Teach you how to quickly and effectively through the web site for the record

said the filing might have made many webmasters feel a headache, and so did i.. It took me one and a half months to get to one of my stations. , let me tell you about my filing process. Please forgive me for the lack of literary talent! ! submitted it for the first time. I felt like I was hiding it. It was down in a week, but not through. Ask IDC to ask the reason, originally is my data fill in error. After the was revised, the results of the second submission, etc., were not reflected, and inadvertently saw an article on the Internet saying that you could call them. just kept on fighting for so many days every week for a week. Unfortunately, there’s no way out. That’s what you’re talking about. That’s depressing, also does not know that I was such a stick to be moved by God, or what, just the day before yesterday morning with a phone wave on the pass, and asked how the situation submitted to the audit has not been reflected. Half a day ago, I said the other station had been abandoned and not cancelled. For this reason has not been down. knows the reason, immediately after the cancellation, and then in the miracle, it is again. When it comes to the situation, the young lady said, "I’ll be checking soon." can I make it specific? Because I’ve been waiting for a month and a half. Miss said as soon as possible. I said these two days, miss, finally returned to grace, and hung up. hung up the phone, try holding the mentality to open the mailbox to see: Dear user: your logistics network (www.56ye.net), (www.46vcd.cn) ICP network shile registration application has been approved, the record / license number: Shanghai ICP XXXX, approved date: 2009-04-08. wow, could not catch believe their own eyes, so fast down. It seems they will blow up the efficiency of , ha ha! finally, I sum up: must first ensure that the data information is filled out completely. In fact, the record is not difficult, generally apply for a new station after a week you can call to ask. If not, then one day, a phone call, the record is also the people who are afraid of trouble. Maybe I’ll pass it. , this is my little experience, I hope for the record and worry about the webmaster a little help.

The future trend of garbage station is analyzed

often heard people say how good money was before. Fortunately, I entered the evening, nearly 2 years began to officially do the station, if I catch two thousand years of Internet best make money period, will be in the form of despair, will feel money is too difficult to earn. from now on, last year must be better than now. So money is always better than before. Back to the past is impossible, and later has not arrived, and more and more difficult, so you can grasp only now, so you can seize the best opportunity to make money is now, money is always the best now. analysis of the trend of garbage stations, 09 years casually engage in a pile of garbage stations, groups can make money. A lot of garbage stations, you can make a lot of money, but now it is impossible, and many rules, because of the CN domain name policy, the cost is too much. Who knows if it will be more expensive later, so still have to grasp now. the current form of view, the domestic garbage station at any time facing the closure, so that the owners are very insecure (webmaster wife must be more insecure). Now all CN requirements are true and cannot be changed. Although CNNIC and industry have been able to get individuals to own CN, there is the need for future filing policies to be consistent with real identities and the possibility of authenticating digital certificates. If so, the garbage station completely over, because no silly X a garbage station, hung spam, a lot of edge information, but also with their own real name to do. friends do a real garbage station, on the page are beautiful pictures and the kind of advertising, it should be said is absolutely illegal, inevitably, all CN full trailer, just a day income of 100 knife station. a serious problem. Now the domain name business sees the bad station directly sealing ID, as long as there is a station, there is a problem, all of the above domain name all seal off. I invested in a liehe.com classified information, is a regular stand absolutely. Because my friend, the meter, has a CN station called "online video", in fact, it’s just a regular movie station. The ID is blocked, terrifying, yesterday has not yet representations, news. regular standing, formal content, accidentally, some content with some sensitive words, all will be sealed, it is like the legendary "one size fits all" policy. The emotional unrest comes from the restlessness of the mind. No matter how many domain names you have and how many websites you have, you have to recognize the current form, which is a "clean and tidy" renovation. So many people are shouting, so many people annoyed because I have lost money. But, webmasters, it’s time to reexamine the value of the site. To be clear, do a regular station can bring value to the people. Author: itpoet, original from: http://www.itpoet.com/post/14.html, reprinted, indicating […]

The website not included what I should do.

as Baidu inspection of new sites more and more strict, facing the website every day content updates, but not included included promotion. In the face of this situation, in the end is how to do? ? I think the current situation is a matter now many webmaster headache, original writing, hard work hard every day, your site every day, his website is not necessarily a bit. Facing this kind of situation if we continue to maintain the same style update all the time? In fact, here I would like to say is that when a certain amount of website content update their case, if included with the actual update quantity are very large, so we will stop the update, if the previous 5 articles updated daily original articles of words, so now every day can be updated 1~2 article. Why? Because the number of your past update articles have problems, should be timely to the past certain processing, otherwise the amount collected and actual update was two times too much, it will lead to your site content resulting in accumulation of refuse your last site how to optimize the optimization is not successful. in the face of the past updated articles, for a long time not included, or to the article for re editing, and then properly to these articles do some outside the chain. In this way, it will promote the past has not been included in the article re included in the probability. Of course, you can also filter and delete some of the old ones, and get rid of some similar content. In this case, it will greatly enhance the content of your website. well, through their own in optimization some opinion multiple web sites not included on their website article: 1, and enhance the originality and freshness of the website, even if the article updates to 1 articles, it is always better than updating a lot of worthless. 2, testing site architecture is not conducive to included?. 3, whether there is appropriate to do the chain lead spider come crawling (do the chain of time, not only to the home page to do, but also to the appropriate articles, pages, columns, pages do. But the total amount of the chain also with your collection amount into a certain proportion. At present, individuals feel that the amount of Web sites included in the volume and the chain of less than 1:6 is the best. Do not exceed, exceed, the problem will appear very quickly. ) 4, at reasonable in the process of renewal in the appropriate articles into the long tail keywords to enhance the site’s overall ranking of words, so that you can quickly get some traffic and drive the overall weight of the site value. 5, in a new site, as far as possible to make the column page was included. Because the column page has been collected, once updated, it will promote the contents of the column for a crawl. And if the simple […]

Zhou Botong hired 28 million A round of financing how to build a forced vertical recruitment communi

[introduction] the main socialization Zhou Botong recruitment recruitment today announced the acquisition of 28 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is the NetEase’s capital NetEase, currently funds have been credited. The Zhou Botong team has undergone restructuring in 2013, website relaunch earlier this year, the new version of positioning in the mobile Internet recruitment service community, and from the new on-line to get A round of financing in less than six months.   According to founder Zhou Botong Feng Tao introduced since the beginning of the formal revision of the line, Zhou Botong mobile Internet use has exceeded 6000, up to now, these companies have released more than thirty thousand job opportunities, resume delivery of nearly 700 thousand people. this year, the online recruitment industry for more than a decade ushered in a new round of financing boom, headhunting network, web sites such as pull hook started to get huge financing, recruit several giants because the traditional recruitment efficiency problem is being more and more enterprises are criticized, is not satisfy demand of this new force the traditional recruitment website is the sales oriented company, a large amount of redundant information which makes efficiency more and more low, can not meet the needs of the emerging industry "Feng Tao said," to the user as the core + industry segments will be the direction of the development of online recruitment". Feng Tao worked for IBM, continuous starting after the departure of the direction of the Internet, has created the largest bean group, has more than 300 thousand active users, a total of 10 enterprises through the group released the job information, "watercress group provides a platform for dialogue, change the interaction with traditional information in the recruitment, but it became the interaction between people, let the enterprise and the user can equal dialogue, this is why Feng Tao" group continued to hit, "the traditional recruitment website is a tool for the property of strong application, is better than the bathroom, users need to go out. We hope to create the future, Zhou Botong is a reception room, not only have more job information, position the people behind the" refers to the financing process, Feng Tao said that due to the NetEase news thread products such communities, both for the community are unanimously optimistic about the prospects, so the docking with the NetEase capital very well, on the first day of contact between the two sides to finalize the willingness to invest. The recruitment of A as Zhou Botong round investor, NetEase capital managing partner Xia Weijun said: "the capital of NetEase is very optimistic about the Internet recruitment market, we believe that the relationship between corporate recruiters and candidates will become more equal, but most of the existing services can not fully meet the needs of a new generation of job seekers. Zhou Botong recruitment should be the trend of the times, made a very characteristic service. Not only does the applicant understand the business more fully and make […]

Talk about the experience of buying rice after 90

buy rice, it should be from 2006 talk about. First I registered domain name is a domain name cuedu.net is also good, then did not renew, off. Now do the site, belongs to Heilongjiang unicom. (why didn’t you come and buy me rice at that time? Depressed ing) registered more time should be in 2007, can be said that there is no experience, whim, see a good domain name registration, and the com net cn all registered, these domain names will not renew. The better thing is dayhead.com. It was more than 1000 altogether by 2008, the level of registration is a little higher, so let’s feel it for a while. The domain names registered during this period are 750.HK, 250.hk, lindan.name. There are also some CN domains, such as fuzhoudaxue.cn fujianshifan.cn. to the turn of 0809, I helped my friend sign up for iamhua.cn iamcao.cn, which is a pair of corn. begins to register org net meters, such as bkbk.org, bokeba.org, fzxy.net, qqxy.net. began to buy rice this year, had previously been registered, just know today than to buy cost-effective registration meters. Now the meters are all registered, and some of them are not good enough to register. I just bought a rice blog. recently had time to come to ename to stroll around, four initials CN only dozens, 5 Digital CN only a few dollars. Halo, it’s really cheap. Then bought a few, I did not expect the Ename push function so strong, want to push on push. Today I know push is so strong, Ename is so strong. here summed up the past few years to play rice experience: one, domain name first choice com, there are com, the other can be given to others (I lost the URL is first input com suffix). two, select net cn without com. three, build your own blog, personal web site, you can choose org, and now there are many good ORG meters. four, can not register to buy rice, buy rice first choice Ename, NameRich, 22.cn, 66.cn, domain.cn is a good trading platform. five, meters are not many, but in essence. six, students take a meter, it is best to do stand, or else can not earn a few bucks, and playing meters for students do not mean much.

Senior operators’ understanding of Web Operations

I’ve been working on website operations since I started working, first as an assistant, then slowly as an operation manager, then as director of operations. In the field of website operation, it can be said that it has accumulated a lot of experience. But in the actual work, I found that many people understand the operation of the website is biased, so today with the webmaster network platform to talk about the operation of the website understanding. website operation is a popular term in recent years. The number China website has more than 1 million 500 thousand, this requires the number of operating personnel! If each site can operate successfully, so the development of the Internet for China how big role! However, specializing in the website operation personnel is very rare, and is on the website operation on what the industry is not an accurate the statement. so, what is website operation? Website operation refers to a series of work done by website for product marketing platform or product itself, for developing network marketing. Site operations include site planning, requirements collation, content construction, product maintenance and so on. If you think of your website as a product, the job you need to do is basically the same as what a product manager needs to do. site planning: Web site before the online site planning, including preliminary research, feasibility analysis, planning documentation, business process and logic clear, show the site specifications, participate in UE testing work; line on the site, the site planning is mainly refers to the analysis, the new demand of the development of clear requirements and related documentation implementation; requirements collection: requirements collection, analysis and processing is an important job of website operation. Operators are the bridge between developers and sales staff and customers. In the website operation process, will produce a variety of needs revision and new requirements, these requirements revised and new requirements are reasonable and representative? Priority level? Developers how to response, which requires operators to demand finishing processing, unified arrangement; The content of Construction: the construction of website content, website related to the long-term development, is a process to accumulate steadily, is an important part of the website operation. It includes site editor, user / customer information maintenance, site content interaction, etc.; product maintenance: develop product policy, improve product packaging, line maintenance according to line feedback. In the enterprise with the product department, the function of product maintenance will be stripped from the website operation, and the product manager will be responsible for it directly. operators are developers’ "customers" who are demanding. According to the requirements of the operators, the developer conducts the requirements analysis and develops the appropriate development plan. The operators are responsible for the products developed. network marketing is a general term for marketing activities using the internet. And website operation is the general term that prepares the activity that carries out network sale activity. Thus, the website operation is >

How to do a good job in website operation, let our flow explosive growth

website operation to stationmaster, it can be said to be a very big knowledge, operation result is good or bad, directly affect our website value. After years of actual combat summary, the author summed up the following several web operations knowledge, hoping to help you better operate their own web site. The author mainly divides the website operation into two kinds, the station operation and the channel operation. station operation method: station operation is also a lot of small owners have to face the problem, if you want to do well in the station operation, the first thing we want to do is work for web content to pave the way, only good content can with other things, so we need an editor, daily published related articles and websites, so many websites reproduced and publicity of course, this is our own, can edit. In addition, we can use the batch stations to help us push the station fast growth, many people will say now is a way station, Baidu mainly to combat this, the author describes the station group unconventional station group, our station group marketing can be diversified, such as blogs, have a blog, through the blog diversion to the station, the effect is very obvious, in addition, we can properly establish some related websites, the contents of the product may not be the same, can be related, IP do not buy space in a IP segment, die board use not the same, do not do as much as possible as one, completely independent the website to do, we may take some labor costs, but the return cost is very high. for the acquisition, we also can make proper use of it, many people will think is cheating plagiarism, in fact, Baidu official made it clear that when the appropriate articles together, may not be judged for website cheating, which depends on the nature of the site and the technique of collection, so how to do the collection work we are thinking about the problem. for the operation outside the station, the author summarized as follows: in my impression, website optimization and network marketing are part of the website operation so that this time, for the network marketing, we have to make good use of, marketing mode: e-mail group, there are a lot of free mass mailing of the Internet, but the effect is very small, it is recommended that you try to buy such high-profile mass mailing software for bulk mail; QQ group marketing, of course, this is mainly to see the property industry, the more important for some industries, some enterprise, may affect small; micro-blog marketing, such marketing methods still depends on the property industry, the tourism industry can absorb most of the popularity, but for some of the steel industry, it is too tight; we can be contacted by micro-blog and WeChat marketing. Similar to the way micro-blog, still to the property industry, but at this time, we should consider whether the micro-blog and WeChat together, […]

Decoration site IP3000 on a monthly income of 20 thousand yuan more easily

I believe that many owners see the title of the heart may guess "is the title of the party", "will not be in the hype, friends, to dispel this idea, I give you to analyze this kind of website is how to make money. When I was in high school in will read a book "Chinese 9 profiteering industry again", the book mentioned in medicine, real estate, online games, studying abroad intermediary profiteering industry, indeed, the industry fully deserve most profiteering industry, it is the rich cornucopia. Do not know you have not found this industry website is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain swept, 58 city, YAHOO reputation, people in the net rent, second-hand housing information is overwhelming, anjuke, Yi net also spared no expense to the not resigned to playing second fiddle, poured into the industry. This is a warning to thousands on thousands of webmaster, the opportunity to make a fortune, when novices are still groping for other industries master has crept into the industry, now earning gold who There are plenty of people who ! when the industry full of the master who still can cry and a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, novice. SEO of real estate website is too difficult to do, gradually the person that enter the post loses this opportunity, can wander silently, look for the next opportunity. This time a new website is quietly rising, another round of profits began, decoration site began wantonly to make money. we take Hangzhou decoration network as an example, give you an analysis of how to make money in this industry: website name: Hangzhou decoration network domain name: www.77883.com , IP:3000 or so. PV:5000 or so. monthly income: 20000 yuan or more. main source of income: advertising fees, membership fees, business cooperation, etc.. to open the pictures found: A1 – A9, B1 – B11, a total of 20 kinds of advertising, of course, this is just the home page, and made it clear that no counter-offer! I will according to the 20 kinds of advertising to you counting, look at just one ad revenue they can earn ! OK, now I have the charge sheet sorted as follows:                       advertising code;;                                 the number of ads   & nbsp;  ;         &>

A brief discussion on website construction Trilogy

site building to the Internet has a better place to go through N steps. So, how can I do a good job in my website? Here, I’d like to talk about my personal views: 1. Register large search engines: sites are friends of the search engine is designed to provide the information for the majority of users of the platform, such as Baidu, Google, soso and so on, they are generally best place for users query information and leisure, so is the preferred method to promote their website to register their web site in the search engine in the net, the more search engine and the site is registered, the probability of retrieval, access to the greater. Of course, in some well-known search engine registration website you must pay a fee, according to the search website publicity in different ways, the price is different, make money webmaster can choose this way to choose their own website, because this propaganda effect is very good, you can register your site in some free search engine visibility is not high, but compared with the high visibility of the search engine, the propaganda effect worse. Now the Internet search engine is tens of thousands of, you can also choose the speculative method registered search engine, this can save you a lot of time, of course, the need for specialized website promotion software, website promotion software for special, you can look up to the net. two, and external Web links: now many websites offer a special Links page, I suggest you find some of their web content similar websites do Links exchange, I do the stand-alone game download www.danjiyouxixiazai.net station, I would choose to do Links and those who engage in the game station, we can add some Adsense exchange group or connection the exchange group, the first initiative in the group released information, communicate with the group members, see people by intention and you do link exchange, in general, this can be for both sides of the site plays a role in the publicity, equality and mutual benefit, the other is to refuse. In addition to the above several ways, we can also use the network mail signature, message boards, chat rooms, forums and other websites to publish their own promotional information. three, appropriate advertising on their website: as long as you do all of the above, then your website insists for a period of time, I believe the click rate is relatively high. Online advertising companies will make small ads and connections on your site. Of course, you can also apply for the initiative. Of course, there are quite a few expenses. The first stage is to find advertising alliance, then advertising, point 0.01-0.05 yuan range. Accumulate over a long period of time, income, and so on. There are businesses to take the initiative to find you, when a nail cover big ads also have 20 thousand -20 10000 per hour. 1, traffic to a certain extent, the operation is difficult, need a […]

Four points to note when returning a ixwebhosting

The advantages of to buy foreign host not only their large space, large flow and giving independent domain name, such as IP, it is very important, that is, foreign host can unconditional refund, this is the host unmatched? Perhaps because of this, the foreign host more and more love the webmaster. ixwebhosting host is no exception, it is unconditional refund, and their Chinese official website http://cn.ixwebhosting.com, is clearly written 100% refund, before I of these contents are also introduced, then we need to pay attention to some of the content is to see ixwebhosting refund! 1, a refund within 30 days will be deducted from the extra cost to IXWebHosting domain, to provide 30 days unconditional refund guarantee ", we can buy IXWebHosting service, absolute zero risk, but in the successful applicants within 30 days can apply for a full refund, but the refund in the process, and they will be deducted from the installation the cost of additional excess charges and free domain name registration fee, when you violate this agreement, they will be stopped using the account, not entitled to the refund guarantee. 2, any refund guarantee will also be deducted from prepaid expenses, IXWebHosting provides "anytime refund guarantee", the user can rest assured to buy our service, absolutely zero risk. The user can apply for a refund of the fee (non current billing cycle costs) and so far all of the prepaid expenses, deduct the excess fees, relocation and domain registration fees if a violation of this agreement is to stop the use of the account shall not be entitled to this guarantee. if you are not satisfied with the IXWebHosting service, you can always apply for a refund at any time. "Must pass the following URL link ixwebhosting official to apply for the refund guarantee: support.html, they will be required to apply for a refund of the user for a simple reason, the convenience of IXWebHosting and improve the service level. 3, Alipay through the payment users attention, Alipay is the third party service we provide for the convenience of customers. Alipay requires that all transactions must be within 90 for businesses to refund, therefore, to apply for "guaranteed" refund at any time via Alipay users can not pay 4, domain name registration refund should not be timed out, IXWebHosting uses industry standard third party domain name registration institution to provide domain name registration service. Buying a domain name through IXWebHosting is the registration of domain names from a registrar. Domain name registration in this way cannot be refunded, and IXWebHosting will deduct domain name registration fees from the refund. orders within 24 hours new registration >

From programmer to Webmaster experience and exploration

recently, first saw the storm the words in the news, and then continue to have layoffs, and a large number of graduates will be willing to accept the zero salary door long queues in the recruitment now, everything happened so fast. Most of the friends around do IT, there are many dangers, often asked me how to do the site, I often do not know how to answer. Study and work for many years have I polished into a pure programmer, and since 07 years resigned, accidentally beginning to do a website, although it has been a year, but not what results, if there is income, is only an experience not worth mentioning. here, the personal experience of shallow land continued to write out, hoping for the same hope to walk the webmaster of the programmer friends to provide reference. one. Choose the reason to do the website writing programs is fun, but writing programs as a profession, I believe most programmers will have a sense of crisis, think of the future when I feel at a loss, I do not know where the road is. At least I choose to quit my job because of the insecurity, so I hope I can grasp my own direction and go my own way. When just resigned, he didn’t really think how to go in the future, so he went to the booth for a few weeks. Although he was good and bad, he could earn dozens of dollars each time. So I think, a less than three square stalls can have tens of dollars of revenue every day, if we can expand the booth will be able to generate more revenue, while the largest booth is the Internet, so I decided to do. Although the idea of looks childish now, it makes me make the first humble website and walk on the road of the stationmaster. And after a year of trial and error, the idea becomes more and more resolute. chose to do web site, individuals have the following reasons: 1., compared to the actual business, the site invested less don’t say much about that. While programmers have more advantages in building websites, they can spend less effort and time building the needed websites. 2. is a accumulation process, programmers have no sense of security in this career, I think the big reason is because there is no accumulation: technical updates, the industry changed, most of the original knowledge will be paid for the flow. Do a website, it is a process of accumulation: the website can be improved continuously, the content can be added, more important is that users will gradually accumulate, every effort will be in a day for Everfount return. 3. has more space to do website although there are many websites at present, I think there is still a lot of room, because on the one hand, no matter what type of website, no matter from content or function, there are not many good ones. On […]

Human nature determines enterprise, and then decides website nature

  people have high handsome appearance, good or bad, too, is a website quality and character of the other fat beauty, here we just list one or two. beautiful people are often welcomed by others, but whether it is a really useful person is still difficult to say; beautiful websites will be welcomed by everyone, but the practicability is another topic. Beautiful people generally pay attention to appearance, good heart or inner beauty is generally not so much, so we often see the handsome and beautiful heart is fragile, with really good people is the gap, but also because of this only occasional beautiful handsome do good deeds have been reported; for the website, a beautiful website. Is a multimedia application effect picture or animation or video too many people in the focus on the surface effect display case, tend to ignore the most important mission for the practical and useful web site: ! people’s heart with good or bad site useless same similarities, we tend to evaluate a person with good people, good people or the mind is not very good, lazy people, used in the website, we usually say the website, the marketing effect is really fierce or nothing, is rubbish etc.. Therefore, the quality of the site is consistent with people’s good or bad. everyone has his personality, mild tempered, brave and timid, introversion extroversion and so on, on the site, but also has the character, whether a site often change in content, give people the feeling that what can reflect its character. For example, a mature business website, give people the feeling is stable and generous; a beautiful shopping site, then it will reflect the character of fashion; and as a constantly changing structure contents of the website, then its character is not stable, snappiness etc.. of course, there are a lot of people, to the concept of attitude, also can reflect the corresponding website often update the site location, so that the site with the same people, what kind of people will have what kind of website. however, again how, unable to show characteristics of a site’s biggest feature is the network, the sharing of resources, analyzed above website personality beauty for everyone, so here we analyze how the enterprises to choose their own corporate personality website: with the rapid development of the Internet, especially the raging like a storm electricity supplier in the world more and more enterprises and individuals, beginning to understand the importance of network development, more and more people began to have their own web site. But different types of websites reflected the role is not the same, in the face of numerous types of Web sites, how to quickly determine which type of Web site is suitable for the enterprise nature and can achieve the purpose? This odd billion network to teach you the recipe. first of all, for general service oriented service-oriented enterprises, the proposed type of website is the propaganda website, which does not have much complicated work

Alliance, I firmly will not choose pop-up advertising

has been doing websites for more than 2 years, although in this short time, but every time people want to find a reason to continue to adhere to the network, I do almost any site can be regarded as no income. Every year the space domain is $more than 1000, though not many, but also equivalent to half a month’s wages, and sometimes meet the server problem I must choose to change your business space, spend money to another account. I analyze yourself do stand why not success, first did not insist, because good do stand no topics found, often change the style of the website, the second is the selection of service providers, a IDC business before the server, a month or the server problem, or is the home server the problem is important, once a problem, at least 24 hours to repair, the most terrible is that every time is a problem, how about on Wednesday, this website can succeed? And I can not say, because it is a friend of IDC company. No nonsense, talk about this topic. The reason for the content of the web site , I need to go to other sites reproduced some text, stories like the article, every time to reprint many websites are pop-up ads, refreshed once a bomb, it is very annoying. I remember there is a pop-up advertising union customer service staff told me that the pop-up charges are high, 4 yuan 1000 times, but also told me not to go too far with the money. But I am determined not to do it. I did not go in with the money ah, but if I had to go with the money once, then I’m with my visitors to the site can not go, I feel it is very annoying pop-up ads, don’t say my visitors they feel very cool pop, multi play several times good ? one of my friends love to read novels in the Internet, I once saw a website he put an article into many pages, each refresh time that pop ads came out, it is actually the inflatable doll ads, and next to a lot of female colleagues. And watching, pop ads will automatically play out. He was so angry that he put the mouse hit. although my website has not made money, but I firmly will not do, lets the human not like my website, will not be able to annoy my website, later will own computer to smash the matter. Pop friends, stop it! Don’t go back with your website! By the way, AD my website: www.bhtcn.com !

From the media operation those things……

in small individuals, also has its own brand, ! , I’m sure everyone is familiar with it, right? This is from the V public platform…… in this era of Internet opening, everyone is from the media, from the media is everyone. but from the media, not everyone can play well, because a lot of people like me may not play very much"…… well, we’re talking about autobiography. Our topic today is from a macro point of view, since the operation method of a lot of media channels, can be said to play the 100 since the media people stand together have 100 ways. But roughly only: relying on content based production, operational services based on the combination of the three main categories. content production is known to all of us, too. The general form is our common text (article / picture / video / voice); the core value or service is free, but it is focused on operation. Well, although our project team also wrote articles, but mainly focused on operations. Logical thinking will eat King meal combination, is also a way of operation, but it is typical of the combination of both, ! then, how do we go to operate (location / focus) a self media? The specific focus is actually different from person to person. Mainly based on personal circumstances, team conditions, etc.. actually focuses on content or operations, or a combination of the two. Both have advantages and disadvantages, there is no best, only better. So what is the taboo from the media? Only a little…. well, let’s go over and see what it takes to run a good media. What do you need to do? The first step for to play from the media is to select platforms. This simple. Everyone is not strange, for example, the public number is one of the platforms, but what I want to remind is, don’t put eggs in one basket, ! , we found that many of the original micro-blog playing very cattle master, since the emergence of WeChat, this master also does not exist, disappeared. Why? Think for yourself, so what kind of platform will we have in the future? We don’t know. But WeChat is not the first, and certainly not the last one. But for the media itself, its essence remains unchanged. Because these are just a medium, and it’s important for the user to be yourself, ! from BBS (blog) to blog, from blog to micro-blog, and now to WeChat. has nothing to do with the operation of the media itself, mainly based on the three categories we mentioned above: content production, utilization, operation, or both, in fact, from the media play, really no skill. By hard work, diligence, persistence, enthusiasm. Repeat the simple action, let’s talk about content production, ! &nbs>

Improve the basic knowledge of website traffic [new Adsense must see]

How does improve web traffic? , your site is well done, your website traffic is high, the higher the more popular people. No way, now people follow the trend… for new webmaster, here are some basic knowledge that must be understood 1. first, let Baidu, Google, and other major sites included in your station, so that others can find you in the first time on the search engine, which is the most junior and most important. 2. in addition to the search engine, you can also add some traffic exchange station, but it should be noted that now flow exchange station mostly have a pop or virus, that we must choose a clear, here I introduce to everyone. OK, 123 Internet navigation station, registered address: http://www.hao123.gd/add.htm 3. actively to your website related BBS post, the more popular, the better. Leave a URL in the content (otherwise it will definitely be deleted as AD), which will attract some of the visitors. (as for the number of visitors, it depends on the content of your posts and the quality of your website. It’s up to you.) 4. always updates the content of the site to increase visitor re access rates. For 5. and other related websites, the forum to exchange links, (of course people first to investigate your site traffic, such as you want to flow and 1000IP site exchange links at least they don’t lower than 700, so the success rate is high to ) 6. sends spam to promote its website, but this method is harmful to website image, if you do not make XXXXX, suggest not to use. 7. appropriate to spend some money to buy some advertising. Now, Ali mother will provide such a platform, Adsense can not only sell advertising, but also can buy advertising. Of course, the price is proportional to the amount of visits, and a higher popularity website advertising costs are also scary. , in short, is to the minimum investment for maximum to give you the opportunity to show the website, to let more people pay attention to your site, even if it is not accessible, with eyes sweep, that you have made, ha ~~ 8. with fake traffic to give yourself some capital flow, exchange, in other words there is a web page you visit A A also visit you once, so you can switch to a flow, if you and 10000 Adsense exchange traffic then you can get 10000 IP, of course not by hand, by specialized software to complete, otherwise one day you have to change the two mouse, ha ha ~~~ these steps are every site in the early stages of development, the webmaster will do, and the future of the road, depends on your intelligence and innovation consciousness. < >

A film and television website propaganda experience

I to school for 08 years when exposed to hackers, Wangzhuan unintentionally, did a sex to do CPA task. Finally, because of not much money, nothing happened. I graduated 11 years ago and spent a year in an Internet company. No SEO, no promotion. Only how to make the interface, so that customers satisfied, happy to pay. This is the status of network companies in small cities. There are lots of times when we don’t bother to add keywords. 12 years, with the love story of Beijing hit, every time to Nora Baidu video search in the latest, will enter a variety of advertising, all kinds of pop film and television sites, every time they are particularly annoying. Then I wanted to make a similar website myself. A week before the main program is familiar to everyone, in the selected space reference, if you collect film close to 6000, all generate static words (including TV episode) will have a size of about 2G. Before the site is all ready, it’s better not to be static. Avoid repeated generation later, although it will overwrite the previous generation, but it is not good at all. When the website is built, let me talk about my experience in the two weeks: Baidu Post Bar: some popular film and television paste bar, management is very strict. It’s unlikely to send a topic sticker. If you can click on some of the high rate posts, occupy the first floor of the two floor of such a position plus advertising, the effect should be good. Such opportunities may be met with difficulty. Sharing: you can send some of the less popular posts like the number of episodes you want to see and send an email to my mailbox. Then you can add the ad to the auto reply feature in the mail. Baidu knows: it’s very strict now. In the beginning, I asked my friend for a 2500 point 5. You can paste directly to my website url. Later, slowly can not paste. Can only use some Sina, Sohu blog to do a transit. Later, it was a transit link. It was only sent once or twice a day. But Baidu knows the payoff for a long time. I asked 8 questions before, and now it brings me more than 30 IP each day. Share: some questions about popular film and television categories, the high score is not high, and the problem of click through rate is not big. I have a lot of questions added to 200 points. Also very cold. , Tencent, micro-blog: that’s the amount of time I spend on publicity. At first, it gave you a false impression, Tencent’s micro-blog account can add a lot of micro groups a day. I had a wonderful imagination in my mind at that time. A micro group is 10 thousand words, ten micro-blog is 100 thousand people, remove 80 thousand people are not online, then I can let 20 thousand people see an ad, is […]

Domain name, age and the chain of Baidu included and the weight of the impact

  everything is connected with each other. But not every factor has an absolute effect on the other. So when we look at the data of the website, we should pay attention to and apply the influence of any factor to the collection and ranking of the website. I will not here alone analyze who decides who, because I have not observed very careful contact, nor will I be able to determine the necessary link. I want to say is the domain name, age and the chain of Baidu included influence, please listen to my analysis. domain name age is indeed a good thing, the longer the domain name, at least 3 years of domain name, in the replacement program, modify the program after the resumption of collection and update faster. Easy to get rankings and PR value. If the stability of the station, then, after the selection of keywords and procedures, only need to focus on maintenance optimization, you can reduce a lot of unnecessary construction of the chain and Baidu flow import work. If you want to include stable, fast words, you need to work hard with the new article. If you need keywords to upgrade, you need to do a good job, the keyword deployment and optimization can be. the more chains, the better, right? I think so. The chain must be relevant, I think not necessarily. Is it easy to get outside? I don’t think I need to say anything. There are a lot of things written on the internet. The chain and included what’s the relationship?. The more the chain, the higher the frequency of spider visits, the more likely to be included. We hope that the number of domain names at least 3000 of the chain up, and if more than 10 thousand, the effect is excellent. It’s empty talk, no, because I’ve observed many old domain names, and basically, old domain names have been used to create stable websites in the last two years. Even before the station has to do history, but it will not be included in the Baidu show, because Baidu included snapshots of the show, most of the last year, your site included pages. But the chain is much, as long as the site stable update, will be Baidu continuous tracking included. The keyword weight inside the page will also be shown day by day. through the observation of multiple sites, all domain name age old enough, many site outside the chain, re select the program, or continue to update the content, will be given a better collection and best ranking, if you say, keyword index above 1000 is difficult to row home page that is wrong, as long as you are an old domain name the chain, domain name, ranking up naturally. Then everyone will ask, may be in a few months or six months, a year keywords are difficult to rise to the home page, if you are skeptical, you can deploy some index below 1000, long […]

From the end of the world posting fees, look at the community’s profit model

the afternoon of April 21, 2008, a lot of friends in the online world found registered members need to be charged a $integrity certification fee, this one immediately got a lot of friends against, but in front of the hottest community but also helpless. Since the community website profit pattern has been very vague, Tianya post charges could break community portal profit model is still too early to the precedent conclusion, but I believe this is the electronic mail charges will be the second time since the impact of the majority of Internet users on the Internet free of psychological defense, more people think that if the charges once formed, the enthusiasm of the inevitable defeat netizens, objectively to the netizen is a right to speak a containment and containment, but it soon spread, it is a huge disaster for users, is bound to the citizen’s speech space It’s huge pressure,. but anyway, Zhuo chi Network believes that more than a profitable way, China’s Internet owners are considered a good thing,.

How to combine Internet marketing with traditional marketing

The rapid development of the Internet in not only changes the way people work and live, but also changes the way people spend more directly. In the Internet continues to deduce the myth of sale today, a wrong signal is also confused countless businesses. Many businesses believe that as long as the Internet to the enterprise, products and other related information sent out, it has achieved network marketing, you can wait for the emergence of a miracle sale. As we all know, the Internet is only a carrier of information, but this carrier is different from the traditional television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other traditional information carriers. The Internet has its differences, such as massive information, geographical distribution and high-speed communication, all of which make it a double-edged sword. Only those who really grasp it can dance to the best effect, and truly leveraging the Internet, so that enterprises, products and customers linked to achieve real growth in sales. soon, "network marketing" this term has become the most frequently mentioned business keywords, businesses believe that as long as the marketing move to the Internet, you can use the Internet to achieve a miracle of Dongfeng leap. Little imagine, want to use the Internet to do marketing, just move the traditional marketing to the Internet is not enough, this marketing will soon be overwhelmed in the Internet mass of information. The change of marketing environment and consumer behavior is the motive force of the development of network marketing, the twentieth Century industrial era to create marketing elements of 4P and Internet technology organic combination is the basis of network marketing is the key to the development of the network. traditional marketing has been interpreted as a factor of 6P, 11P, and even more on the basis of 4P, but its marketing is essentially the same. That is, through the discovery of market demand and meet this demand, so as to achieve product sales, so that enterprises get operating profits. But how to combine the traditional marketing with the Internet is a breakthrough in the development of network marketing at this stage. Internet has the characteristics of quick information transfer, a large amount of information, user groups, Internet interaction complex high efficiency and no geographical restrictions, which requires to do network marketing companies to carefully consider the characteristics of the network, combined with the marketing strategy, so that every marketing action can really win the consumers through the Internet to win the market. first of all, companies should understand their products. Not what kind of products are suitable for marketing through the Internet, and correctly grasp the characteristics of their products is the basis of all marketing. Only when we understand the characteristics of the product itself, we can define the market demand that the product can satisfy, and then we can describe the characteristics of the target customer group further. Of course, after the product is sold, it is not the end of marketing, but it is the beginning of marketing. […]

Internet to WAL-MART, online shopping mall, the main push one-stop service

, the of Fortune magazine, the world’s top 500, puts forward a new concept of "one-stop shopping" in the world, striving to save every penny for customers. Whether you go a WAL-MART global shopping, can find a common point that – that is the display of goods, Goods are available in all varieties. small toys, everything, to the small yacht, whatever you can think of, here you can buy. Moreover, in the huge WAL-MART chain stores, do not worry about lost things, because wherever you go, there are obvious signs, to guide consumers correctly in a short period of efficient shopping. Almost all of WAL-MART’s chains mark big signs of "cheap every day" and compare them carefully, and consumers will still buy cheap and good things here. online shopping mall, with the WAL-MART chain store experience successful promotion, the WAL-MART concept will store the "one-stop" service, extending to the online mall shopping system, which makes the online mall shopping market looks like a one-time three-dimensional: here, with the latest wave of clothing manager recommended we want to buy; but usually buy channels is extremely limited goods; and the world’s top brands of discount merchandise. online shopping mall so many goods, online shopping mall service so fast, so that the screen name for this emerging shopping model, very interested. But, on the other hand, some netizens may doubt the quality and the safety of the goods offered by the online shopping mall. In the investigation of some authority, can be found, although most of the net that can click on the mouse is shopping, shopping is very easy; but also expressed concerns regarding the commodity is not genuine. In fact, most of the online shopping mall for goods, or have the guarantee of the quality of the Internet change rapidly today, net for the online mall product recognition, online shopping can become a key factor of sustainable development. Some large online shopping mall has launched Baotuibaohuan and reliable quality and safety certification and other forms, in order to get the name provided for the online mall merchandise recognition. in the online mall security, basic understanding, and then look at the online store is how to "call" goods on the net? Most of the online shopping mall business model, the general is this: (1), while introducing advanced online shopping malls, combines the physical stores with a "neck and neck" operation management model. This is an online and current operating model, or a business model that is not completely out of the physical store. These online shopping malls are actually operating and managing based on existing entity stores. Therefore, such online shopping mall, can be said to be an early stage online shopping, online shopping mall can also be said that the period of development in the bud, after all, for the entity store, there is still a certain dependence. (2) fully operate online store >