SC rues ‘sorry state of affairs’ in Saradha probe

first_imgThe Supreme Court on Monday termed the allegation of the West Bengal police obstructing the CBI in its probe into the multi-crore Saradha scam as a “sorry state of affairs” and directed that the probe agency officials should not be summoned for questioning by the State police’s Special Investigation Team.The top court also observed that due to such obstructions, the prosecution of those accused in the scam was getting delayed.The issue came up when the counsel for CBI made certain allegations which were countered by their counterparts representing the State government.“They (CBI and SIT) are obstructing each other. This is a sorry state of affairs. We are not happy with it. This is not the way things should go on. Whoever is the culprit needs to be booked. It should not be the case that investigating agencies are siding with the accused,” a Bench of Justices Arun Mishra and S.A. Abdul Nazeer said.The Bench said the SIT of the State police cannot summon CBI officials for questioning, as the apex court had in 2014 asked the Central probe agency to investigate the alleged scam.Justice Mishra said that when he was the Calcutta High Court Chief Justice, this case had come up before it for the first time but he had refused to hear it.last_img read more

I don’t consider myself a Marxist: Datta Samant

first_imgDatta Samant: Balance sheets are manipulatedFor a man who can mobilise 15 lakh workers at the snap of his stubby fingers; who is the nemesis of India’s industrial barons and one of the most successful negotiators on the trade union front – Datta Samant hardly lives up to his larger-than-life,Datta Samant: Balance sheets are manipulatedFor a man who can mobilise 15 lakh workers at the snap of his stubby fingers; who is the nemesis of India’s industrial barons and one of the most successful negotiators on the trade union front – Datta Samant hardly lives up to his larger-than-life image. He displays neither the fire-breathing oratory of a George Fernandes nor the suave sophistication of a Sharad Joshi. He is, instead, strangely inarticulate. His answers to questions are contained in jerky, incomplete sentences delivered in an inaudible monotone. Constant interruptions in the form of telephone calls and a steady stream of visitors make it virtually impossible to conduct a normal conversation.A full working day for Samant begins at 7.30 a.m. and winds up late at night – a lifestyle that allows the maverick labour leader little time to spend with his wife Vanita and his five children, and ensures that he travels up to 150 km a day.To pin down the man and probe behind the affable facade he sports, India Today Correspondent Chander Uday Singh joined the Doctor in his gleaming white Premier Padmini gifted by workers, for an entire day. Between negotiations and in the course of the long day, Singh pieced together Samant’s halting responses to questions. To gain a more complete picture, India Today editors invited Samant and his close advisers to the magazine’s New Delhi office where he was grilled all through a two-hour session. Excerpts from both interviews:Q. Your militant methods often result in interminable strikes which hurt the workers involved very severely. Is this uncompromising attitude entirely necessary?A. You must understand that there are no economic changes which come through the Parliament or by talking alone. You have to organise and fight these injustices which exist. It is morchas and agitations which deliver the goods, not talk.advertisementWe are not taking the workers on indefinite strike to prove a point or for prestige: we do it because we want our legitimate share of productivity and profit. This is a mass agitation for pressing demands which no labour leader has been able to get the workers. We have to face these kinds of odds, you can’t expect everything to be sweet and rosy.Q. What about the middle class employees, the clerks, supervisory staff and executives who suffer during your strikes without getting any of the benefits?A. This is not really true. Today even the middle class employees have started joining my unions. In the case of these clerks and supervisory personnel, they are all educated people who know that they are being exploited. But because of their so-called standards of morality and decency they are too weak to resist it.These people actually want the benefits of an agitation without having to fight for them. And when they find that the managements are talking to me and giving my workers benefits, then they suddenly come around and join my unions. Today, in almost 80 per cent of my units, the technical and supervisory staff are my members.Q. An argument frequently used against you is that you disrupt productivity in every unit you enter, thus hurting both the employer and the labour force, who have to forgo their wages for long periods.A. This is not true. Firstly, strikes and violent agitations are not the norm. It is not in more than 1 per cent of my units that the matter escalates into a strike. Secondly, at factories where we have reached a settlement my workers give at least 5 to 10 per cent extra productivity. I tell them that now that you have got your money you have to do your share.In Mukand Iron, Viren Shah has given me Rs 450 to 525 rise in wages, but he will be the happiest person, because he will be getting so much more productivity. And the factory owners know this.Q. Many of the textile mills are in financial straits, and it is possible that your strike will drive them to sickness. Won’t this hurt the labour force in the long run?A. These mills were made sick by all types of malpractices and misappropriations by the owners. People like the Kilachands and Kapadias who mismanaged them deliberately drove them to sickness. It is irresponsible to say that the workers are making them sick by demanding their due; this is all the millowners’ propaganda. The Government should have stepped in and seen that these people did not bleed the mills dry. Why should the workers suffer for this man-made sickness?advertisementQ. Economists argue that due to your frequent wage demands you are infact contributing to inflation because the increased wages are passed on to the consumer.A. Not correct. That statement is absolutely untrue. There is no control whatsoever on the selling price of every item, and the manufacturers are indiscriminately hiking up prices. The price neutralisation given to workers comes only after prices have already risen, and that neutralisation is only a third of the price rise. So to say that the workers’ pay is responsible for inflation is a very bad proposition and I am not going to accept it.Q. You are accused of total non-application of mind to individual negotiations, which hurts the workers interests since you do not pay attention to economic facts or balance sheets. Is this true?A. I may be guilty of doing injustice to a few employers by not applying my mind, but in 90 per cent of the cases my attitude is correct. Balance sheets are all I manipulated by the employers, the laws are all outdated and can give no justice where balance sheets are fabricated. I have got a lot of experience in different industries, and today I can visualise the financial position in different industries. Also, what one employer in an industry is able to pay, the other can certainly pay.You must understand that there are no economic changes which come through the Parliament or talking alone. You have to organise and fight these injustices which exist. It is morchas and agitations which deliver the goods, not talk. In many units the supervisory staff are also with us, so we make inquiries with them about the productivity and financial jugglery. We find out when they are altering their books or indulging in black transactions. Maybe we do an injustice to workers or employers in a few cases by asking for too much or too little, but in 90 per cent of the cases we are eventually proved right.Q. Who do you consider your main rivals in Bombay?A. I have no rivals. Where is the question of rivals. I’m not doing it for my own sake. On the contrary, I want somebody should work honestly with the workers as we are doing. Work should be shared.Q. Do you collaborate with other unions? A. How can I collaborate. The workers leave (other) unions to join me. But in any labour action, mass action, if the aim is the same, we can collaborate.Q. What is your ideology ?Should, for example, private companies be taken over by the Government?A. At present, to take over by the Government, that type of conciousness has not come in our workers. But the Government can immediately do certain things. At present, it is the main financier for industry, all the money given by the banks and financial institutions, land, everything. So they can know the cost price of anything and regulate the selling price. On a broad base it is possible. The Government can then decide how much wage can be given to the workers. The Government should have a broad wage policy, to protect the wages of the worker.advertisementQ. Is the problem then basically of wages?A. As a trade unionist. I’m concerned with wages. Prior to my coming on the scene, wage agreements were of 40 to 50 rupees. Now they are 200 to 300 rupees.Q. Are the demands of workers sometimes unreasonable ? Do you scale them down?A. Sometimes, ten to 15 per cent these things happen. Because of my mass thinking that balance sheets are bad, I may be doing injustice. But hardly 10 per cent.Q. Do you believe there should be a private sector?A. Yes, the private sector should be free, but on that there should be some restrictions on wages and prices.Q. Do you agree that companies must make profit?A. Yes.Q. Do you consider yourself a Marxist?A. No, I don’t consider myself a Marxist.Q. You’re not a Marxist, you believe in private enterprise, then in what way are you left of centre?A. This is the thing. You must see the workers interest. If private enterprise can be properly controlled seeing the interest of the customers and workers, that type of controlled economy the Government can run.Q. You mean socialist control?A. Yes, socialist control, that is a good word you have used.Q. Have you considered joining any political party?A. No, because I’m finding the present parties are not taking up workers’ causes.Q. Are politically controlled unions bad?A. These unions are more interested in politics than in workers’ economic gains.Q. At one time you were in the Congress(I)….?A. That is right, from 1972 to 1977 I was a Congress(I) MLA, but I was the only one who was arrested under MISA.Q. Given a chance, would you join the Congress(I) again?A. No, no, not at all. I have not approached them and they have not approached me. I will not bargain away the workers’ interest with any party.Q. How did you find Antulay as a chief minister. Was he sympathetic to the workers’ plight?A. He was a short-tempered man. We never went to him with our problems. We found that if we went to him, the problems became more complicated.Q. What do you think of Mrs Gandhi?A. As far as labour is concerned, she doesn’t have any policies.Q. Do you believe productivity and wages should be linked?A. Not necessarily.Q. In your negotiations, what pressures do you put on the managements?A. I don’t pressure. The employers realise that if they don’t give money (to the workers) this union will resist, go for strikes, that is why they give in. That may be the pressure.Q. Do you have any national plans in your trade union work?A. No!Q. Why not ? If your formula works in Bombay, Maharashtra…?A. I’m a small man. I can’t manage that. I have no ambition.Q. By doing all the negotiation yourself, aren’t you negating the concept of collective bargaining ? Shouldn’t the workers be learning to negotiate themselves, to gain confidence?A. You’ve raised a very important point. That is my desire for many years. that the worker should study this. It shouldn’t go on behind one individual, that is not correct also. But the whole practical difficulty is that many of my workers are not educated. Second thing is that the educated people in the factory never come forward to give their help because they are fifty-fifty-fifty (per cent) with the management and fifty with the workers. So that type of intellectual will never come forward.Third, my difficulty is that if I leave things to the workers, it is not properly put up. Sometimes they make any demand taking my name, and sometimes the management tackles some of them and starts negotiating from a lower level. And, subsequently I find things difficult to correct.Q. What kind of relationship do you usually have with the employers?A. Very good. In the majority they know they must pay a good share to workers. I tell them if they do, the workers must work well. It is only a handful where they don’t realise this.Q. You have called the Tatas traders? They are not traders. They have investment worth a thousand crore.A. Their mentality is that of traders. I don’t mean in the bania sense. The whole tendency of employers is to keep the wages at a minimum level.Q. What is your idea of a good employer?A. One who gives the worker good things.last_img read more

BCCI faces Supreme Court intervention after resisting Lodha reforms

first_imgThe influential Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is facing a possible leadership crisis after the country’s Supreme Court demanded it accept sweeping changes by Friday.The BCCI finds itself on a sticky wicket after it agreed to implement only part of a raft of changes recommended by a court-appointed panel, which was set up last year to usher in reforms at the world’s richest cricket board. (Stop funding of state affiliates opposing reforms: Supreme Court)The panel, headed by former chief justice of India RM Lodha, recommended, among other things, age and tenure restrictions for top officials as well as banning them from serving successive terms. (Accounts freeze ruined BCCI reputation, says Anurag Thakur)”We will pass an appropriate order tomorrow if the BCCI refuses to give any undertaking (to accept the reforms),” chief justice of India Tirath Singh Thakur said on Thursday. (Apex Court to BCCI: Set Lodha panel’s reforms rolling or court will do so tomorrow)A disgruntled administrator at the Cricket Association of Bihar, which is not recognised by the BCCI, had approached the top court, demanding transparency in the board’s operations.The court made it clear that the BCCI, run largely by politicians and industrialists, could not cherry pick recommendations by the Lodha panel.”You behave like lords. Fall in line or else we will make you,” the chief justice said last week after the panel recommended ousting the BCCI’s highest officials for non-compliance.The panel blocked the BCCI from making two payments to its state associations on Tuesday, while approving routine expenditure, with the home series against New Zealand underway.advertisementThe BCCI have yet to reply to a request from Reuters to comment on the Supreme Court’s deadline to accept reforms by Friday.last_img read more

Despite Red Corner Notice against Nirav Modi, arrest not immediate

first_imgThe Interpol, acting on a request submitted by India, has issued a red-corner notice against Nirav Modi, the prime suspect in the multi-crore Punjab National Bank fraud case.The notice, which essentially works as an international arrest warrant, means that the jeweller can be arrested by police in any of the Interpol’s 192 member nations.Once arrested, India will be able to seek Modi’s extradition. That success of that process will depend on the relationship and treaties that India has with the country in which Modi is arrested.Issuing the RCN doesn’t mean Modi will be immediately arrested, according to former CBI director AP Singh. “It all depends on India’s relations with the country in which he is present. Most European Union nations don’t respond to a RCN with an arrest. These nations may inform India about the presence of the person in their country. India must a have of warrant or apply for extradition or deportation,” he said.Subsequently, the “court of a country in which Modi is present will decide. It is a process,” Singh said adding, “once an economic offender is abroad, it becomes very difficult for the investigative agency. It all depends on the amount of pressure India can put on a country where the offender is present”.Though Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi, a co-accused, have refused to return to India to join the probe citing business and health reasons among others, minister of State (independent charge) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Giriraj Singh said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been saying from day one that he won’t spare any economic offender. In fact, any kind of criminal won’t be spared.”advertisementRed-corner notices have also been issued against Modi’s brother Nishal and Subhash Parab, an executive in one of Modi’s companies.Modi, along with his associates, is accused of defrauding PNB of around Rs 13,000 crore. Modi fraudulently used a banking instrument that is used to raise funds overseas to carry out his scam.The Interpol’s red-corner notice against Nirav Modi has been published on the agency’s website, a development that comes just days after the Central Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the PNB fraud case, asked Interpol to make the notice public.SPECIAL REPORT | How to rob a bank”We had the option of keeping the RCN [red-corner notice] secret and continue the operation to nab him but Interpol has been asked to make it public,” a government source previously told India Today TV.The red-corner notice against Nirav Modi contains his photograph, personal details such as the date of birth and the charges against him (money laundering). Interpol’s red-corner notice against Nirav Modi (Source: Interpol website)Nirav Modi, whose jewellery has been sported by top celebrities, has been on the run since January, this year. He is believed to have fled India just weeks before the PNB fraud came to light. He has denied any wrongdoing in the PNB fraud case.READ | Meet the man who is Nirav Modi’s last hopeREAD | Who is Nirav Modi? WATCH | All you need to know about the Nirav Modi scamlast_img read more

Lenovo to launch S5 Pro on October 18

first_imgLenovo is gearing up for a major launch event later this month. The Chinese manufacturer is planning to unveil the successor to its Lenovo S5– Lenovo S5 Pro- at a special event in Beijing on October 18.Lenovo confirmed the launch of its upcoming smartphone S5 Pro via a poster on Weibo. Interestingly, the poster shared by the company apart from confirming the launch date also indicates that the phone would come with two cameras in the front.Lenovo S5 features a dual rear camera setup. S5 Pro, by comparison, is likely to feature better specifications. And so, it is expected to come with a dual camera setup at the back and in the front.However, a poster shared by the company earlier this month indicated that its upcoming smartphone could sport four cameras at the rear side of the phone with an LED flash, all arranged in a square format. The poster shared by company also indicated that the camera will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI).Interestingly, there is no information available on the specifications of Lenovo S5 Pro. But what we can say with certainly is that the Lenovo’s upcoming smartphone will feature better specifications than its predecessor. For reference, Lenovo S5 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and it is available in two RAM variants- 3GB RAM and 4GB RAM with up to 128GB internal storage. It comes with a 5.7-inch full HD display and runs on Android 8.0 Oreo-based ZUI 4.0. In terms of camera, S5 comes with a 13MP + 13MP dual rear camera setup and a 16MP shooter in the front. The phone is backed by a 3,000mAh battery.advertisementIn terms of availability, Lenovo S5 is available in three memory variants-3GB RAM + 32GB storage variant, which is priced at 999 Yuan (Rs 10,700 approximately), 3GB RAM + 64GB memory variant, which is priced at 1,199 Yuan (Rs 12,800 approximately), and 4GB RAM + 128GB memory variant, which is priced at 1,499 Yuan (Rs 16,000 approximately).The Chinese manufacturer is yet to launch Lenovo S5 in India. So, it remains to be seen if S5 Pro will make its way to India.ALSO READ: ALenovo S5 launched with Xiaomi Mi A1 looks, slim bezels, dual cameras and 3,000mAh batteryNotably, S5 Pro is not the only smartphone expected from the company. Word is that Lenovo could also launch Z5 Pro later this month.last_img read more

Man City ‘held talks with Terry’ over £200k-a-week deal

first_imgManchester City did hold talks with John Terry over a move to the Etihad Stadium in the summer of 2009, the club’s former chief executive Garry Cook has confirmed.Chelsea gave City permission to speak to their skipper, but he eventually turned down a five-year contract worth £200,000 a week.The deal was offered to Terry nearly 12 months after billionaire owner Sheikh Mansour took control of the club and during Mark Hughes’ reign, although the Welshman was sacked in December that year. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Cook told Sky Sports: “We went through the process [of signing Terry].”[Chelsea chief executive] Peter Kenyon was there at the time and we had conversations with him, saying we’d like to do it and we’d like to have a conversation.”I think he was probably more confident that he [Terry] wasn’t going anywhere.”We had conversations with John and he decided to stay where he was, and quite rightly so.”But there was never a document ready to sign.”Terry later revealed that he used the offer from City as a bargaining tool when negotiating a new deal with Chelsea.”There were players out there who were using us as a stalking horse and that’s the game,” Cook added. “If you want to get a better contract in your renewal with the club you’re with, then you’ve got to try and raise a market, and that’s what agents would do.”The reality is, would we have liked a lot of them to come? Yes. But the truth is, some of them were a little bit smoke and mirrors.”The defender went on to stay at Stamford Bridge until 2017, making a total of 703 appearances for the club, a Chelsea record.He went on to sign for Aston Villa and spent the 2017-18 career in the West Midlands, captaining the side to the Championship play-off final at Wembley where they narrowly lost to Fulham.last_img read more

Channel Your Inner Paul Bunyan With These Log Cabin Kit Homes

first_img Pluspuu Pluspuu Pluspuu Pluspuu Next There’s a ruggedly romantic notion of a log cabin by a lake in the middle of the woods. It presents the ideal escape from daily life. A one room space with just the bare basics, built from trees you felled yourself. Log cabins are the original man caves. But they present a host of long-term problems that will make you regret your decision after just a few months of living out your lumberjack dreams. Luckily there is a company that has a solution.Pluspuu, a Finnish design firm, has developed a unique line of log cabin kit homes that address all of the common problems of a traditional log cabin home while providing the modern comforts of home we love.PluspuuPluspuu made sure their log cabin homes are durable, affordable, and stylish. One of the biggest issues with traditional log cabins is the shrinking and settling of the beams – a natural occurrence as the wood “breaths” in different seasons and weather. Working with a builder who specializes in log homes, Pluspuu developed non-shrinking beams. This means no settling and none of the constant post-construction maintenance that comes with typical log cabin homes. This unique innovation keeps building and material costs down, making these homes more affordable and sustainable than other log homes. The strength of this system also eliminates the need for internal support walls. Gone are the days of the one-room log cabin. Pulspuu’s kit homes are wide open, spacious and can be built as large as you want. Of course they also offer smaller models that keep in line with the notion of the tiny escape cabin in the woods.PluspuuPluspuu delivers the parts and quickly pieces it all together on site. They offer eleven different models, including a sauna. All have large windows, unlike your standard cabin, making them bright and airy. The interiors can be decked out in whatever finish suits your style. Keep with the rustic theme and go with natural wood on the floors, walls and ceiling. Or for a touch of city life in the forest, there is a mid-century modern style interior complete with concrete tile floor, a stainless steel kitchen, and white painted wooden walls and ceiling.PluspuuAnd don’t worry, the folks as Pluspuu know that anyone looking to build a log cabin will probably be spending more time outside than in, so they put just as much thought into the exterior of the homes. Their variety of options come in everything from a traditional gabled roof with white painted logs to an ultra contemporary mono-pitched roof with charcoal finish logs. Each model provides a spacious outdoor patio or deck for relaxing outside. There’s even the option for a rooftop deck.PluspuuRanging in size from 650 to 1,340 square feet, there is a Pluspuu log cabin home to fit every need. Set it up as a weekend retreat or permanently escape the hustle and bustle of the real world. Whichever style you choose, you’ll be living like Paul Bunyan in no time.For another non-traditional take on the cabin in the woods, check out this A-Frame cabin kit along with this backcountry hut building company for a truly off-grid home away from home. This Black Boathouse Is a Luxurious Retreat on a Small Island in Norway Previous This Little House in Washington Has Big Personality Live Out Your Westworld Dreams at Casteel Creek Retreat This All-Black Cabin is Like a Pair of Binoculars Taking in the Canadian Wilderness Pluspuu Shark House’s Dramatic Angles Have Serious Bite 1 of 4 Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Calgary 2026 leadership in the hands of entrepreneur skier Scott Hutcheson

first_imgCALGARY – Riding around in the back of the Canadian men’s ski team van and reading The Economist directed the course of Scott Hutcheson’s life.He decided to go back to school — he’d dropped out to join the ski team — and learn what it takes to launch projects to profitability.Hutcheson is a man who has stood at the intersection of business and sport for much of his life.Those who know him say he has the skill set to shepherd a city to where both worlds fuse on a monolithic scale, which is an Olympic Games.As chair of Calgary 2026, the bid corporation tasked with constructing a deal that business, government and the public will embrace, Hutcheson has a lot to do and little time to do it.Calgary must decide by January if it will make a pitch for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. There will be a plebiscite later this year when the populace will give a thumbs up or thumbs down.“It’s never safe to step out as a leader. It’s often got giant challenges,” Hutcheson told The Canadian Press on the 15th floor of The Edison, an office tower owned by his company Aspen Properties.“If we get to put to bid in, I think Calgary has a fantastic opportunity, but we’ve got to get there. There’s a lot of hurdles between now and then. It’s not for the weak of stomach.”You’d think a man who bought the Calgary Tower must be whimsical, but the 191-metre downtown tourist attraction came in a 2006 deal for a larger commercial property, to which the tower is attached.“It’s a very tiny piece of the bigger investment,” Hutcheson said. “It kind of scared me to be honest because it’s a different business than commercial real estate. It’s a tourism destination.”The 58-year-old from Huntsville, Ont., moved to Calgary to start his own company in 1998 after working in finance and commercial real estate in the U.S.Aspen Properties owns and manages $1 billion in assets in Calgary and Edmonton. The Canadian Press rents space in the base of the tower for its Calgary bureau.The commercial vacancy rate in Calgary hovers around 25 per cent. So what’s in it for Hutcheson, if the city pursues and wins the bid for 2026?“I don’t know that Aspen gains necessarily,” he replied. “If we as Calgarians, whether we get the bid or not, can turn a conversation from the negative place our business community is today, to some dreams and some hope, I think the community can change some of the narrative.“I would hope we put good numbers and good value propositions that are very believable and very accurate in front of our community and let the community assess that.”Hutcheson is 2026 bid chair in part because John Furlong, the head the Vancouver organizing committee for the 2010 Winter Games, championed him.“To me, the big test of leadership is, is anyone following?” Furlong said. “When Scott is at the front of the room, people are paying attention and they’re following.“He has a way to take a room. He speaks thoughtfully. When he presents something, people tend to gather around it because they think it’s well thought-through.”According to those who know him, Hutcheson speaks quietly, listens a lot and analyzes continuously.“Scott’s one of those guys that has the highest form of intelligence, which is acute common sense,” said Bob Rooney, chief legal officer of Enbridge.“You can get a lot of people that will overanalyze and go too far into esoteric issues and he can bring it back to what’s fundamentally important, to whatever issue you happen to be dealing with at the time.”Added Calgary Chamber of Commerce CEO Sandip Lalli: “What he’s known for is a wholesome business leader with multiple industry experience and having the foundational experience as an athlete.”You don’t take on a tilting-at-windmills project like an Olympic Games without loving sport.Hutcheson has chaired and served on various boards running national sport, including WinSport, which oversees the legacy of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, and Own The Podium, which directs funding and provides technical expertise in Canada’s high-performance sport system.He’s also been a board member for the annual World Cup downhills at Lake Louise, Alta., where he and some Canadian ski legends raced in the first one in 1980.Hutcheson doesn’t count himself among the Crazy Canucks. He says that title is reserved for six men — Steve Podborski, Ken Read, Dave Irwin, Dave Murray, Jim Hunter and Todd Brooker.Hutcheson was primarily a slalom and giant slalom skier for Canada from 1978 to 1982, although he liked downhill too. He competed in all three disciplines at the 1982 world championship in Schladming, Austria.“He’s a big strong guy. He was a power skier,” Podborski said. “He made it happen on the race course much the same way he does in business.”Hutcheson’s father Bob put his son on skis, as the saying goes, as soon as he could walk.Bob Hutcheson owned and operated several businesses in the Huntsville area. He and wife Jane volunteered at the ski venue, Nakiska Ski Resort, at the ’88 Games in Calgary.Scott’s younger brother Blake was chief executive officer of Oxford Properties Group, but was recently named president and chief pensions officer for Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) that boasts $95 billion in assets.After retiring from the Canadian team, Scott headed to the University of Utah where he raced on scholarship, finished his high school equivalency and obtained his first finance degree.The father of two sons says the parallel between entrepreneurship and ski racing is managing risk in a healthy way.That is also a requirement for a successful Winter Games bid.“We’re built with healthy fear and unhealthy fear and when you’re hurdling down a ski hill at really fast speeds, you have to overcome some healthy fear and you have to work through that over time,” Hutcheson explained.“Business is similar to being an athlete. You’d better take baby steps and if you take a leap too far ahead at any point in time, you can get yourself into trouble by taking risks that you’re not aware of.”last_img read more

PQ candidate Guy Leclair quits Quebec election amid drunk driving charges

first_imgMONTREAL – A candidate for the Parti Quebecois has withdrawn his candidacy just weeks before the provincial election.Guy Leclair, the PQ candidate and outgoing member of the legislature for the Montreal-area riding of Beauharnois, announced his resignation in a statement late Wednesday.The announcement came on the same day Leclair was charged with impaired driving and refusing to obey a police officer.In his statement, Leclair says he expects to be acquitted of the charges but he had to withdraw for the good of the party.He’s due to appear in court Sept. 21, just 10 days before Quebecers go to the polls.PQ Leader Jean-Francois Lisee, who spent much of the past two days defending Leclair after the allegations became public, has 10 days to find another candidate.last_img read more

Rob Lowe is heading to Vancouver to Direct Star in THE BAD

first_imgFilming starts February 26th and wraps March 30th Facebook THE GRINDER: THE GRINDER premieres this Fall on FOX. Pictured: Rob Lowe. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Company. Cr: Justin Stephens/FOX Advertisement Login/Register With: Advertisementcenter_img Advertisement Twitter Rob Lowe will be directing and starring in a remake of the classic 1956 Oscar-nominated thriller The Bad Seed for Lifetime.Lowe plays the father who must stop his seemingly perfect daughter Emma from hurting people.The reimagining of the cult 1956 psychological horror film is penned by Barbara Marshall(Wish Upon) based on a best-selling novel by William March that was adapted to a long-running Broadway play.  Lowe, The Wolper Organization’s Mark Wolper (“Bates Motel”, “Roots”) and Elizabeth Stephen executive produce. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

Edmonton trying to deepen relationship with First Nations

first_imgAPTN National NewsEdmonton signed a “declaration on Aboriginal relations” in 2005 to improve relations with their Aboriginal residents.Since then a dozen cities have looked at emulating that model.APTN National News reporter Keith Laboucan takes a look at what impacts the strategy has had so far.last_img

A Brazilian auctions her virginity receives 15 Million offer from

first_imgCasablanca- Today, you can find anything exposed for sale on the internet—even a girl’s virginity! Catarina Migliorini, the Brazilian college girl who stirred a polemic by auctioning off her virginity online 15 months ago, is now doing it again after the initial deal proved to be a total failure. Surprisingly, someone has even proposed to her!We all remember the 21-year-old Migliorini who had sold her virginity online for $ 780,000. Well, the Japanese billionaire who won the online bid against three other bidders seemingly changed his mind, and Migliorini said she was the victim of a well-sewed dupery, especially after she shot the Justin-Sisely-made documentary “Virgins Wanted” on that very auction.The controversial Brazilian college student re-launched the online auction again, and this time on her own website, Since then, one of the most tempting offers she has received for her virginity is $440,000. However, Migliorini is now raising the bar higher after she has recently received a $1.5 million marriage proposal from an undisclosed Arab billionaire. Hence, she has disregarded the $440, 000 offer, extended the deadline for bids until February 14 and started probing the very tempting marriage offer.“”I decided to continue because I received a proposal from an Arab millionaire and I’m thinking about it, [because] this proposal involves a possible marriage,” she was quoted as saying by The Huffington Post.” I decided to extend the time so I could analyze everything well in advance.”Migliorini seemed very optimistic about the Arab billionaire’s recent offer, describing the Arab proposer as a “romantic,” “handsome” and “very intelligent” man, who “lives in a beautiful mansion [and] speaks 11 languages.”Migliorini claims that she plans to donate 90% of the auction money for charity, mainly to enable certain associations in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, where she’s from, to build homes for people in need.However, according to Huffington Post, Australian filmmaker Sisely said he was surprised to hear Migliorini speak about the 90% charity donation part, since she had affirmed to him that offering her virginity for sale was “a business decision for her.”© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

ISIS Loses Ground in Iraq Libya and Afghanistan

By Christopher BrodskyRabat – The Islamic State, commonly referred to as ISIS or ISIL, is losing territory in Iraq as coalition forces continue to advance on Mosul.The Telegraph noted early Monday morning, large amounts of intelligence have been collected by Iraqi security and international coalition forces throughout the city. Phones, laptops, and hard-drives have been confiscated and will soon be passed along to intelligence agencies for processing. The coalition’s recent capture of Manbij, a city in the north of Syria which has functioned as a gateway for ISIS militants entering Turkey and Europe, also provided intelligence analysts with a trove of data on the terrorist group and its larger network. The intelligence included crucial information on ISIS’s recruits, finances as well as plans for international terror plots in Europe and elsewhere.Major General Rupert Jones, second in command of the international coalition against ISIS in Iraq, said efforts to uproot the militants in Mosul are well underway. He reported the international coalition has been degrading the city’s defenses for months. Indeed, the general reported ISIS has since lost between fifty and sixty percent of its territory in Iraq.Jones acknowledged that, because of the sheer size of the city and the number of civilians remaining within its bounds, clearing the rest of the militants from Mosul will be a slow process.Efforts to retake ISIS’s Syrian stronghold in Raqqa, however, will be more difficult than the Mosul operation, Jones reported. There, the coalition lacks the support and logistical capability to launch a campaign as effective as the one against Mosul.According to Reuters, civilians are slowly beginning to return to their daily routines in areas liberated from ISIS’s control. Under the Islamic State’s authority, wages had been skimmed to fund the war effort, access to medicine was restricted, and strict social and religious laws were forced upon civilians.ISIS has likewise lost ground in Libya and Afghanistan, where the group once hoped to carve out enclaves of influence.Foreign Policy magazine noted on Monday, local militias in Libya have, for months, been surrounding the Islamic State’s remaining forces in the coastal city of Sirte. Supported by their international allies, the Libyan militias have almost completely defeated Islamic State forces.The situation in Libya is not all encouraging, however, since the various competing actors, from Field-Marshall Haftar’s government in Eastern Libya, to the internationally recognized government in Tripoli, did not coordinate their efforts toward restoring a cohesive, national government.Similarly, the Islamic State’s modest holdings in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, have been contained by resurgent Taliban forces. Analysis from the RAND Corporation argues ISIS has not been able to carry out a successful military campaign or secure the support of local residents in Afghanistan. read more

Romania Denounces Iranian Interference in Moroccos Internal Affairs

Rabat – Romania has joined the list of countries that condemn the Iranian interference in Morocco’s domestic affairs.On Friday, Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister, Teodor Melescanu, expressed his approval of Morocco’s decision to cut ties with Iran, emphasizing that his country is against any interference that may undermine the stability of Morocco.Commenting on Morocco’s diplomatic move, the Romanian official said that the stability of Morocco vital to the security of the region and the world. Melescanu made his remarks in Rabat on Friday, during his meeting with Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita.Currently on a working visit in Rabat, the Romanian minister confirmed that Morocco can count on the support of Bucharest.“We are against any interference by states, organizations, political parties, or others, which can affect and harm the stability of Morocco,” he added during a press conference at the end of his talks with Bourita.On Tuesday, Morocco announced its decision to cut ties with Iran due to its involvement in delivering military equipment to the Polisario and training its militias.The Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council backed Morocco’s move, calling Iran’s support of Hezbollah an attempt to “destabilize Morocco and undermine its territorial integrity.”Gulf countries have noted that Iran “is destabilizing the security of Islamic countries by igniting sectarianism, interfering in their internal affairs, and supporting terrorism.” read more

Saying change is in the air Ban urges new UN body to

“We are now poised for the crucial next phase of human development – a universal post-2015 sustainable development agenda. That agenda needs a strong voice for the environment,” Mr. Ban said in his address to the closing session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA), which held its inaugural meeting this week in Nairobi, Kenya. More than 1,200 high-level participants, including UN officials, diplomatic and civil society delegations, have been taking part in the historic first session of the Environment Assembly, being held under the theme “A Life of Dignity for All.” The body, created in answer to a call made by governments at the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) for a more representative entity dealing with the issue, includes all 193 UN Member States sitting alongside major stakeholders. The Environment Assembly now plans to meet every two years and will replace the Governing Council of the Nairobi-based UN Environment Programme (UNEP).“With its augmented role as a subsidiary organ of the UN General Assembly, UNEA has the mandate and capacity to position the environment alongside peace and security, poverty reduction, global health, trade and sustainable economic growth as an issue of crucial importance to every government,” said Mr. Ban.At UNEA this week, stakeholders deliberated on many important topics – including the sustainable development goals, consumption and production patterns, the environmental rule of law, and the illegal trade in timber and wildlife. “The message is clear: protecting humanity’s life support system is integral to sustainable development. And it is a duty for all,” the UN chief declared.He went on to say that UNEP and the UNEA have a central role to play in the coming months and beyond, as 2015 marks the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and subsequently, the UN will a launch post-2015 sustainable development agenda. It is also when Member States have pledged to sign a meaningful new global climate agreement.“The air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil that grows our food are part of a delicate global ecosystem that is increasingly under pressure from human activities,” said Mr. Ban, and as such, the decisions that will be made over the coming months will have profound implications for this generation and many to come.Noting that the “heavy hand” of humankind is now visible everywhere – from tropical deforestation to depleted ocean fisheries and from growing freshwater shortages, and the rapid decline of biodiversity to the growing menace of climate change – he recalled that on 23 September, he will convene a climate summit meeting in New York to mobilize political will and catalyze ambitious action on climate change.“I urge you all to ensure that your Heads of State and Government and your leaders from business and civil society attend. We need all sectors and all nations to work together to combat climate change and promote sustainable development,” declared the Secretary-General.Emphasizing that decisive action is needed “to change humanity’s relationship with our planet,” he said: “This forum has the power – and the responsibility – to promote a global transformation of attitude and practice.”Yet he stressed that the UNAE’s job will not be easy, “as there are many vested interests and entrenched attitudes that will stand in your way. You will have to advocate hard with your counterparts in finance, energy, agriculture and trade.“But whenever you need inspiration, just look at the advances of the past four decades; the arguments for environmental sustainability are compelling – and they are winning, in the minds of people, in boardrooms and in the corridors of power,” said Mr Ban, telling the Assembly: “Change is in the air. Solutions exist. It’s time to lead.” read more

Capcom wants to know which PSOne games you want on PSN

first_imgWe all have fond memories of games we played on the first PlayStation, eventually known as the PSOne. If you were asked to produce a list, at least one Capcom game would likely appear, right?Capcom Japan has realized there is a lot of love out there for its PSOne titles. Rather than try and guess which games it should prioritize for re-release, the publisher has instead decided to ask the audience. So, which PSOne games would you like to see appearing in updated from on PSN?AdChoices广告Your answers should be directed to the Capcom_retro Twitter account using the hash tag #cpga2011 in your tweet. But remember, this is Capcom Japan asking the question so you need to supply the Japanese name of the games you love. A good example of this is Mega Man which in Japan is known as Rockman.Anyone wanting a reminder of which games Capcom released on PlayStation would do well to visit Wikipedia which has a full list.Read more at GamesRadarlast_img read more

Lappel doffres pour les licences 4G sera lancé en mai

first_imgL’appel d’offres pour les licences 4G sera lancé en maiLe président de l’Autorité de régulation des télécommunications (Arcep) a annoncé que l’appel d’offres pour les futures licences 4G sera ouvert en mai.Les licences 4G seront attribuées d’ici à la fin de l’année 2011. C’est ce qu’a expliqué Jean-Ludovic Silicani, le président de l’Arcep, dans des propos relayés par Le Monde : “Nous sommes en train de finaliser avec le gouvernement le cadre des appels à candidature. Si les choses se passent normalement, on peut penser que d’ici à début mai la procédure pourrait être lancée, ce qui permettrait d’attribuer les lots (de fréquence) de 2,6 gigahertz et 800 megahertz d’ici fin 2011”.À lire aussiLe Nexus 4 disponible mardi en exclusivité chez SFRCette nouvelle génération permettra des débits supérieurs à 100 mégabits par seconde et ainsi un accès à Internet encore plus rapide pour les utilisateurs de l’Internet mobile. De nouvelles licences, dont Jean-Ludovic Silicani espère qu’elles “se vendent à un niveau satisfaisant. Elles sont un bien rare et donc un bien cher, que l’Etat ne brade pas. Le gouvernement a cité dans le cadre du débat sur les finances le chiffre de 2 milliards d’euros, cela veut donc dire qu’il attend des recettes à cette hauteur”. Selon Le Monde, les concurrents d’Orange craignent que l’opérateur historique ne fasse main basse sur ces fréquences et a demandé à l’Etat que celui-ci garantisse une certaine équité. L’obligation de partage de réseau ou la fixation de plafonds d’achat seraient ainsi envisagées par les autorités.Le 11 avril 2011 à 11:40 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

See Micro Blood Moon Eclipse Through the Internets Eyes

first_img Alas, cloudy skies (and lazy nights) hampered my attempts to spot Friday’s Micro Blood Moon eclipse from my window in Edinburgh.Luckily, folks around the globe (and galaxy) shared snaps of 2018’s second total lunar eclipse on social media.German cosmonaut Alexander Gerst tweeted a series of photos, captured by the International Space Station.“Just magical,” he wrote. Caught the Moon leaving Earth’s core shadow, just before setting over the South Atlantic. Last photo of the #LunarEclipse taken from #ISS. #Horizons— Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) July 27, 2018Earth-bound photographers, meanwhile, posted some stellar shots for the world to admire.Some classically beautiful: Full moon lunar eclipse viewed this morning from Cleveland Point in south east Queensland. Second photo is a mobile phone wide shot showing the moon and Mars over Raby Bay. #lunareclipse #bloodmoon #fullmoon #redlandsanyday #Queensland— Chris Walker (@WildRedlands) July 27, 2018 Beginning of the total #LunarEclipse – 10:22 July 27, Bavaria, Germany— ★TomCat★ (@demonhawk) July 27, 2018Others creatively charming: Stay on targetcenter_img Photographer and astronomer Matt Robinson’s stunning view of the Moon in full eclipse between the Milky Way and Mars earned 12,000 likes in three days, as well as a retweet by physicist Brian Cox. Rare Harvest Moon Will Light Up Night Sky on Friday the 13thIndia Finds Lost Vikram Lander on Moon’s Surface The Moon in full eclipse alongside the Milky Way and above Mars during tonight’s #LunarEclipse #BloodMoon @ProfBrianCox— Matt Robinson (@Astro_Matt27) July 27, 2018Neither “super” nor “blue,” the Blood Micro Moon eclipse was the longest of the 21st century, lasting approximately 103 minutes—visible primarily from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.Admittedly, photos can’t quite do the cosmic event justice. You can still watch NASA’s no-longer-livestream (complete with chilling Stranger Things-esque soundtrack), sourced from international planetariums. The Virtual Telescope Project’s belated broadcast is also available on YouTube.A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes within Earth’s umbra, or shadow, which appears to “cover” part of the orb, turning it a deep shade of red. (That coloring, due to Rayleigh scattering, is the same effect that gives sunsets their beautiful complexion.)Unlike January’s Super Blue Blood Moon, when the planetoid was circling quite near us, on the day of this eclipse, the Full Moon was at its farthest from Earth, appearing smaller in the sky, thus taking on the “micro” title.”Though the star of the show, this month’s lunar eclipse was joined by an opening act: Mars orbited very close to the eclipsed Moon last week, making it easy to spot with the naked eye.An eclipse never travels alone: The lunar event is sandwiched between two partial solar eclipses on July 13 and Aug. 11.For more, check out Geek’s lineup of the best eclipses in sci-fi history.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Wheel of Fortune hosts in Providenciales show coming

first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:beaches resort and spa, key west village, pat sajak, vanna white, wheel of fortune Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 11 Nov 2015 – In February next year a very famous game show will spend a week on air in The Turks and Caicos at Beaches Resort Villages and Spa. Turks and Caicos Media will today meet the hosts of Wheel of Fortune: Pat Sajak and Vanna White at the Key West Village to learn more about the family week Wheel of Fortune on the World’s #1 Island, Providenciales. PNP Party says it led wooden pier removal by Beaches Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pier Sandals drops major bomb, makes Misick brothers look terribly suspectlast_img read more

Suspect drives off in Clackamas patrol car

first_imgMOLALLA, Ore. (AP) The Clackamas County sheriff’s office says a stabbing suspect fled the scene early Friday by speeding off in a patrol car.Deputies responded about 1 a.m. to the stabbing and one who arrived a few minutes later noticed a patrol car driving away at a high rate of speed with no lights on. A pursuit ended when the suspect lost control and crashed near Molalla. Police say the driver was not injured. They arrested 25-year-old Tara Axmaker of Milwaukie on car theft and felony eluding charges. The 33-year-old man who was stabbed was flown to a hospital, condition unknownlast_img read more