Neymar’s hair is surely not as bad as some of these World Cup barnets?

first_img 9 After beating England in the group stages of the 1998 World Cup, the entire Romania side bleached their hair Neymar’s ‘noodle head’ drew some attention Ronaldo decided to shave his hair like this in order to distract from the injury he was carrying. “I’m not proud of the hair because it was pretty strange, but it was a good way to change the subject,” he said CHRIS WADDLE (ENGLAND) 9 9 RONALDO (BRAZIL) Beckerman’s dreadlocks made him instantly recognisable Look, it’s not a proper World Cup unless someone does something new/different/downright bonkers with their hair.This edition it appears as if Neymar has take it upon himself to ensure it’s his barnet that gets talked about, thus being remembered for years to come. 9 9 9 9 9 ROMANIA IN 1998 Valderrama was Colombia’s playmaker extraordinaire who is fondly remembered for his playing style as well as his wonderful barnet There were grown men who copied Becks’ style in 2002. Yep, walk into a pub and there you’d find a bloke with a highlighted mowhawk DAVID BECKHAM (ENGLAND) Ney, can call you Ney? Regardless, we salute you, pal because look at some of the characters we are all still talking about today.CARLOS VALDERRAMA (COLOMBIA) Don’t really know where to begin with this KYLE BECKERMAN (USA, 2014) TARIBO WEST (NIGERIA) ALEXI LALAS (USA, 1994) 9 What a mane and what a beard Just look at that mullet. It has to be one of the most wonderful and iconic hairstyle in football, doesn’t it? last_img

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