Zhou Botong hired 28 million A round of financing how to build a forced vertical recruitment communi

[introduction] the main socialization Zhou Botong recruitment recruitment today announced the acquisition of 28 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is the NetEase’s capital NetEase, currently funds have been credited. The Zhou Botong team has undergone restructuring in 2013, website relaunch earlier this year, the new version of positioning in the mobile Internet […]

Qiu Shida how can personal websites maximize profits

Thousands of lecture hosted by Anhui Internet Alliance (http://www.53w.net) has been to the thirty-seventh period, the guests Qiushi, male, graduated from Guangdong Zhongshan University in 2007, the Department of administration, school counselors, college party chief deputy secretary, the chairman of the student union and other duties, now at the Shenzhen City Post office. 2006 contact […]