Examples of the new sites for ranking factors

A, the site as a whole. Including the website home page framework and layout. It should be from the perspective of enhancing customer experience design, to the enterprise station, including the site of the home page navigation bar, website products (case) pictures, articles, Links, contact and bottom content etc.. The following figure:   C, URL […]

The search engine to understand the word segmentation algorithm full-text retrieval technology

segmentation principle is constantly changing, constantly updated, we should continue to learn, only to grasp the essence to grasp the essence. This article from the construction site in Shenzhen, the original address: 贵族宝贝68160.c> The many times love of Shanghai will be split according to the weight of his words in the lexicon, calculation of the […]

Discussion on the relationship between landing page and quality score of shlf1314 AdwordsAfter 90 CE

editor’s note: in August this year, IDG capital established the IDG capital 90 entrepreneur fund, the willingness to use large amounts of money to support young, especially after 90 entrepreneurs. What is the 90 trait? What is life after 90? Why investment oriented lifestyle 90 entrepreneurial projects? As the answer to this question seems to […]

Talking about how to manage a forum

is busy for a long time, also gradually away from the circle the SEO, everyone forget me, as I’ll then put SEO in general, I earlier said SEO has gone away from me, really good, far away, only occasionally, or think of those days I struggle. There are many forum, is a community for everyone […]

On the elite strategy of network marketing

how many people does it need to be a hospital marketing? Don’t need too much, a website with three people, promotion, copywriting, art, or technology, promotion, copywriting. Three of them must have integrated talents, such as the promotion of technology, or even bidding promotion, do copywriting, at the same time competent promotion, and even art. […]

How to choose a brand

in the market, there are many brands waiting for you to choose. As investors, we have to choose a good brand. Brand has the advantage of your market will be more stable operation. Investment snack items, we have to choose a good brand. You can refer to the choice of brand, to bring good business […]