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these have made 5 million user level APP 80 people, the vast majority from Alibaba, sh419. to the beginning of 2015, the cross-border electricity supplier Ocean Terminal founder Ceng Bibo mail detonated the venture capital circles, tell their own in the field of cross-border electricity supplier business these years of bitter history, several well-known investors […]

The three key to the initial entrepreneur

business process is long and hard, along the way is not less than 99 to eighty-one images from the manager, is not the natural process of Everything is going smoothly., on the road of entrepreneurship, we need only 3 checkpoints to victory. A: wealth levels off. According to the points, in China history there have […]

How to improve the turnover rate

in the fierce competition in the market, finally let the customer into the store, but because the sales staff skill does not pass, lead customers into the store after they do not buy, such as the operation of shops will undoubtedly be very bad. So, if you want to shop business booming development, naturally also […]