Search Bureau of national team, team, entrepreneurial team chiefs all kinds of chaos

recently frequent news, Sogou SOSO Tencent to collect, love Shanghai to receive 360 Sogou Sogou, Zhou Hongwei MiHui Wang Xiaochuan, in fact not only big teams have been fighting, and so the search such entrepreneurial team quietly financing, and immediately, Pangu search team action frequently, 2013 just spring, chaos. Analysis of   now, it did […]

IIS custom 404 error page settings

custom 404 error page is to provide the user experience good practice, but in the application process often did not pay attention to the impact on the search engine such as: the wrong server configuration to return "200" status code or a custom 404 error page using the Meta Refresh to return to "302" status […]

The small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce website user experience is the key to a breakthroug

? State Ministry in the latest release of "electronic commerce" 12th Five-Year "development plan" clearly pointed out that by 2015, e-commerce transaction volume will exceed 18 trillion yuan, by the end of 2010, e-commerce transactions amounted to nearly 9 trillion yuan, at the same time, now often use electronic commerce in the small and medium […]

To do a one-stop bike incubator platform, riding a cool bike, hoping to car + lock + WeChat small pr

I recently contact "ride cool bike" is a "Car + lock + WeChat small program + bicycle cloud platform" one-stop shared bicycle incubator platform, the platform by bicycle, intelligent car lock, bicycle sharing cloud platform and a WeChat program combine to make simple, Qu Daoshang fast and low cost of on-line shared bicycle project. a […]