I believe in my blog before many articles have said Shanghai Longfeng novice how to learn how to learn Shanghai dragon like the article, because of the recent understanding of many new friends of Shanghai dragon still do not understand, in fact, I think the novice in schools in Shanghai Longfeng, often do not understand Shanghai, how to do it. Don’t know how to do the first step, but do not know what to do next, on the contrary many novice think Shanghai Dragon Well, web search garbage Shanghai dragon watching video (why I say the garbage Shanghai dragon video? Because many video was before, you should know that times have changed and there is some people outside of the chain, are not worth watching the video, I think Shanghai Longfeng garbage video, of course, you can also opposed most) After going astray Shanghai dragon abyss.

Search engine optimization seven say

website promotion?It is clear that this issue is controversial. Many experts have expressed their views. Cardiff, Zac et al have seemingly also discussed this issue. Some experts insist that the existence of some experts insist that does not exist. We report the bad case removal was dry foreign, interference is unlikely. It is said that there are people in Shanghai love to call only let him speak, they have absolutely no guarantee having done such kind of thing. Think carefully, the so many words, he also did not have the interference, interference dead. If the interference is a relationship with the bidding website all it is said in the past, a lot of problems, reflect the interference of the site has nothing to do with the bidding. Shanghai love be so kind as to manually adjust the ranking to improve the user experience, even with this heart, he also understood that the country so many words, he is certainly not over artificial. of course, adhere to is good. But we all know that the word can be used to all areas of the pan. At least for a resolution to the problem of people! In the end, most webmaster can not tell yourself these things what happened. Below I combined with my own experience of Kunshan house net exchange with you about search engine optimization what say. Most of the love of Shanghai for reference, dare not say to get it clear, but the absolute is the wise remark of an experienced person. The > how to do?" ?" search engine optimization can be said that in recent years has been rapid development. But that looks like a lot of things are to do with the feeling, don’t know what they are doing is right or wrong. Although the recent Zac out of Shanghai dragon actual combat password let people see a lot of hope in this industry, it seems that this road is farther standard. But after all, many search engine algorithms and rules are classified, plus a lot of irresponsible owners to use pseudo original superb skill article out. The result is, the novice completely confused, put himself completely ruined. Each new estimate will be following confusion. original works of what is good for c king asked: "love Shanghai eleven B the king replied: "keep updating the original article, increase the quality of the chain." artificial interference? A king asked: "home is right down how to do , artificial interference e king asked: "has not been included in the web page, how to do?" ? of the original work of the strong recognition ability in the end to what extent? really does not exist search engine exactly know the original works of d the king replied: "keep updating the original article, increase the quality of the chain." two, the original judgment mechanism f the king replied: "keep updating the original article, increase the quality of the chain."

Talk about the destruction of traditional Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng unconventional means l

Shanghai dragon in the early time, various training advertisements, no matter which stationmaster industry website can see Shanghai dragon industry related with a variety of recruitment advertising, banner, enrollment, circle of people, all kinds of famous teachers and all kinds of brick big wet, Shanghai dragon training enrollment of less than the size of self enrollment now crazy. Shanghai Longfeng teacher training has a certain level of Shanghai, indeed, but do the training teacher are born grassroots, all kinds of Shanghai dragon training institutions are almost level, facing the huge demand crowd, but with a set of more than 90% similarity materials. This kind of teaching situation, confusion of the enrollment situation, it is to pass. Lead: Shanghai Longfeng hot transfer training industry network marketing training industry   this article represents only the personal views, welcome all comments. Shanghai dragon, as long as there are people webmaster experience, not of the word is not strange, there is no distinction, no promotion according to status, in order of arrival, Shanghai dragon industry workers, only the law of the jungle, the reality is so cruel. Shanghai dragon industry is to get the strength to speak, ranking up is king, the rankings do not, please leave. Now with the popularity of Internet marketing, enterprises began to build the network marketing department and started to recruit Shanghai Longfeng treatment specialist, although in general, of Shanghai Longfeng industry demand but also solve a large part of the employment problem. This form of development, a number of people also affects the new Internet work, they may be more powerful, maybe some really good, fish in troubled waters, some really fooled, uneven in quality situation, let Shanghai dragon industry show abnormal impetuous, whether black or white, Shanghai dragon industry assessment is no longer the strength to speak, A new force suddenly rises. training industry, secret teaching wet brick home, the birth of all kinds of software fast ranking, Shanghai dragon industry integrity decreases, the algorithm adjusts the search engine itself, all kinds of advertisers for the popularization of SEM and the tendency to create interest raised money advertising, Shanghai dragon become hackneyed and stereotyped expressions. But the real question is, Shanghai dragon has become the object of search engine hit, in the eyes of search engines such as improper intercepted traffic behavior, the traditional means of Shanghai dragon has been unable to survive, and the days of fighting and teasing, and search engines make Shanghai dragon is like an endless enjoyment, terminator 2018 inside the rebel army, Shanghai the dragon has become the eyes of the search engines of the rebellion, traditional, old-fashioned, backward thinking, the so-called Shanghai white dragon, dead stranger. We once believed, all need money to build the Shanghai dragon unconventional means, has become a formal means now Shanghai dragon must, this era is not the chain of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon age, is not the original Shanghai dragon age, this is either money, or the competition of family background of Shanghai dragon age, […]

The construction site outside the chain should be diversified

recently made a single product, follow the chain for the emperor’s purpose, engage in dozens of the chain, but the tragedy just happened, the site is in a special way to let love Shanghai for half an hour included, snapshots in 13 is, originally this site is No. 5 on the line in accordance with normal procedures, is on the line after submission of love in Shanghai, the result is I didn’t do it that way. all I began to sum up the reason about the snapshot problem, after analysis the chain concluded that the site is too single, the consequences of such sub early love is the Shanghai website that is suspected of cheating, for a new station, suddenly came out so much outside the chain, and too concentrated and too suspicious, so I started to think we do outside the chain of time can realize the diversified way, that is in the whole chain process cannot be in a place to add. ! forum signature is very good, but the chain are all in the signature of the place, is not reasonable, and the recent Shanghai looks like love is to give a chain for a forum, there is also just a signature chain N, so diversified research for site outside the chain is imperative my understanding is, in every corner of the Internet to leave your site for example traces, others site is the site of the Links website, signature image link, which is to achieve diversification of the website chain, so that the layout of the search engine is that it is reasonable, so the effect will be more is ready to continue in the same way on time, the tragedy happened last night, love Shanghai update, snapshot site to 5, also is the time of the line on the website. about the problem of the chain diversification, I can only think so much, after all I contact Shanghai dragon this thing is not for a long time, everyone who has what good methods and techniques and I welcome exchanges!! I QQ 1291249780 (industrious pig). ! in Shanghai after love included, then I made nearly 30 chain in a community forum signature in the form of love, Shanghai is also very awesome, the day on the release of the 30 chain, after two days, I can not increase the chain, just go out and lead a day spider, the chain also have included the chain so that the entire site has been increased to 37. the original 贵族宝贝sanwenge贵族宝贝, A5 first, reproduced indicate the source, thank you!

Summarize the changes of 2013 in the first half of the search engines love Shanghai

After the launch of 2013 is destined to be an extraordinary year, in the first half of this year, the search engine has undergone a great change, believed to have been the end of July, we have to look at this more than half of the time, love Shanghai what kind of change, as Shanghai Longfeng personnel have been confused, you should to summarize, know change love Shanghai, one of the reasons for change, I believe you will get a great harvest. Change love Shanghai search engine it is not a coincidence, from the beginning of 2012 June, Shanghai began to love no longer stable since 2012 nearly more than 20% sites have experienced a lot of ups and downs, some even the whole point K has yet to recover, as for those half-dead website, it is beyond count. from the beginning in 2013, Shanghai in the first week after the new love was introduced for the third hit the outside of the chain, this is a blow, let more webmaster began to feel the love Shanghai chain is no longer reliable, launched Scindapsus algorithm, let more Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel lost in the construction of the chain in the beginning to seek a new development direction and development goals. Scindapsus algorithm is based on the link site hit, the purchase of the chain has been the first choice of operation of Shanghai dragon, as a Shanghai Longfeng company or a Shanghai dragon team, not every day to release more high quality outside the chain, buy links, which can save money, but also province human, spend thousands of pieces of iron, you can buy a lot of high quality single link, and can make the website ranking beloved Shanghai home in a short period of time, because too many people spend money to do these things in, in the content construction, basically, the contents are not valued by the enterprise, more often, some technology this is completely copy the contents, but because the site has a large number of one-way links, also can have very good rankings. This is the chain for the emperor in the era of crazy Shanghai dragon. After the 2012 October Shanghai love the one for the chain after the blow, part of the station began to reflect, but does not completely prevent the sale link behavior, some sell link platform is still very active, and Scindapsus algorithm introduced directly to the buyers and sellers of the website are directly deweight, largely to solve the link behavior. Scindapsus algorithm, then love Shanghai in March launched the original spark program and the origin algorithm. The on-line original spark program, let more Adsense begin to pay attention to construction of website content, original spark program, the original site more support, but the original spark program of the first support of those web sites are basically large portal, the portal website basically is the news source site. Like our small business website, basically not in love with Shanghai fayan. […]

The chain optimization strategy of Shanghai Dragon

optimization promotion, everyone has everyone’s methods, but the change from the ensemble, each station is around the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" the truth of Shanghai dragon, the chain construction is an essential part of the Shanghai Phoenix, a group of high the quality of the chain site optimization can greatly save time, let the site has a good ranking, today, I and everyone together to share in the construction of the chain of some of my experience and experience, hope that we can help. blog blog articles are familiar with the mass, usually write about, there is also a place where we can insert a control as a navigation navigation, will do some link to their sites, the effect is also good, in addition, we want to participate in some of the hot topic of comment, because as long as you comment naturally, leaving a point to a link to your blog, so you can increase the weight of the blog, the blog by weight > , a Shanghai resources to make full use of love four, two, in some weight high website information , as a kind of effective method of persuasion, the promotion means is the chain on. If the reader after seeing a resonance, will be reproduced, which can bring high quality links, so as to increase the site outside the chain of high quality, the website weight will continue to improve. Like A5, Chinese station, in part we can add our link, once the article is included, the effect is very good, you try to search under the construction of the chain, in the love of Shanghai home appeared in three from the A5 site, I think this is enough to explain the strong A5 station the. in the process of Web site optimization, observation summary is essential, to see what kind of website the most popular love Shanghai’s favor, then toward this direction, when we search for a keyword, we often find love, love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, know these things tend to fall in love with the sea was in the front row, this will give us a tip is very important information, like Shanghai usually give a higher weight of their products so in the optimization of the web site, we should make full use of the love of Shanghai, Post Bar connected space, know, love Shanghai has some resources such as Wikipedia, ah on its website. three, to some high quality website text in the end what kind of website weight high? Generally through a search keywords, see which industry website information to the front row, generally we think this industry website weight is relatively high, at present, we need to check some key words, to get the conclusion, many industry websites do not click on the link with the we can, then in the back of their key link with their own, or in the final plus more to a website, here can also add links, the effect […]