The latest observation results ranking of February love Shanghai update

recently observed a website to own a Taobao station and friends, Taobao station has a relatively large amplitude of the back, recently a lot of Taobao guest friends all reflect included in the site becomes unstable, my friend’s website will update some of the original article, key words ranking rose a bit; my Taobao guest website appeared several rounds of K returned to home station rather baffling, now the latest snapshot also not to feel, love Shanghai is now the site of class API control has been more and more strict, the weight is difficult to total, instead of content update for more advantages of the site, was observed keywords friends website found relatively concentrated, the main keywords in the slow rise, this shows that in the content of the update owners need to strengthen the keyword density, also the most Nearly did an experiment with a collection of general web site for a small modification of a TITLE, and then carried out a major revision, the conclusion is when small changes if the chain and chain if we can keep up with it, the snapshot reply quickly, sequela is included will growth will slow. The specific performance is a lot of page has been deleted, the new page is also included; and the large K station directly change the title to only the home page, which shows the sensitivity of TITLE logo like love Shanghai now than before on the website of the greatly increased, rather than reflecting the Google so slow. three, weight distribution , recently had a very hot topic is "love Shanghai share", but I personally think that this love Shanghai love Shanghai share the last will not give too much weight, because this thing is just a sharing function, compared with the concept is far from the so-called community interaction and weight, so recently have what love Shanghai the new focus on weight distribution? I recently found many keywords ranking, > key words this time into the traditional commercial environment in the off-season, driven by the lack of a major focus of attention, as well as in the performance of the site before so obvious, but from the subtle differences in several updates can still find some different places, here is to analyze love Shanghai’s recent foreign chain still have a relatively stable growth, but recent foreign chains are compared, the chain growth is the main chain of the original high, but before the chain that the forum signature now began to slowly K, if a webmaster rely mainly on BBS signature of the chain. And there may be a certain decline, so now the chain strategy is becoming more and more serious, we should pay attention to those made outside the chain is relatively easy to place long-term preservation, less attention to sign these unstable chain channels, it is worth noting that now love Shanghai becomes more and more important in the exchange chain. Because the snapshot update rate is much higher than before […]

The noble baby logic and Countermeasures behind PR big update

however, the choice of nobility baby at this time to update the PR, reflects the noble baby to consider what? With some recent actions noble baby, the author analysis and share some of their own ideas and everyone, especially the webmaster should be how to update the event from the PR to know more information, make the correct response to the. Just as this, I hope it would be helpful for website optimization and the development of our ideas. 1, chose this time to carry out large-scale PR update, as recent moves in the market of noble baby moves frequently when one side is the launch button application nobility baby +, the search algorithm and community user recommendation together, reflects the new perspective of search engine optimization, but also reflects and Facebook for users more the heart "; while it is to want to buy Hulu website, expect to make Hulu and noble baby’s Youtube form together, get HD video resources, the formation of more" monopoly "market layout. These measures are not isolated, with large-scale PR update, the webmaster for the nobility baby at home and abroad PR, for the noble baby again to enhance the enthusiasm, the hype and fit for other aspects of the market move up. After all, " from the rumors that the background of nobility baby give PR, we know that it is mainly due to the market withdrawal of China nobility baby claims statement, but in fact, after the transformation, domain name server relocation, nobility baby up leave form, really let it give up such a large Chinese market. From the business point of view, it is not possible! For PR is the same reason, only the noble baby operating in the market there is no big improvement in the situation, choose the form of the "dormant" rather than "to retreat". PR update! And small range is not a general update, but also a wide range of update, the intensity and magnitude of updates are quite large. The author’s own website for customers and web site optimization upgrade from 0 liters to 2 directly, and directly from 0 rise to 4, in the A5 forum these days to see the situation is similar to, or lower than, the rate generally relatively large, the scale of the update is completely broken before the spread of the aristocracy baby give PR suspicion. in fact, noble baby has always been not to give up its hard business value, about half a year ago, PR had a minor update, the author’s website is fortunate to update the list, but the size of the difference compared to many, so in the circle has not been widely recognized, only a small part of webmaster experience. The choice now the time to carry out such a large-scale update, is not an isolated incident, we must use the contact view see nobility baby deeper consideration.   logic with contact view see nobility baby behind the PR update The

Google search algorithm to further combat piracy website ranking

NetEase Francisco October 22nd message, according to foreign media reports, Google said Tuesday through the blog, the company once again to its search algorithm is optimized to better combat some intentional copyright infringement website. Google said the new algorithm will be implemented within the week, users will also be visually perceived significantly different. prior to the implementation of the new algorithm, if you search for the word "mp3", Google will often top website mp3skull贵族宝贝 in search results. Mp3skull贵族宝贝 is a well-known pirate music sharing sites, according to Google, the transparency report shows that since 2011, the mp3skull贵族宝贝 request for revocation of related links to reach a total of 3 million above. ) Google spokesman declined to the company. from the same site statistics service Alexa data can also be seen, Google search has been the main source of access to the mp3skull贵族宝贝 website. But until recent months, mp3skull贵族宝贝 from Google click ratio has dropped to 50% from summer to 30% now. The new Google search algorithm is also expected to further reduce the proportion of. Comment on the new search algorithm is so Association Recording Industry on behalf of the copyright owner’s record company of America today’s latest move to Google only expressed "cautious optimism". search algorithm, Google is also trying to use the user to search the contents of copyright, to provide advertising and help copyright owners benefit from. The new ads will be based on the user’s search, to provide copyrighted content from Amazon, Play and Spotify of noble baby music, film and television service. The original digital content users will eventually be protected by copyright according to purchase or subscribe to these information. (Lu Xin "we will evaluate Google’s move will bring what kind of effect." A spokesman for the organization pointed out that "we look forward to cooperation with Google and other search engines, to adopt more measures to enhance the experience of creators and music lovers." all the time, Google is the copyright owner as online piracy accomplice. Although the company has been trying to optimize the search ranking algorithm, to punish and fight against "illegal" website, but the effect is not obvious. In addition to the optimization of

fanchon nine wins PI film advertising price raised to 12 yuan 1000IPDo Wangzhuan novice must start f

, the first is that they just contact network, the network familiarity is very small, heart doubts very much, also afraid to encounter a liar, so let them explore on the network contact for a period of time, they naturally know SEO would like. code to make money the project you contacted? Would you please contact a few days to try, a day income is also very optimistic, tens of dollars with a few dollars, although a few dollars, but give yourself an experience, want to quickly make money really is not realistic, should not the hone how to make money fast, SEO is also so, I hope you can understand. , everybody: registered address: open shop to make money: if you want to make money online you must first be familiar with the tools and ideas need a network structure to make money flow and so on, and the shop is just in the middle of the bridge, he can let you from the shop in contact with deeper knowledge, until the SEO money, you can put the whole process of the shop to get familiar with it well, you are a master of the future to make a lot of money.   open shop and Taobao ! > from the project         PI film network advertising price increased to 12 yuan /1000IP, is put in the webmaster please put a lot of not putting this advertisement webmaster, do not miss the opportunity, please go to the background to take the code on this ad, first in first earn, investing more than money, please put the positive advertising! As long as There are two kinds of has no fear of making money without technology, knows SEO second, their premise is to earn some money, earn money for the project, we can see that they are part-time, or there is a shop in their own homes, shops inside the computer, let the computer can not be idle, use the Internet to earn money, if not to let you know the other Wangzhuan project, let you learn directly SEO you are not acceptable, you also need to learn SEO to think ahead! SEO is mainly need time and part-time friends can also adhere to, but not now, so you are familiar with you in the understanding of SEO is not late. Wangzhuan: This is the profit of the project is to participate in the survey, the official, and then you go to choose, fill out an answer to you how much money, this is to give you a commission for this project, you can look at the operation, mainly is to let you develop patience and do not mind a penny to faith make a lot of money must learn to earn money. SEO can make a lot of money, but also from small to large. investigation mission to make money                                 […]

To do a one-stop bike incubator platform, riding a cool bike, hoping to car + lock + WeChat small pr

I recently contact "ride cool bike" is a "Car + lock + WeChat small program + bicycle cloud platform" one-stop shared bicycle incubator platform, the platform by bicycle, intelligent car lock, bicycle sharing cloud platform and a WeChat program combine to make simple, Qu Daoshang fast and low cost of on-line shared bicycle project. a lot of people have the ability to engage in Wangzhuan innovation in Europe and other developed countries so strong, but there are also some of the elite will be based on our own characteristics of Internet users a lot of innovation for the website, such as the previous network real name, and in recent years the popular navigation station and so are their own innovation, there is a visible the innovation of the brain is very important, of course, not to say that you will not be able not innovation from. sharing bike area is still in the initial stage of development, that is to say, almost all brands of bicycles are self-produced, belonging to the heavy asset model, has not yet achieved truly shared by the user, platform operation mode. Mobell cycling selection of independent design and production style, the vehicle was redesigned, the manufacturing cost is relatively large, classic cars in about 2000; ofo is relatively close to the people, the use of traditional bicycle manufacturers capacity advantage, large-scale manufacturing cost of ordinary bicycle at around 300 yuan, to gain market share at the scale of the car. Heavy assets model can production control firmly in the hands of the enterprise, facing the huge national market, heavy asset mode will bring more high operating costs and operating risk, even drops could not do all network about cars provided by the platform, the transition to asset light model taxi platform. do Wangzhuan is must embrace life-long learning attitude can, many projects are often Wangzhuan on time, for example, now this time popular group purchase, so many people go to the group purchase will be tomorrow, perhaps other popular model to make money, if you can not in the first time inside the society, so it becomes difficult to earn a pot of gold! So successful Wangzhuan master learning ability is very strong is through the Internet to make money online, including a wide range, but the real fun Internet or a few people, this is the Wangzhuan master, so how to become a true sense of the Wangzhuan master it? To analyze the existing Wangzhuan master who, in my analysis summed up six kinds of feature are the following: Wangzhuan master remember Mr. Ma had reviewed their success, that is to insist again, also for the development of the website of tomorrow is dark, the day after tomorrow too, but to your site will be acquired from an ugly duckling into a swan, but most of the sites are not live until the day after tomorrow night, that is to say a lot of people can not stick to the end, and the success […]

Leaves Shanghai dragon website ranking factors detailed website navigation

1, the use of text links. For some of the navigation bar is set using flash or mouse control, if there are too many websites in such settings is not conducive to the user experience, and is very friendly to the search engine. The search engine will grab text link path, is unable to grasp for this web page. site navigation website is part of a lack of makeup, site navigation can correctly guide the user access and search engines crawl. More convenient for users to quickly search and browse web content. 3, correlation in each navigation column and content. We should set in the navigation column according to the theme of the site, set the navigation column, in the content construction of the navigation column, it should have good correlation. Can also take a reasonable name for the navigation column at the time to determine what content construction. Not related to avoid name and content of the column navigation. access path "different, to classify the web content. Is to provide a convenient channel for the user, to facilitate users to quickly find the desired content browsing. Users are not lost in the web browser. site navigation is not only conducive to the user’s browsing, more conducive to the search engines of our website content, set up a web site navigation is to maximize the value of our website. , what is the site navigation It is through the   2, simple and clear. A certain number of navigation control classification in the setting of site navigation, the navigation is not possible, should be based on their own website, set the reasonable classification of the site navigation. If the content is too small, or there are too much and not related to the site navigation column, then the optimization for our own website is ranked very unfavorable and will not conducive to the user experience and in search engine.   two, the settings of the site navigation purposes and benefits of 4, the navigation bar is composed of a text link, so we set these navigation when should streamline its navigation links URL, and as far as possible. site navigation settings are generally divided into transverse and vertical navigation for navigation, we need to set up their own web sites according to the content and the requirements of the site, in the setting of a site navigation when we should pay attention to the following requirements. three site navigation set when we may not be on the site to build a directory or in the site, so when we set up a directory or classification requires the use of the website navigation. Site navigation set purpose is very simple, is to help users find the content of the program.

Tips to teach you how to make love in Shanghai included

two, our new online search engine we are not too popular, so we must put inside and outside their own website to do, first we choose the problem of space must spend some effort, I recommend you here or use domestic space, search engine more popular in the domestic space, because the domestic space velocity after all, much faster than abroad, but also conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, if you use the space is not stable enough, when it is possible to your site spider crawling, suddenly your space appeared open, unstable, so the spider is likely to give up on you web crawling, which will be a long time not to your site, that is, the The loss outweighs the gain. so we must in the web space a bit of work Cardiff. four, the website whether it is in the user experience or for the search engine, we should do the site is clean and refreshing, do not add on the front page of some Flash animation, there are many pictures and some fancy colors, this will only lead to user experience decline, and put the whole beauty and style to the website all the confusion, so we should try to keep clean and comfortable home. , a new preparation is very important in the early, first put the whole website to you all do well, not only is the framework and some debugging code, and the website content to add, these are all you need to prepare early things, so that you are ready, you will love Shanghai to submit your new address and we must remember, just submit a can, do not submit duplicate. in Shanghai Longfeng optimizing, for the chain is given great weight, you can look at as long as it is a good site and a relatively large site, so the chain number of them is very large, so the chain is very useful for search engines. So we must learn to own to increase the chain, we can go to the webmaster forums and some of the more famous forum to publish some of your article, and then bring your own website external links, so every day. " In five, three, the website is reasonable, the search engine is original is the best, so we have to cater to the appetite, when we add the content for the update, try to put the article to do original, if not original words, then have to try to do false original, if you update the content are copied from the website taken, then the search engine not included your site, and will punish you, this search engine for the original value. a lot of new friends in the site, the search engine included questions are headache, because the weight of new online search engine to the site assessment period is not high, but the time is relatively long, so there are a lot of friends site half a month or a month […]

The new station included tens of thousands a month 3 months included detailed 100 thousand methods

3, the appropriate title change. Take one topic as an example. The original composition is: natural complex; < Title > the optimized composition is: natural complex composition 400 words, 500 words | final composition natural complex of 600 words, 800 words | it; < H1; > optimization of the essay topic is: "the final composition natural complex. The appropriate change of the title is our acquisition station the most basic things to do, because it can make your article have a little difference with the original article, also is equivalent to the pseudo original meaning inside. At the same time to the original text, your site articles began to give people a new feeling, make people want to open the idea of increased traffic to your site in order to, in the collection of your site is very favorable. Of course, you can also replace the use of keywords, but personally feel that this will affect the user’s experience.   let me introduce how to do this: . Optimize the content of two points, one is the optimization of description, another is the pseudo original. Some people say can also increase. 1, first of all, in your website is not online at the time on the Internet to find 5 to 6 can be collected by the composition station, analyse their website classification structure, and then combined with the actual classification given their own. The following is my classification: [the first grade and the second grade, the third grade, the fourth grade, the fifth grade and the sixth grade, junior, junior and senior high school, prose, essays, material, essay, human narrative, scenery, writing, imagination, lyric, fairy tales, diary Zhou Ji, letters, argumentative, expository writing, writing, reading, topic, English, mid-term and final]. Due to personal preferences, I have collected [] – [primary school] [three – year composition directory packet writing composition], instead of using a directory, so you can maximize the composition can be adapted to other stations, all the data they have collected. 4, optimize the content 2, as 1 said, collected from one station to collect, to decentralized collection, collection site more better, if only from one station to collect, love Shanghai, Google will take your station as the collection station or is a mirror of other sites, this will reduce your website’s weight. Is your last The loss outweighs the gain. believes that there are a lot of stationmaster net webmaster do collection station, we all know that acquisition station is copied other website articles (of course is through the acquisition of a large collection of tools), to generate a large number of static page, I have one composition website (the smell in the heart as worldcn) were collected on the Internet, most the composition optimization for more than 3 months now included fast 150 thousand. Get a picture for everyone to see. In November 15, 2011 included A5

With the development of information websites in Shanghai dragon’s role in the trend

! !Of course, the now you want to through their own efforts, constantly update their website or to improve the site weight by dragon optimization method of the Shanghai plain, it is very difficult, but if the ordinary Shanghai Longfeng optimization such as content coupled with the aid of these high weight information website, naturally can play a multiplier effect, which is a direction of the work has become numerous Shanghai dragon ER workers pursuit, at present these high weight website information resources of Shanghai dragon ER, if it is to compete with others can Zhandexianji! And the information station cannot do without soft, so soft as the Shanghai dragon ER workers compulsory course of a lot of information websites can provide soft release platform, for example, is very fond of the webmaster of A5, and some news portal websites such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu and so on, these sites have a common characteristic is the high weight, once approved, it is easy to get so many opportunities to reprint so, there will be very much the chain, and the chain is undoubtedly high weight, it is certainly very great for the website to help optimization? is now the main work on the website of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than three blocks, one is the construction of the content, one is the construction of the chain, one is the design of the website, and the most important thing is the construction site of the chain, if a site chain is very much, but the quality is very high then, the weight of the site is certainly not low, the natural ranking is not low, so how to outside the chain of Shanghai dragon ! in the fierce battle of Shanghai dragon, who grasp the priority of the soft release platform such as A> in addition to the above reasons, the authority of the information network is in doubt, the source of this information, the editor has accuracy and timeliness, once approved, the search engine can immediately collect these soft, but most of these studies are professional writers, this is also the Shanghai dragon work emphasis has been put on the original, only the original can obtain the optimization effect of this! Of course, for the same original article, if you publish to some ordinary blog or ordinary website is not released to the advantage of these authoritative information station! Of course, authoritative information website is not the core of the search engine, the core search engine is to help users to find what they are able to provide the most valuable new information to customers, These websites often have collected new elements, the most valuable information, so the content of the website is a natural object search engine preferred included, which will bring great help to the work of Shanghai dragon like the traditional blog post, or the effect has been greatly reduced, a lot of the chain even easily counterproductive, so now Shanghai Longfeng workers have focused on […]

Three why do Shanghai dragon finally found no effect

must take time to learn Shanghai dragon, don’t wait for a problem to hurry to ask, to solve the problem in no place before is always the most sensible. Shanghai dragon seems complicated, in fact as long as willing to spend time, organized learning > site optimization is not good, the difference between the quality of the chain and the chain of garbage is what I don’t know, I only know that insist on the chain send numerous, so to your site without any benefits. The chain is not useless, but the hair of the chain, please do web site optimization. The station optimization method of Shanghai Hai Yao dragon has said many times, do not understand the webmaster can read the previous tutorial. has many webmaster and my friends after the habit of throwing a website here, let me help you analyze, I most afraid of this kind of problem, is not to say that a web site analysis need to waste much time or energy, but often spend a lot of time to help people analyze a website, can really implement to improve who is less and less. why do Shanghai dragon have no effect? Is not my optimization problem? Recently, there is often a webmaster to ask Shanghai Hai Yao dragon these problems, why do you do the Shanghai dragon no effect, and the company has done well, the problem is to ask yourself. search engine algorithm changed again, already not at is that just send the chain will have very good rankings in the. Every three, the lack of learning ability , the blind pursuit of two chain number Now the traditional enterprise station of Shanghai dragon, the webmaster to firmly believe that as long as the words make up there will be traffic, traffic will be transformed, in fact this is a misunderstanding of the obvious. first, you set is not according to user needs to set? Still depends on their own decoration industry such as many most probably it did not actually happen? Do the webmaster, only focus on the optimization of the key words local decoration company, but ignore the most fundamental needs of users. The effect of drawing attention, decoration materials, decoration decoration style of various seasons, success stories and so on, these are the needs of the owners, if not to solve these problems, the user will stay at your site? Angle at any time not only stand in the search engine to the problem, the user needs are not to solve, do optimization work will not be a waste of time. Keywords , in order to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, misunderstanding of search engineNow many webmaster do second, many new Adsense love every day on the keywords ranking, it is not necessary, this keyword ranking is normal, after all, and your counterparts are doing the same thing every day, the reasonable allocation of work time (what is the content of the work of Shanghai Longfeng daily), to see what […]

You must know about the index of the amount of things

: index data to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index tool as the standard, SITE is only site is Baiduspider grab included, after a series of plans to be built into the index library, and have the opportunity to meet the user search. So, the index has been the focus of attention of the owners, but we found that there are still many misunderstandings on the index of the amount of the webmaster. So, sorting out some common problems, to correct some erroneous views. The error: index increases, the flow will reduce the amount of traffic; index, risk : when the flow changes, the index data can be used as one of the channels of investigation and the reasons for the rest of the time, there is no need to pay attention to every day is divided into several levels: the index amount, enter the upper index database can have more opportunities to meet users and search; enter lower base chance. So, to increase the overall volume index reduction does not explain the flow of what will change error: the index can only increase error: webmaster can query through the site site included is the index amount minus 10%, or more, are likely to be normal. As long as the flow changes little without tension. error: every webmaster should check the index data that do not meet the expected change in feedback valuation

Website optimization issues often ignored

many mall friends that do in the chain is increasing popular ranking and recommendation ranking, these chain related products. In fact there are a number of important points you can do and the effect is very good, and need to chain the type of product, brand and chain can, for the product, brand word ranking is of great help and can give users a good experience. website products are also composed of roughly the same module, if the product information content is not much is very easy to cause the entire page content is more than 50% and the content of other products is similar, it will get serious consequences, this page is search engine that is repeated page, no value. So in the page content products on the presentation of such information must be detailed, clear expression, can roughly say a few words. B2C is with the network marketing, more businesses, manufacturers use, many businesses built mall. They can think mall built on product promotion. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding, they never thought of web traffic come from. Advertising (whether online or offline advertising) is expensive for the mall, why not choose the free flow of it? I believe everyone will think of Shanghai Longfeng mall site, optimization. Shanghai dragon is the highest price promotion in all, many neglected problems were found in contact with a lot of shopping mall promotion, here to share with you: 2, ALT tag optimization problems optimization problem 3, the website catalog 5, website content page similarity is too high in > general mall main content is the product, each product title will need to have their own independent titles, tell you what is this product search engine, let search engine into the correct category database. The writing of the title, name and users must join in the title of the product to understand information. Such as: [R01] market quotation _ NIVs speaker _ picture Nana shopping network cheap authentic licensed _ seckill is the source of this standard; of course, different products in different industries have different user interest information, you can refer to the Shanghai Related words into love. In fact, the website catalog page or category pages, is a guide to make it easier for users to find the products and brands they need, and a function is to make the search engine more efficient crawling web pages, improve the amount collected. But many small and medium-sized mall to put a little so important to forget. ALT is to label each picture annotations tell search engines this is a picture of what the best, this picture is what the specific point. There is a little of each picture comments must be different, many owners ignore the image annotation, this picture made will bring pictures of unexpected traffic sources. 1, the title of 4, web site chain optimization problems Construction of

With the end of the mobile phone website optimization Website Optimization to

in search engine optimization field personnel can not deny Shanghai dragon has been more and more popular, in 2013 to improve the search engine of the past can prove Shanghai Longfeng more and more well done, but from the perspective of Shanghai dragon propaganda is to build the brand must use the technique, Shanghai dragon in constant progress, entrepreneurship for each of the Internet people, there are endless appeal, but in the fierce competition of the Internet industry, entrepreneurs living space in this area is less and less bad, the courage to venture entrepreneurs is not only the needs of new ideas, or need more courage. began in the new year, many people have asked the Meizhou Peida network during the Spring Festival of Shanghai dragon city is engaged in what industry, and then ask the other side to the current Internet basically to large monopoly enterprises, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Taobao, instead, I am a firm answer at that time the Internet than the real society but also everyone’s ideas, these large enterprises is beyond count, a step ahead than us, but with the advance of science and technology, this generation of young people to accept the thought and knowledge are changing, I believe there will be more new items will appear in this short time, the lack of Internet is innovation, if more of a fresh thing, it would not be bad to what point to. data can be seen after the mobile Internet will be the future trend, in 2013 the number of mobile phone users has reached 7 billion 500 million, a total of more than 7 billion of the world’s population UN statistics, in 2013 the global number of users will continue to increase, in 2018 is expected to reach 9 billion 300 million, and with the increasing use of mobile phone users. The amount of data transmission will be greatly increased, I believe a lot of people on the way home no matter in the subway, walk, on the bus, people are holding a mobile phone to play games, chat, read novels, but also in the browsing these life signs can see the future of the mobile Internet has great prospects in the future will be. is currently in love stand nets also appeared in "PC" end "mobile" is the number of sources, in addition, search volume keywords in the following rankings, but also for the keywords listed separately from the PC end and the amount of search and search from the mobile terminal, this is undoubtedly a good news, from the good news can see, the mobile Internet has opened the door to the Shanghai dragon SEM and many webmaster, more and more mobile end search data will be presented by the webmaster tools, and mobile search technology will become more and more mature, the Meizhou Peida network Shanghai City Longfeng think in the near in the future, we can optimize the PC side of the site, in the mobile terminal of the […]

The new website internal optimization should start from what

channel. This usually and website frame fit, also there is a channel optimization of long tail keywords, or take the novel station as an example, we can set the core keywords novels can be further divided into male and female fiction novels, or novels a male will be further subdivided into cultivation, military, martial arts, officialdom etc.. Female novels are further subdivided into Tanbi, workplace romance, president. Through this subdivision channel to further clarify website construction direction, which contributes to the subsequent website content update. second, perfect website channel and frame. One of the most important work is to optimize the internal website optimization framework, essential optimization framework is to make the page content and channel column and image navigation, layout and other factors can reasonably show at the same time, the size of byte site is relatively low, so that users open your site, the speed will be relatively faster. The faster the website, apparently for the user experience will have a positive impact. third update. This is the key part of the site of the internal optimization. Content updates need to pay attention to originality, also need to pay attention to quality and new rules. In the update, if you find you need to delete the contents need to clear related pages and links, because if you just delete the content page, and other page related to the anchor text or extended reading of the link is not removed, it will bring a lot of the chain to the site. This is obviously not conducive to search engine spiders crawl. " The other is the site optimization of With the continuous innovation of and intelligent love Shanghai search algorithm, content is king and the traditional chain as the optimization principle the emperor began to be challenged, in fact now love Shanghai more attention to search engine optimization website, also is the site of internal optimization will be on the site’s ranking has a decisive influence. Because the chain’s role has been weakened to a certain extent, unless it is the high quality of the chain, but for a new web site, outside the chain to difficult construction of high quality is too great! so for the new website, strengthen the station optimization is very important. Then the new web site optimization should start from what? The following brief analysis. first, make a clear direction of development of the new website. This is the first step of website optimization. Because our construction site must have a clear direction. The premise of the clear direction of the first to have a core keywords, because there is no core keywords is difficult to talk about the direction of. For example, the core keywords you do is novel station, then we can be the development direction of the original novel, or novels download, or online reading novels, or novels or stories of free charge. Only the clear direction, and then design the corresponding content, can let oneself in the operation of the […]

The search engine to understand the word segmentation algorithm full-text retrieval technology

segmentation principle is constantly changing, constantly updated, we should continue to learn, only to grasp the essence to grasp the essence. This article from the construction site in Shenzhen, the original address: 贵族宝贝68160.c> The many times love of Shanghai will be split according to the weight of his words in the lexicon, calculation of the weights of all aspects of life, based on the complex search engine to do is to return to the user the most desired results, sometimes the webmaster do stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, which is actually to consider in the search the engine’s point of view, no matter in determining the target keywords or long tail keywords, can according to the principle of Chinese word choice, so you can maximize the reduction of useless. full text retrieval technology make people’s life more convenient, massive information increasingly sharp let us dazzling, the search engine allows us to quickly find the answer you want. So how about search engine word segmentation algorithm, can make a web site in the search engine to obtain a better opportunity to show. In the explanation of Chinese word segmentation technology, first to understand the full text retrieval technology. since everyone is familiar with love Shanghai, love Shanghai Chinese own segmentation technology. By including forward maximum matching, reverse maximum matching, optimal matching method, expert system method etc.. The maximum matching segmentation is the most commonly used solution, it adopts a mechanical algorithm, by establishing a dictionary and maximum matching word segmentation of Chinese. A simple example of a search for "where is the Peking University, then return the result contain many words such as" Peking University, Peking University, the search engine is the best match is to judge, the Peking University as a words to index records and returns. Of course, the maximum matching also have integrity, such as the length of long words, search engines will sometimes not accurate segmentation, or connected to both before and after the word segmentation can not be accurately. For example, "synthetic molecules", will be returned to union, composition, midnight, and sometimes we want the key word is "molecular". full-text retrieval refers to each word in the program to scan the index and establish corresponding index, recording the position and occurrence of the word of. When the query through the search engine, search program in record index search and return to the user. Full text retrieval is divided into words of the full text indexing based on full-text indexing words. The words of the full text indexing will establish an index for each word in the content and records based on this method, high precision and low recall, but, especially for Chinese, sometimes search Mark, will list the results of Marx. The index is based on word a word as a unit for index record, and can handle synonyms. Search engines have their own vocabulary, when users search, search engines will be selected from the lexicon as a key index, […]

The latest ranking optimization strategy of Shanghai core love let your keywords speed up

let me to give you a simple example of analysis, such as the user in the search for the words "love Shanghai Webmaster Tools" four words, what do you think is the current user needs? Is the webmaster tools software download or understand the webmaster tools function and method of use, or need to use the webmaster tools some websites to query the data, we believe that after seeing the picture below my heart will be the correct answer. web site keywords ranking drop, the site has been K friends every day some of you still think a good "junk chain"? Are you still daily updated content on the site users do not demand it? Don’t think the content of the website is as long as the original content is good, now please remember that. actually do Shanghai dragon in this industry, is playing the psychology, need more empathy, not only to understand the search engine mode, but also to understand what you want is what users heart. As shown above, according to the Shanghai love search keywords, get some relatively accurate data to analyze and judge, and then provide the demand to meet the users for the user. now is the study of users in Shanghai dragon, the search engine development trend is based on the user to judge your site’s ranking, as long as you don’t want to meet the needs of users ranked are difficult, according to the current Shanghai Longfeng trend, only meets the user need website to long-term survive. ? what is the user needs? How do we judge is the core of who can provide valuable demand for the user, if your site is the user data provided by the current demand, outside the chain of family website more content more, but not the user needs to content, believe users will choose to meet the needs of their own information. If users choose your site, so your site’s ranking will be promoted to the position of the front. recently a lot of friends in the group by QQ asked me, since the recent love Shanghai ranking algorithm update, many website ranking fell, and even some site directly by K off, asked me what as a reason? Where’s the problem? The love of Shanghai’s latest ranking algorithm is what? A series of problems in the group, because the one or two sentence is not clear about, so after the summary, write this article will be completely resolved. first want to make your site keywords have a good ranking in love Shanghai, rely on the optimization method before is certainly not, before the optimization method refers to every day to send some outside chain, update the website content. Here I would like to ask you a question, a new light is to operate optimization words through the chain and content, what do you love to let Shanghai keywords your site’s ranking in the front row? People standing content no more than you do? The chain will […]

And so do the promotion, and now the business is really smart ah!Linktech 99 online bookstores, the

! please note to members: data returned between January 15, 2008 and 0:00-18:00 is still subject to 6% commission! webmaster how to participate in "one click to send 88 yuan" project if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback "click to send 88 yuan", that is, my51 and webmaster cooperation of the first project, can really help the website to improve traffic, and traffic into money. ? !Linktech – 99 double third Bookstore started ~~ instance web site + tells the user and the URL of my51, there are two ways, one is online customer service, and the other is to write to lawlee51@gmail Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information. wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u as a webmaster, always want to bring value to the user, so that users have better experience, more happy, like this, in order to attract users, retain users. where orders begin between 18:00 January 15, 2008 and January 22, 2008 24:00, the Commission is doubled from 6% to 15%, and the settlement is based on the actual amount paid. ideeye/upload/index.php Why does 2008-10-19 23:44 Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047 stationmaster also hopes to gain certain economic interest, have more profit, this kind of ability, can help website develop further. + my51 service will configure the relevant services that will be completed within minutes. Webmaster will be related to the code into their website on it. my51 born grass, and know the needs of webmaster friends, we hope that together with the webmaster, to attract customers and have certain economic interests, to achieve a win-win situation! dear League member: !   + for users receive coupons, its my51 within three years of consumption, the webmaster can get 10% of the amount of the commission. Webmaster website visits, the amount of registration, the discount coupons are also more people, then the webmaster can get the Commission is more. This is really converting traffic into money. webmaster query tool tool.admin5 if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: send coupons for the webmaster + needs to register a user name in my51 first. first let you know the domestic league dynamics, The stationmaster want to participate in "one click sends 88 yuan" pervasive, ah, really wonderful, stick it out, let us see 2008.1.15 Commission + webmaster can use the "one click to send 88 yuan" project to attract users to visit or register. My51 according to the requirements of the webmaster, unconditionally through the system for the user value of 88 yuan discount coupons. Users in my51 consumption, these discount coupons can be deducted from cash use, users have substantial, of course, willing to visit or register.

Don’t doubt it! Short video is the next outlet for content creation, and produces 10 Papi saucesIPlu

September, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming made a judgment: "short video content is pioneering the next outlet". When the Thus tuyere has formed intensive approach, red net fishing gold numerous, tens of thousands of people and money all ready to the creator, to the same focus. The scene we are not unfamiliar, in the hundred regiments, O2O shopping, live in the intense competition seen. April, Papi sauce advertising shot 22 million yuan high price, "a record in human history, a single video advertising record", more than Fan Bingbing 18 million endorsement fees. September, the per capita consumption of traffic statistics show the highest APP not WeChat, but short video applications quickly. Whether the today’s headlines, Tencent, micro-blog, Ali and other giants have entered this short video, fight fight fight traffic subsidy policy, the overwhelming; the latest admission is "my heart surging" Qiu Bing, the founder of the pear video line in November, two weeks is 2 billion valuation, the queue is said to seek investment institutions for more than 50 home. as many from the media still clinging to the traditional graphic content production, "a short video on" air like loud whistle, suggesting that the major changes in the fundamentals are the contents in the field. Abstract: for a short video of the entrance, is the most difficult to reach the two threshold, one is enough to spread to the target population, two is to generate advertising revenue to maintain the benign operation. WeChat, micro-blog, today’s headlines is not only the convergence of traffic, but also provides cash flow channels for real money. has several of the most noteworthy indicators of events: content industry is an air outlet can be viewed from three aspects: the consumer side, the production end and the investment side. The last year, short video just in the flow consumer side, production production side and the amount of funds investment side have emerged blowout phenomenon. vents emerge, the scenery is always similar. "At least 10 PAPI sauce grade IP can be produced in this area. "There are industry analysts. UUSEE comprehensive on-line

Knife my monthly income of 10000 Amazon growth process22 million deal! Papi sauce, the first ad auct

? this station has done about two months later, basically began to stabilize, of course, will produce some natural outside chain, I also have some self built blog, send some books related Bowen When Zhang Quanling made a speech at the to 2016 capital financing, SARFT named after the rectification again, again to today’s 22 million selling advertising "first night", the capital and liquidity pressures of advertisers, also has a mother’s words and rules, Papi sauce style may continue, the content may be interesting, but it must be after a slight rectification, both to achieve commercial change > look, this has reached ten percent. some netizens commented: "Luo fat can ah, forced rectification, offline can also shoot so much money!" can not refuse ah!   who was senior Kazakhstan rich self willed, whether it will affect some user experience or worth mentioning, we have to admit is: Papi sauce chic on the road to realize, and you and I are still looking at scripts, knock words…… when I visited Amazon, I saw a lot of books, and I thought I was a Book station. I registered the domain name, which means the best book introduction in 200X. Then I manually arranged some of the better books on Amazon, as well as some high priced professional data, prices, introduction, pictures, and I rewrote the presentation with The Best Spinner. Find someone to make a WORDPRESS magzine class template, began to stand, release a certain amount of books every day, at first it was bitter. My collection and this station does not make any difference, the main thing is that I do fine points, typesetting what is good, I am in accordance with the idea of the only teacher of the station, the optimization of the whole station, inside the chain, chain, and the like. Later, every day update is also more, included has been good, traffic in a month after breaking 500IP/ days, the chain I mainly to the main station, and then added some PROFILE. Operation to now also has six months time, the daily flow in shlf1314, February 24th, codenamed panda adjustment in the big increase, can reach 5000IP/ days, conversion rate of about ten percent. note here that shlf1314 may be sensitive to AFF links and can do clock As for the   AMAZON AFF seems to have more than ten years, it probably started in 96 years, it can be said that it is AFF achievements AMAZON. Well, nonsense, then I asked a few American friends, and found that the popularity and utilization rate of Amazon in the United States is very high, so basically solve the problem of conversion rate. Amazon has high credibility and perfect logistics system in the United States, which will allow you a single rate of return less, reminder: commissionable Amazon is the first 4%, the more you sell for more money, every month is starting from four percent to sell advertising will not fire? The road is long, always encounter various […]

O2O’s death playoff began from God carved just over one year old beaver family chat awayA single pag

? craftsman brand, VS platform brand ? !How does well, let’s talk about it. I hope I’ll do it now ! believes that Taobao had guest webmaster friends know the concept of a single page station, yes!! single page station is Taobao 2010 off in the most crazy year, single page trend last year really let many webmaster earn a lot of money! But learned politics all know that everything is evolving this is the truth! Built Taobao station, now the single page station profit model has not been able to meet the needs of the users. single page stand in transition, ?First, for the distance problem, God carved that core Manicure division select service radius is an hour off the price level, " when he was the entry-level, customer price is low, the radius of efficiency is more important, if the waste of 2 hours on the road, you can not earn what money; but when he promoted the craft that price can reach 500, more than 600 yuan, it is not a problem. " , the first to create a critical blog site: if you let users trust your site so profit is quite easy! Only the user can further trust purchase desire. Rather than simply add a picture and a Taobao customer link up, do not put the user as a fool, remember that a word is "customer is God"! So try to provide something of value for the user. To create this comment blog, I am also writing an article before, "explore the 2011 Taobao customers single page stand of the new model", which has a detailed introduction, " technology is by the technology of food, craft is different, so the price is certainly not the same, " in God carved eyes, the price mechanism is not the platform to develop the market, but to make a decision, so have the autonomy to the craftsman, Manicure herself will continue to be adjusted according to her the technology and consumer demand, in order to maximize the profit. founded a year ago, a beaver day order peak now reached 8400, the platform has more than two thousand Manicure division, APP installed capacity of nearly one million in 2014, a total of 4 million 960 thousand people experience Manicure service. Also across a number of categories, from the initial nail to the United States eyelashes, hand and foot care, make-up, after the beauty, photography will also be on-line. second, provides a valuable article: from the perspective of the user, the user sees valuable articles they will trust your station, some will reblog! This is best illustrated, this will improve the readability, but also to the user to feel you are in the heart of business, rather than from fudge! SEO view: we all know that a website to have very good weight, the original article must be ! program! from March last year, the beaver house is just one year old, as the door started service the first shot […]